Jesus Was Not "Jewish" Neither was The Bible.

There was Not a "J" in Any Language Until After 1750 AD.

The word "Jew" is Yehudim, in the Hebraic, Aramaic and Greek which means the race cursed by YAHWEH GOD.

Stop Allowing These Mongrel Parasites from The Pits of Hell (Sheol) to Deceive you Dear Goy!

The Covenant Marks of The True Israelites Can be Viewed HERE!

    Jesus was a Pure White, Adamic Galilean who spoke Aramaic and Greek. He was an Israelite of the Judahite Bloodline.

    (My Comments in Purple).

  • Pontius Pilate's Letter to Tiberius Caesar

    To Noble Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of Rome.
    Noble Sovereign, Greeting: The events of the last few days in my 

    province have been of such a character that I will give the details in full as they occurred, as I should not be surprised if, in the course of time, they may change the destiny of our nation, for it seems of late that all the gods have ceased to be propitious. I am almost ready to say, Cursed be the day that I succeeded Vallerius Flaceus in the government of Judea; for since then my life has been one of continual uneasiness and distress.

    On my arrival at Jerusalem I took possession of the praetorium, and ordered a splendid feast to be prepared, to which I invited the tetrarch of Galilee, with the high priest and his officers. 

  • At the appointed hour no guests appeared. This I considered an insult offered to my dignity, and to the whole government which I represent. 

  • A few days after, the high priest deigned to pay me a visit. His deportment was grave and deceitful. He pretended that his religion forbade him and his attendants to sit at the table with the Romans, and eat and offer libations with them, but this was only a sanctimonious seeming, for his very countenance betrayed his hypocrisy. (Which is Leaven of The pharisees/rabbi's).

  • Although I thought it expedient to accept his excuse, from that moment I was convinced that the conquered had declared themselves the enemy of the conquerors; and I would warn the Romans to beware of the high priests of this country. They would betray their own mother to gain office and a luxurious living.

  • It seems to me that, of conquered cities, Jerusalem is the most difficult to govern. So turbulent are the people that I live in momentary dread of an insurrection. 

  • I have not soldiers sufficient to suppress it. I had only one centurion and a hundred men at my command. I requested a reinforcement from the prefect of Syria, who informed me that he had scarcely enough troops sufficient to defend his own province. 

  • An insatiate thirst for conquest to extend our empire beyond the means of defending it, I fear, will be the cause of the final overthrow of our whole government. I lived secluded from the masses, for I did not know what those priests might influence the rabble to do; yet I endeavored to ascertain, as far as I could, the mind and standing of the people.

  • Among the various rumors that came to my ears, there was one in particular that attracted my attention. A young man, it was said, had appeared in Galilee, preaching with a noble unction a new law in the name of the God that had sent him. 

  • At first I was apprehensive that his design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as friend of the Romans than of the Jews.

  • One day in passing by the place of Siloe, where there was a great concourse of people, I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude. 

  • I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected, so great was the difference between him and those listening to him. His golden-colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about thirty years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between him and his hearers, with their black beards and tawny complexions!

  • Unwilling to interrupt him by my presence, I continued my walk, but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen. My secretary's name is Manlius. He is the grandson of the chief of the conspirators who encamped in Etruria waiting for Cataline. Manlius had been for a long time an inhabitant of Judea, and is well acquainted with the Hebrew language. 

  • He was devoted to me, and worthy of my confidence. On entering the praetorium I found Manlius, who related to me the words Jesus had pronounced at Siloe. 

  • Never have I read in the works of the philosophers anything that can compare to the maxims of Jesus. One of the rebellious Jews, so numerous in Jerusalem, having asked Jesus if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar, he replied, "Render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar, and unto God the things that are God's."

  • It was on account of the wisdom of his sayings that I granted so much liberty to the Nazarene; for it was in my power to have had him arrested, and exiled to Pontus; but that would have been contrary to the justice which has always characterized the Roman government in all its dealings with men; this man was neither seditious nor rebellious; I extended to him my protection, unknown perhaps to himself. He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and address the people, and to choose disciples, unrestrained by any praetorian mandate. 

  • Should it ever happen (may the gods avert the omen!), should it ever happen, I say, that the religion of our forefathers will be supplanted by the religion of Jesus, it will be to this noble toleration that Rome shall owe her premature death, while I, miserable wretch, will have been the instrument of what the Jews call Providence, and we call destiny.

  • This unlimited freedom granted to Jesus provoked the Jews--not the poor, but the rich and powerful. It is true, Jesus was severe on the latter, and this was a political reason, in my opinion, for not restraining the liberty of the Nazarene. "Scribes and Pharisees," he would say to them, "you are a race of vipers; you resemble painted sepulchres; you appear well unto men, but you have death within you." 

  • At other times he would sneer at the alms of the rich and proud, telling them that the mite of the poor was more precious in the sight of God. Complaints were daily made at the praetorium against the insolence of Jesus.

  • Being too weak to suppress an insurrection, I resolved upon adopting a measure that promised to restore the tranquility of the city without subjecting the praetorium to humiliating concession. 

  • I wrote to Jesus, requesting an interview with him at the praetorium. He came. You know that in my veins flows the Spanish mixed with Roman blood--as incapable of fear as it is of weak emotion. 

  • When the Nazarene made his appearance, I was walking in my basilic, and my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement, and I trembled in every limb as does a guilty culprit, though the Nazarene was as calm as innocence itself.

  • When he came up to me, he stopped, and by a signal sign he seemed to say to me, "I am here," though he spoke not a word. For some time I contemplated with admiration and awe this extraordinary type of man--a type of man unknown to our numerous painters, who have given form and figure to all the gods and the heroes. There was nothing about him that was repelling in its character, yet I felt too awed and tremulous to approach him.

  • "Jesus," said I unto him at last--and my tongue faltered--"Jesus of Nazareth, for the last three years I have granted you ample freedom of speech; nor do I regret it. Your words are those of a sage. I know not whether you have read Socrates or Plato, but this I know, there is in your discourses a majestic simplicity that elevates you far above those philosophers. The Emperor is informed of it, and I, his humble representative in this country, am glad of having allowed you that liberty of which you are so worthy. However, I must not conceal from you that your discourses have raised up against you powerful and inveterate enemies.

  • "Nor is this surprising. Socrates had his enemies, and he fell a victim to their hatred. Yours are doubly incensed--against you on account of your discourses being so severe upon their conduct; against me on account of the liberty I have afforded you. 

  • They even accuse me of being indirectly leagued with you for the purpose of depriving the Hebrews of the little civil power, which Rome has left them. My request--I do not say my order--is, that you be more circumspect and moderate in your discourses in the future, and more considerate of them, lest you arouse the pride of your enemies, and they raise against you the stupid populace, and compel me to employ the instruments of law."

  • (Sounds Exactly The Same As It Is Today)!

