40 Identifying Covenant Marks of the Israelite Race.

It is amazing how deep the deception that deceived the entire world runs.

Scripture comes alive for the reader once they are able to leap the hurdle of deception into faith of Christ Jesus. Our people have fallen under a strong delusion & time's getting short. Can you feel it? 

In just Fifteen – Seventeen years from now will be the 2,000 year anniversary of Our Holy Sovereign Messiah's Death, Resurrection & Accent.

Mat 23:8 But don’t you be called ‘rabbi,’ for one is your teacher, the Christ, and all of you are brothers.
Mat 23:9 Call no man on the earth your father, for one is your Father, he who is in heaven.
Mat 23:10 Neither be called masters, for one is your master, the Christ.

Jesus, Jacob/ Israel, Moses, Abraham = none were Jews + all followed Paternal not Maternal Hereditary. The Biblical Calendar is 100% Solar 0%. New Moon (Kodesh) should be translated month not moon.

Eph 6:12  For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world’s rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 

Jews follow the ancient Babylonian Calendar. Their dates, feasts, temples, and altars mean nothing pertaining to Correctly Understanding Prophecy except knowing to ignore or accept anything they do or say as factual. They are enemies of our Father the Great I AM. Don’t Fear them but remain faithful to our Father YHWH.

The Biblical Calendar always begins the day following the spring equinox in March not September (Nisan). The Jews are The Tares of Esau/ Edom (Obadiah 18) as their own encyclopedia will confirm for you this forever Condemned Yahudi Edomite linage. 

Oba 1:18 The house of Jacob will be a fire, the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble. They will burn among them, and devour them. There will not be any remaining to the house of Esau.” Indeed, Yahweh has spoken.

Jews are master manipulators & deceivers (All the Earth were Deceived only 1/3rd will Come Out Of Her) we were commanded never to allow them & their demonic entities into our lands to live among us but we disobeyed. 

They are Identity Thieves of The True Israelites of Judah not Judean Jews.

Know who is who and who Jew is (Whom Yahshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) said they are of their father the devil & his deeds they will do (JN. 8.44) they follow the Babylonian Talmud not The Torah. He also said they are liars, thieves and murderers.

The Jewish Encyclopedia even states modern day Jews were Idumean Edomites who mixed and still mongrelized with every known tribe upon the earth (never mind after kind). 

Jews have 43 hereditary diseases they can be born with due to centuries of mixing and incest have made them mentally ill plus they follow lucifer. The first mental hospitals were made precisely for them and most common condition of schizophrenia. 

Whites and Blacks have one each unless mailto then they can receive either one or both Sickle Cell Anemia and Autism. It is your enemy who taught you integration and diversity is your strength. History reads right along with Scripture of all the fallen.

All the original Apostles and Paul were Benjaminites living in Galilee when Christ was Crucified, Stephen got stoned, John was beheaded by Herod the Edomite and James was killed. 

The Apostles went unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel in Europe and in the misty Isles. It was unbearable for any Israelite to stay where the parasitic Jew was, who wanted to kill Jacob/ Israel as they have been doing at every interval since Palestine nipping at our heels all the way across Europe as far as CA.

The Jew has always been about 2% of the population but causing 100% of the discord among people in every nation they have entered for 2000 years. 

Israelites moved West, North and South as it was written. The Tribe of Benjamin eventually to Iceland (The Wolf) where they remain today.

Beginning in 125 BC Edomite Idumeans were now merging in and becoming Circumcised Judean (Jews Today) But Not Never Judahites.

As an example for us to learn from Christ allowed one devil Edomite Jew to become an Apostle His Name was Judas the Ish of Cariot and he served as Treasurer. 

He was an Idumean Edomite Jew just as the Scribes and Pharisees were who knew not the Scriptures or they would have not been in Jerusalem when Titus came in 70AD.

This people posing as Israelis today (not Israelites) do everything opposite of scripture and fulfill none of the identifying marks of Israel as this article will prove to the ones who seek truth no matter where it leads. 

