Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CIA Asset & Reporter Confession: All MAINSTREAM NEWS IS FAKE!

After losing his moral compass and selling out his principles for many years. 

A top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions.  He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally FAKE! 

I am happy for Dr. Udo Ulfkatte who finally grew a conscious about his witness of so many unreported tragedies finally becoming a greater burden than he could bear and out weighted the easy spoon feed CIA Headlines for freshly printed script money.

The vindication reinsures every one of us who has been called crazy or a conspiracy theorist while blowing the trumpet to warn everyone awake of the deliberate deception while trying to wake our apathetic brethren from the walking dead. Each day a few more join our ranks and snap out of their coma completely confused and delirious wondering if they are in the twilight zone. 

We have all been there at one point ourselves hopefully we will be able to shorten their learning curves by sharing our own experiences taking them on a journey through rabbit hole of confusion into a world of Deception, beguilement, deceit, mystification and subterfuge acts to propagate beliefs, terminology and laws that were true but now are not true, or are not the whole truth but only in half-truths...

He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything!  He talked about how the CIA gets control over all of the major journalists.  He is sick of the lying and decided to go public with everything he knows.

He’s already had 3 heart attacks and decided he didn't care anymore about what they would do to him!

Main Stream Media Parrots! Coast to Coast! 

Truthful Journalism Properly Investigated has become a Misnomer now 

Considered Inappropriate & Unprofitable for Our Oligarchy Here in Our Once 

Great Republic of The United States.  

Encore for Media Parrot's.

Who Has A Free Media?

make-money-using-new-social-network spreading truth.

from RT, via Before Its News:


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