  • The Nazarene calmly replied, "Prince of the earth, your words proceed not from true wisdom. Say to the torrent to stop in the midst of the mountain-gorge; it will uproot the trees of the valley. The torrent will answer you that it obeys the laws of nature and the creator. God alone knows whither flow the waters of the torrent. Verily I say unto you, before the rose of Sharon blossoms, the blood of the Just shall be spilt."

  • "Your blood shall not be spilt," said I with deep emotion; "you are more precious in my estimation on account of your wisdom than all the turbulent and proud Pharisees who abuse the freedom granted them by the Romans. They conspire against Caesar, and convert his bounty into fear, impressing the unlearned that Caesar is a tyrant and seeks their ruin. Insolent wretches! They are not aware that the wolf of the Tiber sometimes clothes himself with the skin of the sheep to accomplish his wicked designs. I will protect you against them. My praetorium shall be an asylum, sacred both day and night."

  • Jesus carelessly shook his head, and said with a grave and divine smile: "When the day shall have come, there will be no asylums for the son of man, neither in the earth nor under the earth. 

  • The asylum of the just is there," pointing to the heavens. "That which is written in the books of the prophets must be accomplished."

  • "Young man," I answered mildly, "you will oblige me to convert my request into an order. The safety of the province, which has been confided to my care, requires it. You must observe more moderation in your discourses. Do not infringe my order. You know the consequences. May happiness attend you; farewell."

  • "Prince of the earth," replied Jesus, "I come not to bring war into the world, but peace, love, and charity. I was born the same day on which Augustus gave peace to the Roman world. Persecutions proceed not from me. 

  • I expect it from others, and will meet it in obedience to the will of my Father, who has shown me the way. Restrain, therefore, your worldly prudence. It is not in your power to arrest the victim at the foot of the tabernacle of expiation."

  • So saying, he disappeared like a bright shadow behind the curtain of the basilic--to my great relief, for I felt a heavy burden on me, of which I could not relieve myself while in his presence.

  • To Herod, who then reigned in Galilee, the enemies of Jesus addressed themselves, to wreak their vengeance on the Nazarene. 

  • Had Herod consulted his own inclinations, he would have ordered Jesus immediately to be put to death; but, though proud of his royal dignity, yet he hesitated to commit an act that might lessen his influence with the Senate, or, like me, was afraid of Jesus. 

  • But it would never do for a Roman officer to be scared by a Jew. Previously to this, Herod called on me at the praetorium, and, on rising to take leave, after some trifling conversation, asked me what was my opinion concerning the Nazarene. 

  • I replied that Jesus appeared to me to be one of those great philosophers that great nations sometimes produced; that his doctrines were by no means sacrilegious, and that the intentions of Rome were to leave him to that freedom of speech which was justified by his actions. Herod smiled maliciously, and, saluting me with ironical respect, departed.

  • The great feast of the Jews was approaching, and the intention was to avail themselves of the popular exaltation which always manifests itself at the solemnities of a Passover. 

  • The city was overflowing with a tumultuous populace, clamoring for the death of the Nazarene. 

  • My emissaries informed me that the treasure of the temple had been employed in bribing the people. The danger was pressing. A Roman centurion had been insulted. I wrote to the Prefect of Syria for a hundred foot-soldiers and as many cavalry. He declined. I saw myself alone with a handful of veterans in the midst of a rebellious city, too weak to suppress an uprising, and having no choice left but to tolerate it. 

  • They had seized upon Jesus, and the seditious rabble, although they had nothing to fear from the praetorium, believing, as their leaders had told them, that I winked at their sedition--continued vociferating: "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"

  • Three powerful parties had combined together at the time against Jesus: First, the Herodians and the Sadducees, whose seditious conduct seemed to have proceeded from double motives: they hated the Nazarene and were impatient of the Roman yoke. 

  • They never forgave me for having entered the holy city with banners that bore the image of the Roman emperor; and although in this instance I had committed a fatal error, yet the sacrilege did not appear less heinous in their eyes. Another grievance also rankled in their bosoms. I had proposed to employ a part of the treasure of the temple in erecting edifices for public use. 

  • (The yahudim (jews) could care less about what's good for the public unless they are using it as lip service to get elected).

  • My proposal was scorned.
  • The Pharisees (called rabbi's today) were the avowed enemies of Jesus. They cared not for the government. They bore with bitterness the severe reprimands which the Nazarene for three years had been continually giving them wherever he went. Timid and too weak to act by themselves, they had embraced the quarrels of the Herodians and the Sadducees. Besides these three parties, I had to contend against the reckless and profligate populace, always ready to join a sedition, and to profit by the disorder and confusion that resulted therefrom.

  • Jesus was dragged before the High Priest and condemned to death. It was then that the High Priest, Caiaphas, performed a divisory act of submission. He sent his prisoner to me to confirm his condemnation and secure his execution. I answered him that, as Jesus was a Galilean, the affair came under Herod's jurisdiction, and ordered him to be sent thither. 

  • The wily tetrarch professed humility, and, protesting his deference to the lieutenant of Caesar, he committed the fate of the man to my hands. Soon my palace assumed the aspect of a besieged citadel. Every moment increased the number of the malcontents. Jerusalem was inundated with crowds from the mountains of Nazareth. All Judea appeared to be pouring into the city.

  • I had taken a wife from among the Gauls, who pretended to see into futurity. Weeping and throwing herself at my feet, she said to me: "Beware, beware, and touch not that man; for he is holy. 

  • Last night I saw him in a vision. 

  • He was walking on the waters; he was flying on the wings of the wind. He spoke to the tempest and to the fishes of the lake; all were obedient to him. 

  • Behold, the torrent in Mount Kedron flows with blood, the statues of Caesar are filled with gemonide; the columns of the interium have given way; and the sun is veiled in mourning like a vestal in the tomb. Ah! Pilate, evil awaits thee. If thou wilt not listen to the vows of thy wife, dread the curse of a Roman Senate; dread the frowns of Caesar."

  • By this time the marble stair groaned under the weight of the multitude. The Nazarene was brought back to me. I proceeded to the halls of justice, followed by my guard, and asked the people in a severe tone what they demanded.

  • "The death of the Nazarene," was the reply.

  • "For what crime?"

  • "He has blasphemed; he has prophesied the ruin of the temple; he calls himself the Son of God, the Messiah, the King of the Jews."

  • "Roman justice," said I, "punishes not such offences with death."

  • "Crucify him! Crucify him!" cried the relentless rabble. The vociferations of the infuriated mob shook the palace to its foundations.

  • There was but one who appeared to be calm in the midst of the vast multitude; it was the Nazarene. After many fruitless attempts to protect him from the fury of his merciless persecutors, I adopted a measure which at the moment appeared to me to be the only one that could save his life. 

  • I proposed, as it was their custom to deliver a prisoner on such occasions, to release Jesus and let him go free, that he might be the scapegoat, as they called it; but they said Jesus must be crucified.