We don’t try to make the truth conform to what we perceive as truth. This is why so many today can’t understand what scripture is telling them because their baal priests have convinced them they are gentiles. Which is a Latin word meaning not a Roman but the rabbi convinces the world it means no-jew which is incorrect.

Mark Twain once wrote it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled. I believe he may be right. Our Stiff Necked Kinsmen seem incapable to admit we have been hoodwinked by the jew. Most still believe the MSM News, their Doctor or NASA wouldn’t lie to them.

We must know who is who so we may discern Our Heavenly Father's Word Properly. Enjoy scrutinizing, context and translation of each & every word properly usually with several concordances so not to be deceived by twists & mistranslated words sometimes out of context as language as changed much throughout the years + upside down terminology is one of our adversaries primary weapons used for confusion, deception and dumbing down of the people of every generation. 

People are devolving not evolving.

After 200 generations or so we now resemble a Xerox copy of a copy of a copy. Eventually and inevitably receiving mutations in our DNA Code similar to corrupted computer code (slows down, becomes a weaker species = easier prey for predator nations). 

Look at all great empires that browned out as Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Media, Rome ect…

Once upon a time Majority of The Middle East and North Africa was White until the Nubians attacked Egypt abt. 800 BC and they haven’t accomplished anything since. The Moors and Mongolian Asiatic jews Invited themselves in ect...  

1st mistake = believing anything a Jew says much less the pharisees – rabbi (not able to tell the whole truth) obama’s mother was Jewish. Have you ever heard anything 100 % truthful come out of his mouth? No. the Jew is unable. Ashkenazi’s were khazars & Sephardic came from Babylon and settled in Idumea south of Judah. 

When they merged in 125 BC against YHWH’s Law to remain separate and make no treaties with any other people. We are punished if we do not heed to His Word. Non-Adamic Races are not during this age but will be responsible to know in the age to come shortly.

Un-Adulterated Whites who have not mongrelized are Semetic (named after Shem) Israelites (named after Jacob who was renamed Israel who had 12 sons who became tribes & eventually Majority White Christian Nations that were to be a light, teacher and be a blessing and helper of the other nations who would obey YHWH’s Law & no other as we were supposed to be the example being the only people who entered into a covenant @ Sinai who received the Law First). 

The Jew is not semitic and never had anything to with Scripture except trying to subvert the word with each new addition.

Once Judah became a multicultural society the name was changed to Judea as the Tribe of Judah traveled N.W. to settle in Germany & in The Misty Isles with the other 10 Northern Tribes known as Israel or Ephraim had settling Europe little by little since before the exodus out of Egypt such as Dan who primarily resided upon ships and Denmark eventually. 

By the time 70 AD rolled around 99% of all 13 Tribes had left the cursed land of Canaan, Palestine and Israeli.

Commanded to keep forever above any other unbiblical (no authority is granted to man to legislate law) manmade ordinance or so called law.

It is amazing how deep the deception that deceived the entire world runs.

Mat 24:3  As he sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? What is the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?” 

Mat 24:4  Jesus answered them, “Be careful that no one leads you astray. (modern baal priests, wolves in sheep's clothing today 
misleading 2/3rds of the flock).

We must study to show ourselves approved. Searching the Scriptures as The Bereans to See if it is so. (Each one with fear and trembling Taking 
Responsibility for Their Own Salvation). 

Seek the Truth to be Free. 
(don't spiritualize it to fit a preconceived agenda or idea, leaning on your own understanding but come as a child). 

Come out of Babylon Quickly (Time is Short). (Repent & Have a Sense of Urgency to Answer His Voice)?

Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God’s law, I will also forget your children. 

40 Identifying Covenant Marks of the Israelite Race.

1. Israel to be great and mighty nation. Gen. 12:2; 18:18; Deut. 4:7, 8.

2. Israel to have multitudinous seed. Gen. 13:16; 15:5; 22:17; 24:60; 26:4, 24; 28:3, 14; 32:12; 49:22; Isa. 10:22; Hos. 1:10; Zech. 10:7,8.

