Busted! The Secret Agenda Behind Ebola No One is Talking About.

Busted! The Secret Agenda Behind Ebola No One is Talking About and Dallas to Activate Emergency Plan and Restrict Freedoms by Declaring State of Disaster over Ebola – What That Means for the Locals …

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

People like Rahm Emanuel make me sick to my stomach! They are elitist who think they own the world and attempt to play god by using crisis to further their goals and agendas. This is exactly what they are doing with the Ebola virus that surrounds us at this moment. Those who rule the world behind closed doors are using the fear of Ebola to spread panic and implement their devious agendas.
But don’t get me wrong, Ebola is a real virus and one that we need to keep an eye on and be ready for. It is really killing people and it is really spreading. But the elite just flat out don’t care; they are using it for their own benefit.

That said, all eyes are on Dallas with three persons who have been diagnosed with Ebola. At this moment there is talk of a declaration of a state of disaster. The video explains this in detail and more…

Dietary Supplement Inactivates Ebola Virus! (Share)

Saturday, October 18, 2014 11:38

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After Dr. Rima Laibow information began spreading virally through Before Its news, Chase Bank illegally stole her money out of her bank account and stopped her ability to take credit cards.  She is now having to fight a legal battle over this but she will never quit!  I talked to Dr. Rima on the phone last night and she asked me to please ask everybody to help spread her information!  That’s the only way the truth can be known!  Shills are attacking her information because they are traitors to humanity and want Ebola to kill millions.  Dr. Rima also told me that all the people that are saying that Ebola is a hoax are liars for government or have been fooled by trolls.  

Yes, CNN did fake footage but that’s nothing new, CNN has faked footage of the Gulf War and much more.  She said most likely the paid somebody to fall down so they wouldn't be exposed to somebody infected.  They are the fake news after all so what would you expect!  Dr. Rima told me she talks to people every day from Africa that have lost family to Ebola.  This is serious and those that are saying it’s a hoax are lying and doing much evil.  Most are paid by the government but some are just dumb and got fooled by seeing a video.  

I urge all patriots to stop posting the hoax stuff and instead tell people about Dr. Rima to make up for some of the evil you might have done by saying Ebola is real.  

It’s very real and if you tell people it’s not and they die because they weren't prepared then you have responsibility in that so if you’re not evil and being paid by the government to post such nonsense, I hope you will stop now and redeem your soul by spreading the hope of Dr. Rima instead!

Please help Dr. Rima by sharing these videos to your Facebook walls and telling all your friends to do the same!  Send out via all possible means.  if patriots around the world don’t unite in this effort then the bad people that want Ebola to go full pandemic in the United States will win.  

If all of you help spread her information to hundreds of your friends on social network by posting to their walls and to all groups possible then we can prevent the mass slaughter of hundreds of millions or possibly billions!  Do everything you can out there.  It’s a pleasure to work with all of you spreading the truth!

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD Explains Nano Silver

Great Interview with Dr Rima, Stew Webb, Dr. Croft and Preston James!

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