  • I then spoke to them of the inconsistency of their course as being incompatible with their laws, showing that no criminal judge could pass sentence on a criminal unless he had fasted one whole day; and that the sentence must have the consent of the Sanhedrin, and the signature of the president of that court; that no criminal could be executed on the same day his sentence was fixed, and the next day, on the day of his execution, the Sanhedrin was required to review the whole proceeding; also, according to their law, a man was stationed a short way off on horseback to cry the name of the criminal and his crime, and the names of his witnesses, and to know if any one could testify in his favor; and the prisoner on his way to execution had the right to turn back three times and to plead any new thing in his favor. I urged all these pleas, hoping they might awe them into subjection; but they still cried, "Crucify him! Crucify him!"

  • I then ordered Jesus to be scourged, hoping this might satisfy them; but it only increased their fury. I then called for a basin, and washed my hands in the presence of the clamorous multitude, thus testifying that in my judgment Jesus of Nazareth had done nothing deserving of death; but in vain. It was his life these wretches thirsted for.

  • Often in our civil commotions have I witnessed the furious anger of the multitude, but nothing could be compared to what I witnessed on this occasion. It might have been truly said that all the phantoms of the infernal regions had assembled at Jerusalem. 

  • The crowd appeared not to walk, but to be borne off and whirled as a vortex, rolling along in living waves from the portals of the praetorium even unto Mount Zion, with howling screams, shrieks, and vociferations such as were never heard in the seditions of the Pannonia, or in the tumults of the forum.

  • By degrees the day darkened like a winter's twilight, such as had been at the death of the great Julius Caesar. 

  • It was likewise the Ides of March. I, the continued governor of a rebellious province, was leaning against a column of my basilic, contemplating athwart the dreary gloom these fiends of Tartarus dragging to execution the innocent Nazarene. 

  • All around me was deserted. Jerusalem had vomited forth her indwellers through the funeral gate that leads to Genomic.

  • An air of desolation and sadness enveloped me. My guards had joined the cavalry, and the centurion, with a display of power, was endeavoring to keep order. 

  • I was left alone, and my breaking heart admonished me that what was passing at that moment appertained rather to the history of the gods than that of men. 

  • A loud clamor was heard proceeding from Golgotha, which, borne on the winds, seemed to announce an agony such as was never heard by mortal ears. 

  • Dark clouds lowered over the pinnacle of the temple, and setting over the city covered it as with a veil. So dreadful were the signs that men saw both in the heavens and on the earth that Dionysius the Areopagite is reported to have exclaimed, 'Either the author of nature is suffering or the universe is falling apart.'

  • Whilst these appalling scenes of nature were transpiring, there was a dreadful earthquake in lower Egypt, which filled everybody with fear, and scared the superstitious Jews almost to death. 
  • (Superstitious Like The Catholic (Universal) Religion/ Combined with Paganism to appeal to the masses as for their Collection Plate Scam = Pilled Higher. They Usurped from its Founding by Constantinople in 325 AD & Vatican 2 in 1960 Should have been Obvious to Anyone Not Under A Strong Delusion in My Opinion.

  • It is said Balthasar, an aged and learned Jew of Antioch, was found dead after the excitement was over. Whether he died from alarm or grief is not known.

  • He was a strong friend of the Nazarene.

  • Near the first hour of the night, I threw my mantle around me and went down into the city toward the gates of Golgotha. 

  • The sacrifice was consummated. 

  • The crowd was returning home, still agitated, it is true, but gloomy, taciturn, and desperate. 

  • What they had witnessed had stricken them with terror and remorse. I also saw my little Roman cohort pass by mournfully, the standard-bearer having veiled his eagle in token of grief; and I overheard some of the Jewish soldiers (from herods guard) murmuring strange words, which I did not understand. 

  • Others were recounting miracles very like those which have so often smitten the Romans by the will of the gods. Sometimes, groups of men and women would halt, then, looking back toward Mount Calvary, would remain motionless in expectation of witnessing some new prodigy.

  • I returned to the praetorium, sad and pensive. On ascending the stairs, the steps of which were still stained with the blood of the Nazarene, I perceived an old man in a suppliant posture, and behind him several Romans in tears. 

  • He threw himself at my feet and wept most bitterly. 

  • It is painful to see an old man weep, and my heart being already overcharged with grief, we, though strangers, wept together. And in truth it seemed that the tears lay very shallow that day with many whom I perceived in the vast concourse of people. 

  • I never witnessed such an extreme revulsion of feeling. 

  • Those who betrayed and sold him, those who testified against him, those who cried, "Crucify him, we have his blood," all slunk off like cowardly curs, and washed their teeth with vinegar. As I am told that Jesus taught a resurrection after death, if such should be the fact, I am sure it commenced in this vast crowd.

  • "Father," said I to him, after gaining control of my feelings, "who are you, and what is your request?"
  • "I am Joseph of Arimathea," replied he, "and am come to beg of you upon my knees the permission to bury Jesus of Nazareth."
  • "Your prayer is granted," said I to him; and at the same time I ordered Manlius to take some soldiers with him to superintend the interment, lest it should be profaned.

  • A few days after, the sepulchre was found empty. His disciples proclaimed all over the country that Jesus had risen from the dead, as he had foretold. This created more excitement even than the crucifixion. 

  • As to its truth, I cannot say for certain, but I have made some investigation of the matter; so you can examine for yourself, and see if I am in fault, as Herod represents.

  • Joseph buried Jesus in his own tomb. Whether he contemplated his resurrection or calculated to cut him another, I cannot tell. The day after he was buried [i.e., Saturday] one of the priests came to the praetorium and said they were apprehensive that his disciples intended to steal the body of Jesus and hide it, and then make it appear that he had risen from the dead, as he had foretold, and of which they were perfectly convinced. 

  • I sent him to the captain of the royal guard (Malcus) to tell him to take the Jewish soldiers, place as many around the sepulchre as were needed; then if anything should happen, they could blame themselves, and not the Romans.

  • (The yehudim are not able to accept blame or take responsibility to admit, then correct a mistake. They like to use this so-called mistake to publicly repeat (someone they want publically condemned such as Joseph McCarthy or Iran, Russia and Syria Today. 
  • They never miss an opportunity to use the public to do their bidding. Even using crisis actors, media lies or their mossad dressed as their enemies for false flag terrorism in hopes to gain sympathy for crimes they have, are and about to commit).

  • When the great excitement arose about the sepulchre being found empty, I felt a deeper solicitude than ever. I sent for Malcus, who told he had placed his lieutenant, Ben Isham, with one hundred soldiers, around the sepulchre. 

  • He told me that Isham and the soldiers were very much alarmed at what had occurred there that morning. 

  • I sent for this man, Isham, who related to me, as near as I can recollect the following circumstances: He said that at about the beginning of the fourth watch they saw a soft and beautiful light over the sepulchre. 