3. Israel to spread abroad to the West, East, North and South. Gen. 28:14; Isa. 42:5, 6.

4. Israel to have a new home. 2nd Sam. 7:10; 1st Chron. 17:9.

5. Israel's home to be north-west of Palestine. Isa. 49:12; Jer. 3:18.

6. Israel to live in islands and coasts of the earth. Isa. 41:1; 49:1-3; 51:5; Jer. 31:7-10.

7. Israel to become a company of nations. Gen. 17:4-6, 15,16; 35:11; 48:19; Eph. 2:12.

8. Israel to have a Davidic King (a perpetual monarchy within Israel). 2nd Sam. 7:13,19; 1st Chron. 22:10; 2nd Chron. 13:5; Psa. 89:20, 37; Eze. 37:24; Jer. 33:17, 21, 26.

9. Israel to colonize and spread abroad. Gen. 28:14; 49:22; Deut. 32:8; 33:17; Psa. 2:8; Isa. 26:15; 27:6; 54:2; Zech. 10:8,9.

10. Israel to colonize the desolate place of the earth. Isa. 35:1; 43:19, 20; 49:8; 54:3; 58:11, 12.

11. Israel to lose a colony, then expand, demanding more room. Isa. 49:19, 20.

12. Israel to have all the land needed. Deut. 32:8.

13. Israel to be the first among the nations. Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.

14. Israel to continue as a nation forever. 2nd Sam. 7:16, 24, 29; 1st Chron. 17:22-27; Jer. 31:35-37.

15. Israel's home to be invincible to outside forces. 2nd Sam. 7:10; Isa. 41:11-14.

16. Israel to be undefeatable - defended by God. Num. 24:8, 9; Isa. 15-17; Micah 5:8, 9.

17. Israel to be God's instrument in destroying evil. Jer. 51:20; 51:19-24; Dan. 2:34, 35.

18. Israel to have a land of great mineral wealth. Gen. 49:25, 26; Deut. 8:9; 33:15-19.

19. Israel to have a land of great agricultural wealth. Gen. 27:28; Deut. 8:7, 9; 28:11; 33:13, 14, 28.

20. Israel to be rich by trading. Isa. 60:5-11; 61:6.

21. Israel to be envied and feared by all nations. Deut. 2:25; 4:8; 28:10; Isa. 43:4; 60:10, 12; Micah 7:16, 17; Jer. 33:9.

22. Israel to lend to other nations, borrowing of none. Deut. 15:6; 28.12.

23. Israel to have a new name. Isa. 62:2; 65:15; Hos. 2:17.

24. Israel to have a new language. Isa. 28:11

25. Israel to possess the gates of his enemies. Gen. 22:17.

26. Israel to find the aborigines diminishing before them. Deut. 33:17; Isa. 60:12.

27. Israel to have control of the seas. Deut. 33:19; Num. 24:7; Psa. 89:25; Isa. 60:5 (F. Fenton translates this last, "when rolls up to you all the wealth of the sea". That could not be unless Israel controlled).

28. Israel to have a new religion (New Covenant.) Heb. 8:10-13; 9:17; Matt. 10:5-7; Luke 1:77; 2:32; 22:20; John 11:49-52; Gal. 3:13.

29. Israel to lose all trace of her lineage. Isa. 42:16-19; Hos. 1:9, 10; 2:6; Rom. 11:25.

30. Israel to keep Sabbath forever (one day in seven set aside). Ex. 31:13, 16, 17; Isa. 58:13, 14.

31. Israel to be called the sons of God (i.e., accept Christianity). Hos. 1:10-11.

32. Israel to be a people saved by the Lord. Deut. 33:27-29; Isa. 41:8-14; 43:1-8;44:1-3;49:25, 26; 52:1-12; 55:3-10, 13; Jer. 46:27, 28; Eze. 34:10-16; Hos. 2:23; 13:9-14; 14:4, 6.

33. Israel to be the custodians of the Oracles (Scriptures) of God. Psa. 147:19, 21; Isa. 59-21.

34. Israel to carry the Gospel to all the world. Gen. 28:14; Isa. 43:10-12 (witnesses), 21; Micah 5:7.

35. Israel to be kind to the poor and set slaves free. Deut. 15:7, 11; Psa. 72:4; Isa. 42:7; 49:9; 58:6.

36. Israel to be the heir of the world. Rom. 4:13.

37. Israel to be God's Glory. Isa. 46:13; 49:3; 60:1, 2.

38. Israel to possess God's Holy Spirit as well as His Word. Isa. 44:3; 59:21; Hagg. 2:5.

39. Israel to be God's Heritage, formed by God, forever. Deut. 4:20; 7:6; 14:2; 2nd Sam. 7:23; 1st Kings 8:51, 53; Isa. 43:21; 54:5-10; Hos. 2:19, 23; Joel 2:27; Micah 7:14 -18.

40. Israel is the nation appointed to bring glory to God. Isa. 41:8-16; 43:10, 21; 44:23; 49:3.


Prophecies of the Jews
AKA: The Yehudi (accursed ones), Seedlines of Cain & Esau.

In Revelation 3:9, Jesus Christ is addressing His faithful followers. These followers cannot possibly be Jews, because the Jews have always denied Him. Jesus is saying that He will eventually make these liars come and worship at the feet of the Christian Israelites who are true to Him.

In both cases of this translation from the King James Version, the Greek word which is translated as 'Jews' is, in Strong's Concordance, the word (2453) Ioudaios, meaning "belonging to the tribe of Judah," and the word (2455) Ioudas, meaning the posterity of Judah.  

Interestingly, there is a related word, word number 2451, Ioudaikos, which is translated as "resembling a Judean, Jewish.” 

To "resemble" someone is not the same as being someone. One who resembles can easily impersonate the real thing.

Since we must always distinguish between the real thing and something which resembles the real thing, we must have different words for these objects. Unfortunately, the word ‘Jews’ has been used for both groups.

So, the accurate translation of Rev. 2:9 is this:

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan." 

The Jews, who are in reality, Ioudaikos, not Ioudaios (impostors, not real), have been pretending to be Israelites since the Jewish Dispersion of 70 A.D.

Regarding the various mixes of the Negro Race in America:
Next time the media does its usual sob stories about Black people who suffered from White violence, think about the fact that in just one year, more white woman are brutalized by Black males than all the Black males and Black females brutalized by White males in the last 150 years!

And remember, that most of the brutalization against Black males, such as lynching, was in response to heinous crimes of murder or rape they had committed against innocent White men, women and children. 

Where is the equity in the jew controlled mainstream media reporting of these things? Twice those numbers, at a minimum, 1 million white women have been raped over the last 40 years. See www.davidduke.com

Key Lie’s of Public (Indoctrination) Education.

Education in The United States was Ranked #1 in the World in 1960. Today The USA is #38 right behind Botswana.

When will our Folks Finally, Stop, Think and Realize Multiculturalism Always Ends in National Ruin for The Adamic Race.

Boston Tea Party (Colonial Script) Rothschild 1791, 1812, Taxes in Gold.

Schoolchildren are taught that Pythagoras discovered the value of Pi, but that is incorrect. Pythagoras admitted that he learned it from the Egyptians, and the Egyptians (3.141592643).

He learned this mathematical science from an even earlier civilization.
Don’t confuse redemption with salvation,
Ekklesia means “congregation,” NOT church.

In the Hebrew, the word for salvation is YESHUWA (#3444), meaning “deliverance...aid, victory, prosperity, health, help, salvation, save, saving (health), welfare.”  

Gentiles = people of the same race, tribe or nation.
The Latin word ‘gentilis’ is the source word for “Gentile.”  Gentilis means “of the same tribe, race or nation.”  The word ‘Gentile’ has been distorted even more horribly either Hebrew (goy) or the Greek (ethnos).