  • He at first thought that the women had come to embalm the body of Jesus, as was their custom, but he could not see how they had gotten through the guards. 

  • While these thoughts were passing through his mind, behold, the whole place was lighted up, and there seemed to be crowds of the dead in their grave-clothes. 

  • All seemed to be shouting and filled with ecstasy, while all around and above was the most beautiful music he had ever heard; and the whole air seemed to be full of voices praising God. 

  • At this time there seemed to be a reeling and swimming of the earth, so that he turned so sick and faint that he could not stand on his feet. He said the earth seemed to swim from under him, and his senses left him, so that he knew not what did occur. 

  • I asked him in what condition he was when he came to himself. 

  • He said he was lying on the ground with his face down. I asked him if he could not have been mistaken as to the light. Was it not day that was coming in the East? 

  • He said at first he thought of that, but at a stone's cast it was exceedingly dark; and then he remembered it was too early for day.

  • I asked him if his dizziness might not have come from being wakened up and getting up too suddenly, as it sometimes had that effect. He said he was not, and had not been asleep all night, as the penalty was death for him to sleep on duty. 

  • He said he had let some of the soldiers sleep at a time. Some were asleep then. I asked him how long the scene lasted. He said he did not know, but he thought nearly an hour. He said it was hid by the light of day. 

  • I asked him if he went to the sepulchre after he had come to himself. He said no, because he was afraid; that just as soon as relief came, they all went to their quarters.

  • I asked him if he had been questioned by the priests. He said they had. They wanted him to say it was an earthquake, and that they were asleep, and offered him money to say that the disciples came and stole Jesus; but he saw no disciples; he did not know that the body was gone until he was told. 

  • I asked him what was the private opinion of those priests he had conversed with. He said that some of them thought that Jesus was no man; that he was not a human being; that he was not the son of Mary; that he was not the same that was said to be born of the virgin in Bethlehem; that the same persons had been on the earth before with Abraham and Lot, and at many times and places.

  • It seems to me that, if the Jewish theory be true, these conclusions are correct, for they are in accord with this man's life, as is known and testified by both friends and foes, for the elements were no more in his hands than the clay in the hands of the potter. He could convert water into wine; he could change death into life, disease into health; he could calm the seas, still the storms, call up fish with a silver coin in its mouth. 

  • Now, I say, if he could do all these things, which he did, and many more, as the Jews all testify, and it was doing these things that created this enmity against him--he was not charged with criminal offenses, nor was he charged with violating any law, nor of wronging any individual in person, and all these facts are known to thousands, as well by his foes as by his enemies--I am almost ready to say, as did Manlius at the cross, "Truly, this was the Son of God."

  • Now, noble Sovereign, this is as near the facts in the case as I can arrive at, and I have taken pains to make the statement very full, so that you may judge of my conduct upon the whole, as I hear that Antipater has said many hard things of me in this matter. With the promise of faithfulness and good wishes to my noble Sovereign,

  • I am your most obedient servant,
    Pontius Pilate

    I was informed that some misfortune would befall him; that it would not be the first time that Jerusalem had stoned those who called themselves prophets; an appeal would be made to Caesar. However, my conduct was approved by the Senate, and I was promised a reinforcement after the termination of the Parthian war. 

  • Parthia = only Nation Rome could not defeat even when Rome was at its mightiest. The Parthians were True Israelites who were properly following Yahwehs Law which is the same now as it was then because Yahweh does not change and His Yoke is Not Heavy).

  • A key deception that has diffused throughout most denominations relates to the following areas:

    1. That Jesus was "Jewish." 
  • 2. That "The Jews" are God's chosen people. 
  • 3. The Jews are always Israelites, and the word "Jews" is a synonym for Israel. 
  • 4. "The Jew" and "The Jews" means the same thing. 
  • 5. That the racial term for "Jews" [Judah] is the same as the territorial term for "Jews" [Judean]. 
  • 6. That "Jewish Law" means the law given through Moses. 
  • 7. That Judaism and Christianity are complimentary.

    These ideas have "crept in unawares" into churches, and not one of them is valid.

  • Hos 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God’s law, I will also forget your children. 

Tit 1:14  not paying attention to Jewish fables and commandments of men who turn away from the truth. 

  • The Truth of This Great Deception!

The word "Jew" is Yehudim, in the Hebraic, Aramaic and Greek which means the race cursed by YAHWEH GOD.

From BF Jacksons: The Mystery of The Serpent (link)

(My Comments in Purple)!

With the 500 luciferian priests, the Archcensors, the king and prince there are 961,301 Jews in each hemispherical Cahilla section. 

Adding the 24 B'nai B'rith Jews in the two Cabinets of the king and his coregent and the roving ambassador, there are 1,922,627 Jews in the hemispherical brains and nerve system of Shaitan the Serpent. 

That Cabal and the Jewish race are the brains, nerve system, teeth, claws, back bone and body of satan in the material plane, and their collective evilness is the Devil and his demons in the spiritual plane.

That is the talking Snake who spiritually-sabotaged our Adamic progenitors.

It is a race of material vampires. It is a counterfeit race of Devils (Hybrids) not (Kind after Kind) created by God. It is on display as such in Job 26:5; Psa. 88:10; Pro. 2:18; 9:18; 21:6; Isa. 14:9 and 26:9 in which the original Hebraic for the word "dead" is Rephaim, which means the Shades of spiritual and material death. Jude 12 says they are twice dead (spiritually and materially), plucked up by the roots. 

Then, Mark 4:11, 12, 15; Luke 11:44; John 7:33, 34; 8:43-47; 9:27; Acts 2:47; Heb. 13:20 and II Peter 2:4, 12 show they are born spiritually-dead from the womb.

God put in man a certain genealogical power to cause the marrow of the bones to generate blood for the life of flesh (Lev. 17:11). Jewry lacks that power. He steals it from man, however, in mongrelization.

The satanic dead vampire (race) is manifest in what we have believed was Jewry's white blood corpuscles. In man, they are round, yet shaped differently for each race. That is one reason God established the Divine Law for the various races not to mongrelize. In Jewry, however, the "white blood" corpuscles are long and stringy, and Divine Law forbids all humanity to mongrelize with the devil's Serpent race, because the children will in turn be vampire and totally cut off from God.

In times past the Serpent race absorbed entire nations in order to renew the life force in their bone marrow. Ezek. 28: 12-19 and Isa. 49:26 show the vampire condition. 

The latter states· 
"And I (God) will feed them that oppress thee Israel (Jacob/ Israel The Man’s Family (Not the corrupt state of israeli) the Bought and Paid For NYC/ UN established from 1916 to 1948 starting with The Balfour Declaration) today A Race of People with their own flesh· and they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine; and all flesh shall know that I am the Lord and thy Savior and thy Redeemer the Mighty One of Jacob" (The One Who Our Father in Heaven YAHWEH renamed Israel who had 12 Son’s and one Daughter Diane).

Isaiah makes it plain that he is speaking about the counterfeit race of Satan who we know as Jews. In Isa. 14:29; 27:1 and 65:25 he mentions them as the Serpent which is written in the Hebraic to mean the counterfeit race of the original material Beast who we know as Satan, the same as the father of the luciferian Beast in Ezek. 28. In Isa. 49:26 the word "feed" is akal, in the original Hebraic. It means to consume away. If Isaiah had meant the Serpent race would turn cannibal and feed on itself, the word "feed" would have been nahal. If they were thrown into jail as in Rev. 20 and given Jew flesh to eat when they asked for food and said "feed me" the word would have been laat. If they could feed themselves and they were given Jew flesh (or any proper nourishment) the word "feed" would have been kul. Isaiah, therefore, graphically shows when Zech. 14:21 and Rev. 20:1-3 are consummated the Serpent race of Jews will be isolated from humanity and the faculty of Jewry's bones to produce blood corpuscles will gradually be lost until the race will stagger from weakness which will gradually consume the race.

Mongrelization with man is essential (For The Parasites) so Jewry can renew the depleted life force. Extensive mongrelization can change the outward appearance so much that the Jewish characteristics are difficult, if not impossible, to perceive. When that occurs and Satan is about to transform himself into a human automatically possessing the Life Force of God, Divine Law intervenes and the next generation reverts back with all the physical characteristics known as Jewish and that line of satan is entirely sterile.
The vampire condition is in three categories and they are spiritual and material. The first phase is as above.

Secondly, the instinctive craving to murder man spiritually. It is accomplished by subtil suggestions which causes man to think erroneously which generates a destructive electro-cosmic field of oscillatory disequilibrium in his brain cavity which thrusts him out of conscious contact with God and spiritually- kills him. That field can be measured with electronic instruments, and scientists know it is directly the presence of that field which makes man's body deteriorate and eventually die of old age. Jewry is greedy to shed man's blood in murder and wars (John 8:44; Matt. 23:35).

The third phase of the vampire condition is the stealthy approach unto man on his Snake belly of sham worship of God and being the chosen people of God. Drawing near an intended victim amidst the darkness of misrepresented brotherhood, liberalism, equality and fraternity he hypnotizes the victim with a flickering spiritually-black forked tongue of exaggerated friendliness and humane feeling, and by time he is in striking distance the victim is mentally-paralyzed in respect to Jew chicanery. 

Then, without any resistance the Serpent swallows the victim by first marrying into his family then absorbs it in mongrelization in efforts to steal the Life Force put in it by God. Racial characteristics of man are ignored by the Serpent race. All it is interested in is stealing the Life Force put in man by God. While doing it he; steals every important thing man creates. The prophet Ezekiel calls t1·at characteristic a cormorant because there is no Hebraic for a vampire bat. 

While preying on man, that vampire race utterly corrupts him, yet pretends to assist elevate him to the zenith of spiritual attainment. II Peter 2:11, 12 throws light on the condition when he says: "Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusations against them before the Lord. 

But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption"

The original Greek for that word "natural" is phusikos. It means things born in one. 

Brute is alogos, or without life. 

Beast is zoon, a living creature. 

Made is gennao, or conceive, bring forth in childbirth. 

Take is halosin, or with a view to capture. 

Destroyed is eisphthoran, or corrupt. 

Perish is kataphtheiro, or to corrupt utterly. 

Thus, the original declaration of St. Peter is: These, living-dead things are conceived and brought forth in childbirth with the view born in them to capture man and corrupt him utterly. Peter and Jude graphically show they are speaking about none other than Jewry. 

They are speaking about the same conditions. Jude 9 shows the angel is Michael and the Brute Beast is the Devil, who, according to the personal family record of Jewry's current god, Prince Abdul Baraba Baha, was the Serpent Prince Nahar.  

The first record of that counterfeit race is in the third chapter of Genesis. The word "serpent" in that chapter is nachash, in the original Hebraic. 

There are three ways of composing the word "nachash". The root is composed with three characters, the first of which is shaped similar to a round-bottomed W with a dot above the right hand arm. 

The second is similar to the pi ratio sign. The third to a very poor figure three. Written thus, it means, Divine, learn by experience, observe diligently, use enchantment, an enchanter. When the word contains a dash, or bar, under the second and third characters it means, occult science, witchcraft, black magic. 

When a dot is included under the bars the word means, the Serpent race fathered by the original material satan, and the race is the racial body of satan. 

In similar manner as the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic, Scandinavian and Nordic people are the racial body of Israel. 

The Serpent in Gen. 3 is written with the bars and dots under the two last characters to prove he is satan's cursed Serpent race of Jews; and the word "Jew" is Yehudim, in the Hebraic, Aramaic and Greek which means the race cursed by God. 

The word "serpent" makes its next appearance in Gen. 49:17. It is written without the bars and dots under the second and third character in the Hebraic. 

When we study the contents of Gen. 49 we observe, therefore, when Moses cast his shepherd's staff upon the ground, Divine Power changed it into the ankh as the sceptre of the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek which God conferred upon Moses. 

The "voice" of that ankh was the crackling sound of cosmic
electricity running over it. That Power was the nachash, or serpent,
which frightened Moses because he was shocked by its spiritual force.

In Exo. 7:9, 10, 12, however, Moses cast the ankh upon the ground
in front of Pharaoh and the Cosmic Energy changed it into a serpent.

That word "serpent" originally was "tannin". 
It means a howling dragon-a howling lizard which make a noise similar to "choke you". In Num. 21:6 and Deut. 8:15 are fiery serpents. 

That word "fiery", in the Hebraic, is seraph. It means burning, blazing. Sometimes it is seraphim. Both have the same meaning as something hot.
That word "serpent" is nachash, and is written without the bars and dots
under the last two characters. 

Written thus, and by close study of the chapters, one observes that serpent is an, enchanter-something which enchanted the people.

In Deut. 8:15 the Hebraic for the word "scorpion'' is aqrab, which
is just an ordinary scorpion, yet the serpents are not snakes. It
holds for Exo. 21:6. 7. 

What, then, are the fiery serpents sent by God to bite and kill the people? That word "fiery", as a seraph, and the "serpents", as nachash, or enchanter, are the clues proving the fiery serpents are heat waves caused by sun heat radiating from the dry ground, which, when observed from a distance, formed into shimmering undulating mirages (seraphim). 

That unfamiliar spectacle enchanted (nachash) our Israelite progenitors and they received sunstroke and were dangerously blistered by the tremendous summer heat after "the people spoke against God and Moses" and refused to get in the shade of their tents.

Moses warned them to keep in the shade during the heat of the
day, but the stiff-necked people ignored him and remained out doors
to look at the enchanting mirages constantly changing from one spectacle
to another. Many of the people died from sunstroke and severe sunburn.

Those not dying yet were weakened with high fever appealed to
Moses to save them. He could have used his Power and cured them,
but it would have been useless. 