The word lost in all three cases comes from the Greek word appolumi,
The Greek word for “salvation” is soteria, meaning, “safety, soundness.” 

Ioudaios = a citizen or resident of Judea.  Judea had two distinct ethnic groups living within its boundaries: Judahites and Edomites.
We are talking about the Edomites of Judea, who call themselves “Jews” today? 

Word (2453) Ioudaios, meaning "belonging to the tribe of Judah," and the word (2455) Ioudas, meaning the posterity of Judah.  

Interestingly, there is a related word, word number 2451, Ioudaikos, which is translated as "resembling a Judean, Jewish." To "resemble" someone is not the same as being someone.

Judah & Tamar = Pharez & Zarah/ Jesse, David, Nathan, Solomon, Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Calcol, Darda, Eochaidh, Dardanelles to Scotland Iberia to Ireland to Troy to England by James 1 1603 AD to England by Brutus 1032 BC.

Shuah & Judah = Shelah (Er to "Ireland") or ("Er's Land") and its language called (ER's or ERSE.) There has been conflict between ER and Israel since circa 1500 BC.

The fallen cedar tree represents Solomon’s line of kings down to Zedekiah.

The stump that remained in the ground represents the House of David with its roots in Jesse. Isa 11:1 and 11:10 speak of a shoot (masculine gender) coming from the stem of Jesse, a shoot (masculine gender) shall grow from (Jesse’s) roots and Isa 53:2 tells of a tender plant, a sapling (masculine gender), coming from dry ground. 

All these refer to Jesus.

Should not be confused with the feminine “tender twig” from the top-most branch of the fallen trunk in Ezekiel’s parable.

The “dry ground” refers to David’s royal line which was politically inactive in that area at the time of the First Advent.

Jesus is not a blood descendant of Solomon or Zedekiah or Joseph!
The “tender twig” had to be transplanted while the “tender twig” and Jeremiah were still alive (that could hardly have occurred 600 years later, at the First Advent).

He has the perfect legal right to that throne. In order to follow the thread of this claim it is necessary to study the genealogical chart of Judah (Figure 1).

Although the legal, regal right to David’s throne comes down through Joseph to Jesus, Joseph himself could not wear the crown because he was a descendant of Jeconiah (Jer 22:24-30).

But he had every right and legal obligation to pass the crown on to any other descendant of David who had a sound legal right to it. (Note: the very existence of Mary and Joseph is another example of God’s promise to establish David’s House, 2Sa 7).

When Jesus returns at the Second Advent to take up the Throne of David, His right to that throne is clearly established. Mary’s genealogy in Luke 3 goes back to Nathan, the elder son of David by Bathsheba (1Ch 3:1-9)

Therefore Jesus’ claim to the throne of David outranks that of Solomon and all his descendants. It also outranks that of all the Zarah line, because David is the descendant of Pharez, the elder son of Judah.

Dynasties rise and fall and the throne continues forever, but Jesus’ right to that throne is maintained intact until the time comes for Him to take it – by legal, regal right through Joseph and Solomon, and by legal, natural birthright through Mary and Nathan (Luke 3).

And all those who believed would know that the one sacrifice paid by Jesus had made all the Old Covenant type offerings and sacrifices for the remission of sin redundant.

Henceforth they would “offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus the Anointed One” (1Pe 2:5). Not in ‘A Temple’ nor in ‘The Temple’ but in Assemblies, each one of which is a temple of The Holy Spirit (1Co 6:19). 

Paul is not referring to one’s personal body but to every collective ‘body’ or Assembly because the Greek pronouns (ye) and (your) are plural (see also Rom 12:4, 5).

Under God’s Laws to Israel, a woman can inherit the throne and rule in her own right.)

A monarch of Zarah’s line ruling over it? Not Pharez the eldest son of Judah (David descended from).

There is no word ‘gentile’ in the Bible It is the Anglicised form of the Latin word ‘gentilis’ (nations) which is used in the Latin Vulgate. But we are supposed to be reading English in our Bibles, so it should read ‘nations’ in our English versions - not its Latin transliteration. In almost every occurrence in Scripture the word refers to Israel.