They were so rebellious that, as soon as they had been cured they would have again defied him. To convince them he knew what he was talking about he let them suffer and learn the hard way.

They would not rely on him for anything when the going got
tough. Without something to look at and remind them of Moses'
warning to remain in the shade during the heat of the day, they would
go their head-long way and continue exposing themselves to sunstroke
and sunburn while declaring they were rugged enough not to be hurt.

  • To look at this as a subject, we will make a comparison between what is claimed from a Zionist Internet source and what the Bible says. We will break the Zionist paper up into sections for this purpose.


  • Are Christianity and Judaism different religions? I am here to tell you absolutely not. Because of thousands of years of teaching to the contrary, it is widely believed that the two are different faiths. There is much evidence to show that these beliefs are indeed false, and are the direct result of two thousand years of anti-Semitic teaching. I will keep this as simple as possible, as to get any deeper into this matter would require a greater understanding of Judaism for Christians, or a greater understanding of true Christianity for Jews.

    Jesus did not believe this. There are several references in the Gospels similar to Matthew 15:3, "Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?" which show that the "commandments of God" were at variance with the teachings or laws of the Jews. In regard to the use of the word, "anti-Semitic," we will see that "The Jews" were not of the same origin as Jesus and eleven of His disciples. The two thousand years of so-called anti-Semitic teaching must then have carried on by Jesus from the past. Jesus was always in conflict with "The Jews." Martin Luther is often quoted as being anti-Semitic, but his words on this subject are very much in line with those of Jesus, and so Jesus and Luther were in agreement about "The Jews." A current Court case is in process in Australia where "Jewish" interests are accusing the Anglican Church of anti-Semitism because the Anglicans use the Bible, a supposedly anti-Semitic book to "The Jews." There is a Zionist contradiction in claim three below where we will see Jewish praise for the Bible.

    First of all, let's clear one thing up. Jesus was a Jew, is still a Jew, and will always be a Jew. Remember when God said someone of David's line would always be on the throne of Israel? Guess who that someone has been for the last two thousand years. People like to argue that Jesus is God, how could He also be part of the human culture? True, Jesus is God, but He chose to become man too. Now He lives in a glorified human body, just like we will. Jesus was born to a Jew, making Him also a Jew. Not only this, but Jews followed Jewish Law, or the Torah, which is a whole other subject on why Gentile believers should do the same.

    To respond to this it is necessary to distinguish between the following:
    a) The "Jew" as a descendant of Judah or the House of Judah. These are "Judahites" and are all Israelites. b) The "Jews" as residents of Judea. These are "Judeans" and may include proselytes of any race, most of these being non-Judahites, that is, not Israelites by race.
    To say that Jesus was a Jew then is meaningless nonsense as a generality. We read in Hebrews 7:14, "For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda; of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning priesthood." Here Jesus determines an Israelite tribe amongst whom he appeared. He was "born" of a woman of the tribe of Judah but "begotten" [from the past] of the Father. So as far as racial descent is concerned, He was, "having neither beginning of days, nor end of life" (Heb. 7:3), and so Jesus did not descend from any human male. We cannot say biblically, "Jesus was a Jew, is a Jew, and will always be Jew." Jewish talmudic teaching is that a Jew is a person who has a Jewish mother, but both the Testaments show that genealogies are reckoned through the male side, i.e. a male begets a male down the line. Thus saying, "Jesus was born to a Jew making Him also a Jew" is totally false. We do not ascribe racial origin to God the Father and thus do not to the Son of God. Where we read, "Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto ["homoiou") his brethren," this is how Jesus associates Himself with those also born from above from an original sowing. Jesus became as one of the Israelites. "For both he that sanctified and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren." Heb. 2:11.

    Jesus spoke about "The Jews" as not being Israelites in John chapter 8:

    1. Ye neither know me nor my Father: 2. Ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: 3. Whither I go, ye cannot come. 4. Ye are from beneath; I am from above: 5. Ye are of this world; I am not of this world. 6. I know that ye are Abraham's seed (sperma)[but they were not Abraham's children (teknon)—or the anointed lineage with the promise. "Seed" and "Children" have different meanings] 7. Ye are of your father the false accuser.
    Paul said "The Jews" were contrary to all men, that is they are continually exerting pressure against all of God's people. "All men" does not mean everyone else but "The Jews."


    The Torah or the Talmud?

    The claim is made "Not only this, but Jesus followed Jewish Law, or the Torah," but Jewish Law either then or now is not the Torah, that is the books of Moses. The [Babylonian] Talmud is traditional interpretation which is the complete antithesis of the Torah and thus is in direct opposition. To say these books say the same thing is pure deception and lies. Christians have been encouraged to use the phrase, "Jewish Law" to make them think this refers to the Torah of the Old Testament. Ths phrase should never be used ever again unless it in used correctly as we see in Titus 1:14, "Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth." The Law of Moses was never "Jewish Law." Moses' Law was the Law given to Israel [by God Himself] as a whole. Believers in Jesus should believe Moses and the prophets, Jesus says, but never believe one little piece of the "Jewish Law," the Talmud. Jesus called it "your law," when condemning the leaders of Jewry. These "commandments of men" are those which "turn from the Truth."

    The Religion of "The Jews"
    Some Examples of Jewish Beliefs from The Talmud
    Have you taken a good look at your Bible lately? Have you stopped to notice that two-thirds of the Christian Bible is the Tenach, or Hebrew Bible? We serve the same God! As young Christians, we sing songs about father Abraham and about Isaac and Jacob, the Jewish patriarchs. They may not be the fathers of our nation, but they are the fathers of our faith. Now, you might say, "Well, what about the New Testament?" First of all, it is not a "new" anything. It is the fulfilment of the same Testament or covenant that is in the Tenach. The Jews believe in a Messiah, they just believe that He has not come yet. Look into the books of the prophets in the Tenach. You will find them, as well as other books such as Psalms, full of prophecies of the coming Messiah.

    In the second verse of this section there is a subtle change made from "Jewish" to "Hebrew." This is to try to wrongly link the two words together in peoples' minds again suggesting falsely that "The Jews" equates with "Israel." Here again we see the deception in the calling of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 'Jewish patriarchs.' Judah was only one tribe! These patriarchs are what the New Testament refers to as being "the fathers" of Israel. The patriarchs did NOT spawn, through Isaac, those who originated "from beneath." The use of a phrase like "Jewish patriarchs" is to create the idea in minds that "The Jews" are the Israel of the Bible when they could never be. The modern Jew is a degenerate seed of mixed racial origins through harlotry (Jer. 2:21) primarily with the descendants of Esau [Edom]. The Encyclopaedia Judaica agrees that, "Modern Jewry is Edom." Of these God says, "they shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, the people against whom the LORD hath indignation forever." (Mal. 1:4). These tares can never turn into wheat, whether or not they profess to believe in Jesus or not. Through Scripture we can read how the Tares associate with Israel and how their poison influences greatly today.

    Please note the Zionist contradiction between this section where Messiah it to come (future) and claim number two where the Messiah is ruling (present). In regard to, "The Jews believe in a Messiah," Jewish writings today speak of Messiah being a corporate entity, not an individual person in the form of Jesus Christ. Their view [and lies] are not found in the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets. Where the claim is made, "They may not be the fathers of our nation, but they are the fathers of our faith," they ignore what Paul says in Acts 13:32-33, "how that the promise which was made unto the fathers, God hath fulfilled the same unto us their children." Therefore the promise that Jesus would be raised up unto Israel cannot be fulfilled in any non-Israelite people of any race who subscribe to Judaism or anything else, and especially to those of "the Jews" who are "born from beneath."

    Note again that their comment, "they may not be the fathers of our nation, but they are the fathers of our faith," they are denying that "the fathers" are their "Jewish" national fathers. They are saying they are not Israelites! They confirmed this when they told Jesus in John 8:33, they "were never in bondage to any man," that is, they were never in bondage as Israel was in Egypt (and in Judges).

    Jesus had to make a first trip to fulfill the curse on the Law. The Jews say that He is not the Messiah. Fine, through their unbelief the fulness of the Gentiles will be saved. Soon enough, however, we must realise, Christian and Jew alike, that our faith, except for the argument over Messiah's identity, is exactly the same. The true Christian regards the Tenach with as much reverence as he does the Christian scriptures.

    The last sentence is very true, but the problem again is "what do they mean by "The Jews"? Is it the "true Jews" or the "false Jews." Jesus knew and pointed out in Revelation 2:9, "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" and in Rev. 3:9, "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan [meeting place of adversaries], which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie." Jesus is saying that there are false Jews who are of the synagogue of Satan. He also describes these as "the wicked." Jesus did not come "to fulfil the curse on the Law" as claimed; the law has never been cursed. It is the Israelites who broke their law-covenant who were cursed when they transgressed the Law, and we read, "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us" (Gal. 3:13). Redemption only can apply to Biblical Israelites. The "fullness of the Gentiles" does not have, and could not have, the meaning implied by the Zionists and the 'churches of all peoples' ....

    Another point that must be cleared up is this: the term Christian may have been started with good intentions, but has become anti-Semitic over the years.


    To reply to this, a computer clip about the present "Jewish" meaning of anti-Semitic is entered;

    It is pointed out that the United Nations Conventions have the effect of changing race into any group having an ethnic belief, religion, common customs, national origins, etc. so that in this context multi-racial Jews can now claim to be an ethnic group. "Anti-Semitic" now is made to refer to anything against the concept of this "Jewish" ethnic group. Anti-semitism is in no way what it is presented to be. The word 'Anti-semitism' was first printed as late as 1880, according to the 1901 Encyclopedia Judaica: vol. 1., p. 641. It is a term that was created by Zionism, according to modern Jewish authority who state, "Jews began in the 19th century to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860. This coincides with the cry anti-Semitism" [Ency. Jud., 1971, vol. 10, p. 231]. Note the "call themselves" and what this means.

    The New Zealand Jewish Chronicle of Sept. 1995 on page 15 quotes Historian Robert Wistrich who says: "It dates back to 1879, the invention of a German journalist and writer who wanted to signify that anti-Semitism was not the same as traditional religious hatred of Jews, and therefore coined a phrase which had a racial connotation." The word "anti-Semitism" was first printed as late as 1880 according to the 1901 Jewish Encyclopedia: vol. 1, p. 641. The word is used as a cover-up by those claiming to be Israelites or Shemites, "but who are not". (Rev. 2:9). These are who are known and identified as International Jewry today; they themselves state that "Modern Jewry is Edom."

    To be anti-Semitic rightly means being against the descendants of Shem, the son of Noah, but not against the racially-mixed modern Jew. Biblical Israel are Shemites. Historically and biblically, there are peoples known as "Jews" who are not Shemites, and some of these others descend from the other two sons of Noah, Japheth and Ham. They are not Israelites, but neither are some other Shemites.

    Today we find a push for world government by these particular people, as usual through the socialist platform: From the Jewish Encyclopedia vol. 11, p. 418, "Jews have been prominently identified with the modern Socialist movement from its very inception." We also find evidenced the Communist ideal surfacing again in the United Nations Conventions. Very soon after the Communist revolution in Russia, the Jewish Chronicle of April 4, 1919 said: "There is much in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are at many points consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism." The Encyclopedia Judaica [1971], vol 16, p. 1032 says, "The modern term Zionism first appeared in the 19th Century ... as the establishment of an organization." Communism sought to eliminate all opposition to its control and objectives and we find a similar operation emerging today against those who would contravene the U.N. Conventions. Communism, Zionism and United Nations have a dominating 'Jewish' content, as has the Roman Catholic Church through the Jewish-originated Jesuits. We will soon see more cries of anti-Semitism world-wide against those who oppose Edom in their war of extermination against Biblical Israel and Christianity.

    From the presentation from Zionism we are examining, we can see the perspicacious nature of their secret war. They lie in wait even now. We read, "that we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive." (Eph. 4:14). Could any real Christian be other than against God's enemies? In Ps. 139:21 David said, "I hate them with a perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies." Jesus did the same in Luke 19:27, "But those mine enemies which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me." "Hither" means to the same place as He was speaking and this happens at the second advent.

    To get an understanding of this, let us look at the roots of this term. The Greek word Christos means anointed one. The same meaning as the word Meshiach in Hebrew. However, in English, we use both words, and therefore tend to think they are different. The literal translation of Yeshua HaMeshlach is Jesus the Messiah. The literal translation of Yesous Chistos is Jesus the Messiah. Therefore, the term Christian is simply a term taken from the Greek Christianos, which means "follower of the Messiah." Unfortunately, over the years it has come to be a term that separates believers in Jesus from Jews, when the original usage was simply to mean that someone was a follower of the Jewish Messiah. It was adulterated from a different language than Hebrew, so it came to mean something different. To sum this section up: calling Him Jesus Christ or Yesous Christos, or Yeshua HaMeschiach are all exactly the same thing. Christos or Christ simply means Messiah, from a Greek root.

    The word "messiah" is only translated as such in one chapter in the Old Testament and two chapters in the New Testament [KJV]. The paragraph above is fair enough apart from the phrases, "Jewish Messiah" and "over the years it has come to be a term that separates believers in Jesus from Jews." Firstly, Jesus is the Redeemer of Israel and not that of "The Jews." There never is a suggestion about the tares being redeemed. Jesus said of "The Jews," "why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word." If they could not hear, how could these non-Israelite people associating themselves with the word "Jewish" ever become converted since "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God"? (Rom. 10:17). As Jesus died to redeem His people, and as "The Jews" from beneath do not believe this has happened because they cannot hear, then how could "The Jews" ever be anything but separated from those who can hear and do believe? Each party are believing quite different things about the Messiah. Jesus said their doctrine was different in Matthew 16:11, "Then understood they how that he bade them not beware the leaven of bread, but the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees." The "Jewish" teaching is something to beware whether it comes, or has come, through Zionist or Roman Catholic sources. Jesus confirmed their destiny when He told them, "Ye shall seek me, and shall die in your sins: whither I go, ye cannot come." (John 8:13). 'Cannot' means 'not ever.'