So, does God make promises and not keep them? Certainly not! The Sun, Moon, Stars, Day and Night still continue in their courses at this moment. 

Therefore, true Israel must be in existence in the World today with both a monarchial and a national history going back for more than 2000 years. 

Not only must she still be a monarchy but by now she must also be, or comprise, a Nation and a full hand of sister nations. For this is what Jacob said that Ephraim would become in the Last Days not a ‘multitude’ of nations as stated in the AV (Gen 48:19).

There are few monarchies still left in the world today. Strange, isn’t it, that one of them is Great Britain? How very odd that she should be the only one at any time in the history of the last 2500 years to have developed into a Nation and a Company of sovereign sister Nations (Gen 35:10-11)!

Also all Christian Nations? their Common Law comes straight out of the Old Covenant.

The Emblems of Ephraim in the Old Covenant were the Bull and the Unicorn.

Unicorn just ‘happened’ to be used as one of the two supporters of the British Royal Arms? And that the Lion of Judah (representing the Davidic Throne) is the other?

more than 30 of Israel’s emblems appear in the heraldry of Britain?
no weapon formed against Britain or its Dominion Nations ever prospered? 

(Isa 54:17 states that this would only apply to Israel!) Paul quotes Gen 48:19 in Rom 11:25 and the Greek text states: 

For I wish you not to be ignorant, brethren, of this secret…that a hardening (of heart) in part has happened to (official) Israel until the fullness (full complement) of the Nations (of dispersed Israel) is achieved and thus all Israel will be saved. Paul makes no mention of anyone else but Israel being saved! 

No wonder God said (Isa 42:19) who is blind but My Servant? – 

My Servant Israel of Isa 43:10, 44:1, 45:4, etc. 

Incidentally, Chapters 9,10, and 11 of Romans are exclusively directed to Ten-tribed Israel, for Paul quotes incidents of their own history recorded by Isaiah, Hosea, and Elijah, which would have no significance to any other people.

When a person or nation is driven out of God’s presence (out of His sight), no further mention is made in the Bible of what happens to that man or in that nation. We are told nothing of what happened to Northern Israel in Assyria or afterwards, nor to Judah in Babylon. 

Prophecies were made of future developments, but the record of their unfolding history ceased from the moment of dismissal and we can only pick it up from the fulfilment of prophecies and from secular sources.

For example Josephus, the famous Jewish general, wrote in his book “The Antiquities of the Jews” (Book 11, Chapter 5, para 2) published about 90 AD, that: 

There are but two Tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while the 10 Tribes are beyond the Euphrates until now, and are an immense multitude not to be estimated by numbers. 

(Thus already fulfilling the prophecy of Jer 33:22-26) 2Esd 13:40-45 states that the 10 Tribes left Assyria and travelled for 1.5 years and settled in a country Esdras calls Arzareth, (which means “beyond the Zareth” [river] which flows into the Danube near its mouth in the Black Sea.) 

The Jewish Encyclopedia for 1925 states that modern Jewry contains descendants of Benjamin, Judah and Levi but not any of the other 10 Tribes. (Murderers, Liars and Thieves). Modern Jewelry is Edom/ Esau, so says the jewish encyclopedia. 

95% being Asiatics from Khazaria. None of these so called jews are Semitic. (Progeny of Shem) This Honor Belongs To White Caucasians who have kept their bloodline unAdulterated.

These sources show that Ten-Tribed Israel was not in Palestine when Jesus was there and was not even within the borders of the Roman Empire. Esdras knew where they were. 

The 12 Apostles whom Jesus sent to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel (Matt 10) knew where they were. Josephus knew where they were. 

So did the Scribes and the Pharisees – see John 7:35 which reads in the Greek text: …is He going to The Dispersion amongst the Greeks to teach the Greeks?

The Northern Israelites were called ‘Greeks’ by the Judeans (the people of Judea) simply because they had been living in a province of Greece near the mouth of the Danube river for the past 500-600 years. It was these same Israelite ‘Greeks’ that Paul was comparing with Judeans (Gal 3:28). 

Paul was not saying that there was no difference between Judeans and Greeks, but that there was no difference between Judean Israelites (who now believed in Jesus) and those cast-off Northern Israelites (living in Greece) who believed in Jesus. 

For the Greek text of verse 30 states that only Israelites could be ‘Abraham’s seed’. Jesus said (Matt 15:24) that He was not sent if not to these Lost Sheep of the (ten-tribed) House of Israel. 

They were not lost geographically, but they were lost to the Covenants – they were cut off – “not My People” – as stated in Hos 1:9, 10. Jesus’ task was to redeem them by His death and bring them back into Covenant relationship with God – preparatory to fulfilling the prophecy of Jer 33:17, 18.

As soon as Jesus commenced His ministry, He called His Twelve Disciples (which means followers) and gave them the power and status of Apostles (which means His representatives) and sent them off on this 1300 mile journey. 

Careful research work will reveal that the 12 Apostles attended the Feast of Pentecost with Jesus (John 5:1) which is held on the 50th day after the 2nd day of the Passover. 

Mark 6:32, 33 and John 6:1, 2 both refer to the trip to Galilee which occurred immediately after that Feast. They were not with Him at the Feast of Tabernacles in October (John 7:1-10), but they were evidently with Him again by or about the Feast of Dedication on 25 December (John 10:22-11:16). 

Thus the twelve Apostles disappear out of the Bible records for 6 months during the only time of the year when the weather would be favorable for such a trip. Their departure is recorded in Luke 9:6 and their return is mentioned in verse 10, when they told Jesus all that they had done.

As stated previously nothing that happened to or in the House of Israel – during the captivity or in the dispersion – can be recorded in the Bible. Therefore Luke 9 and Mark 6 simply record the departure of the Apostles and their return, but nothing of what they did there or what they said to Jesus when they came back. 

None of the Apostles (as far as is known) went to the Israelites in Britain until after the crucifixion. In Matt 13, Jesus spoke 8 parables, only one of which is explained in detail. The Disciples all said that they understood quite well what the others meant. But no religious translator, or commentator, has yet written a sensible explanation of the parables because they do not understand them. The parables concern Israel and Jesus in the Appointed Place (spoken of by Nathan, the Prophet, 2Sa 7:10). 

And they indicate (when correctly translated) that Jesus went to England and lived there for many years until the time of His Ministry (Adams (F)).

Jesus did not possess the (spirit) power to perform miracles until after He returned to the Holy Land. It was not until He was baptised by John, that the Holy Spirit from Heaven descended upon Him (Luke 3:22). 

It was only then that He began to do ‘signs’ and wonders. But who were to recognise those signs and what they meant? The signs were to identify Him as the promised Messiah for they fulfilled what had been spoken by the prophets. Only Israelites who knew their own Scriptures were capable of recognising them, no other peoples!

If modern Jewry are the descendants of all the 12 Tribes of Israel then why does Simeon state in Luke 2:32 that Jesus ‘would be a light (bearer) for revealing – unveiling – (Greek ‘apocalupsin’) the nations and glory of Thy People Israel’?

Does Jewry need revealing? Were they ever a nation and a full hand of sister nations in the Latter Days? Were they, or the World, ever blind to their identity?

If the answer is No! To all three questions then Simeon was NOT referring to the Jews.

Simeon was quoting the prophecy of Isa 25:7-8 which states that at Mt Zion ‘He (Jesus) will destroy both the mask (wrapping) over all the Peoples (of Israel) and the veil woven over all the (other) Nations, and (verse 8): …remove the taunt of His People from all the Earth.

Isa 25 shows that we, (Israelites), because of our almost total neglect of God’s Word, will not be aware of our own identity until Jesus – at the Second Advent – reveals it.

This is confirmed by Simeon in Luke 2:32, by Eze 34:23-31, and by Paul in Rom 8:18, 19 where he states in the Greek:

12 that the (Israel) Order is eagerly watching (or longing) for the revelation (Greek = ‘apocalupsis’) of the Sons of God.

Salvation is not of the Judeans in the sense that many students of the Bible believe from reading John 4:22. 

The woman to whom Jesus was speaking was one of the Samaritan Israelites; they would not accept any of the Old Covenant other than the Pentateuch. These 5 books make no mention of Jerusalem as a place of worship, hence those Samaritans regarded Mt Gerizim as the true place of worship. She identified Jesus as one who worshipped at Jerusalem. Jesus answered and said, in the Greek text, for the Salvation (foretold by the Prophets Isa 62:11, Zec 9:9) is out of the Judeans. 

In those days, the Judean nation had an advantage over the Samaritans, even though it was not fully appreciated. The Judeans were guardians of the Oracles of God – the spiritual knowledge contained in the wider teaching of all the prophetical writings. 

The woman on the other hand, limited only to the Pentateuch, did not know what she was really worshipping. Once the Messiah had come and fulfilled the prophets’ writing about His first Advent and the Judean nation was destroyed, ‘The Salvation’ no longer remained with them nor could it come ‘out of’ them at any later date. Christianity does not owe its origin to Judean Jewry – Jesus rejected and condemned their teaching trenchantly on several occasions. True Christianity springs straight from the Law and the Prophets – not from the Judean teachings and traditions.

Israel’s Promised Land It is sometimes claimed (quoting Jos 21:43) that the Israelites were given all the land and possessions (promised to Abraham) when they came into the Holy Land from Egypt. Once again there is no truth in the claim.

Genesis 15:18 states that God promised to give Abram’s seed all the land from ‘the River of Egypt’ (the ‘Wadi-el-Arish’ on some maps) to the River Euphrates. Eze 47 and 48 show that, in the Latter Days, the 12 Tribes will inherit the land from the Mediterranean coast near Hamath to the Euphrates River and down to the head of the Persian Gulf. The land will be divided into parallel strips with each strip being approximately (28 miles) from North to South.

Joseph will have two strips as his birthright (his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, having one strip each). When the Israelites came up out of Egypt there were not enough of them to occupy all this land. Therefore God told Moses (Num 34:2) that ‘when they came to the land of Canaan’ then all the land that would fall to them as an inheritance (at that time) would be the area within the borders specified in verses 3-12. 

Hence, in Joshua’s day, they had accomplished the immediate objectives and occupied all the land specified by Moses and that is what Joshua was referring to in Chap 21:43. Note: Isa 11:15 states that the Great Earthquake which ends WWIII will break the River Euphrates into 7 new streams which will water some of this land that is so arid at present. Zec 14:8 states that the river which flows eastward from the Mount of Olives (after the Great Earthquake) will flow to the ‘Former Sea.’ – Not to the Dead Sea.

In the maps of those days this ‘Former Sea’ was called the ‘East Sea’ and the ‘Lower Sea’. It is now the Persian Gulf. (In Scripture the ‘Dead Sea’ is always called the ‘Salt Sea’.)

No knowledge of Hebrew and Greek. The simplest approach is to use a concordance to make a list of all the verses that support the issue and another list of all the verses that appear to contradict the issue. This step alone will show the weight of the Bible’s evidence on the matter. Books such as Vine (G), Ellicott (H), and Englishman’s (I) and Bullinger (J) will usually help to refine the lists a little more.

it should be self-evident why no human agency – by itself – is now able to off-set the sheer volume of false teachings, misrepresentation and mistranslations of Scripture in the ‘bibles’ put out by ‘christian’ organizations. It will take the return of Jesus Himself to stop the rot and to reveal the true identity of the Nations of God’s People and their glory, both to themselves and to all the rest of the World – to the consternation and dismay of the World and to many in Israel also (because of their own ignorance).

In Jer 33:18, the phrase “kindle meat offerings” should be translated “making an incense offering”.

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