    Therefore, Christians, or followers of the Messiah, are simply that. We are followers of the Jewish Messiah. Besides the fact of us believing that Jesus is that Messiah, our faith and religion are based, or should be, on exactly the same things as Judaism. This is where "religion" has gotten in the way. We are not part of a religion called Christianity. If you want to get technical, we are part of Judaism. When the Jews find their Messiah, they will still be Jews, their faith and religion will just be completed. Notice, it will be completed, not different. Other than the identity of Messiah, our faith is the same, our belief in God is the same. If (Christians) are right, and Jesus is the Messiah, then they will realise it when He comes back. But in the meantime, we should realise that we serve the same God, and work together. As Christians, we must realise that the Jews do not need to be "changed," they just need one last thing added; the Messiah. And guess what, they know this too, they are waiting for Messiah also.

    Quoting from a Jewish source: "For God's chosen race, the eyeball of God, ANYBODY which is not a Jew, is dirt, dung and rubbish. Don't let them fool you. They are no friends of ours and will never be." Thus it is a lie to say "that we serve the same God and work together." If we served the same God, God and the adversary would have to be the same. If these who call themselves "Jews" do not believe the Messiah came in His incarnation and that, "and the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee am I well pleased. Hear Him," then they are not prepared to, or cannot, "hear Him" in the slightest. Paul instructs, "Whose mouths must be stopped." The Apostle John makes this clear with sober words:

    "Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed; For he that biddeth him Godspeed is partaker of his evil deeds." (2 John 9-11).

    "Partaker of his evil deeds" is what a person does when, through holding other than the doctrine of Christ, they accept any of the following:
    1. That Jesus was "Jewish"—of those Jesus said originated (followed the ways of) their father the adversary. 2. That the word "Jews" is a synonym for Israel when it is a multi-racial common-belief term. 3. That "Jewish Law* means the Law given through Moses when it is really the Talmud. 4. That Christianity and Judaism are complementary and are the same religion believing the same God. 5. That "The Jews" are God's chosen people.
    God made no covenant with "The Jews" as the Zionist claim. Where we read Romans 3: "What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God." The 'oracles' are the logion and these were given to "The Jew" and not to "The Jews." In regard to "The Jew" (singular), Paul contrasts Israelites of the House of Judah with the Greek (speaking) Israelites of the House of Israel. God did not make a pact with the devil or any of the Jews who originated "from beneath." The Covenant was made with, "My people Israel" of whom we read, "Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him."

    A handful of examples are given below to demonstrate that the religion of "The Jews" is the Talmud, or the "tradition of the elders" which Jesus roundly condemned as making the Word of God as being of none effect. The Talmud is the reverse of both Old and New Testament teachings. Jewish writers tell us that "the Teachings of the Talmud stand above all other" and that "the Talmud is 'the beating heart of jewry'". rabbi Bokser tells us "Judaism is not the religion of the Hebrew Bible." Rabbi Isaac M. Wise says, "The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud."

    These "Jewish" claims are saying that the Talmud is superior to the Law of Moses. Thus they are actually saying that these are not the same. In all these seven quoted Zionist claims there is not a mention of the Talmud, so we can see their attempted deception. 

    "Thou shalt not cheat thy next brother, but the non-Jews are not our brethren, but as mentioned above, worse than dogs." Shulchan Aruch: Choshen Mishpat (227). "The Akum [i.e. non-Jews] who are not enemies of ours must not be killed directly. Nevertheless they must not be saved from danger of death. For example, if you see one of them fall into the sea, do not pull him out unless he promises to give you money." Shulchan Aruch: Yoreh De'ah (158, 1). 

    Through this paper discussion has not been made about the racial mixture there is right back to the sons of Judah. Judah married a Canaanite wife and all the Jewish stream from that marriage is polluted blood and was condemned as wicked (i.e. the descendants of Shelah). 
  • The Talmud is what Jesus and Paul call "the commandments of men" and thus all Christians should be aware that there is absolutely no scope for ever using the phrase "Jewish Law" in connection with the Law of Moses. Jesus makes a distinction between the Law of Moses and what He contrasts as, "your law." Jesus makes us free from the law of Man, but not "without Law to Christ" (1 Cor. 9:21). 

  • The problem relating to the conflict between the two systems is no less today than it was when the Pharisees sought to enforce their law or the commandments of men. 

  • Jewry has managed to subvert almost every denomination according to their plan to obtain "Jewish" control of the world through the Christian Churches, the Vatican, the cults and through the agency of the United Nations, (World Council of Churches) with all submitting to the law of man. 

  • The Law of God is discounted by all of them, as organizations, and they do not believe, "Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they might have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city." (Rev. 22:14).

  • "But Akum were created for the sole end of ministering unto them (the Jews) day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved from this service." Midrash: Talpiot (225d). 

  • "A Jew must not associate himself with gentiles." Avoda Zarah (22a). 

  • "If a Jew enters into marriage with an Akum, or with his servant, the marriage is null. For they are not capable of entering into matrimony." Shulchan Aruch: Even Ha'ezer (44, 8). 

  • "The sexual intercourse of a Goi is like to that of a beast." Sanhedrin (74b) Tosephoth. "The seed of a Goi is worth the same as that of a beast." Kethuboth (3b). 

  • "A maiden three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition." Sanhedrin (55b). 

  • "A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl." Gad. Shas. (2:2). 

  • "A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat." Nedarim (20b); Choshen Mishpat (348). 

  • "Unnatural connection is permitted to a Jew." Sanhedrin (58b). 

  • "And he who desires that none of his vows made during the year shall invalid, let him stand at the beginning of the year and declare, 'Every vow which I make in the future shall be null' (his vows are then invalid)" Nedarim (23a-23b). 

  • "A Jew having made the 'prayer of Nedarim' (Kol Nidre), is thus free to lie and perjure himself in Court, even after making an "oath" on his holy book. Thus: 'A Jew may perjure himself with a clear conscience.'" Kallah (lb). 

  • They have no inheritance in the house of the Lord (Zech. 14:21). We can read about their wickedness through Scripture. 

  • In all Judah had five sons (1 Chr. 2:4) producing thirty-eight "Judahite" lines. The Pharez (and Zerah) birthright line of Judah came through Tamar (Ruth 4:12), and these are the only Judahites with Judah's birthright. 

  • This birthright is not the birthright of all Israel, but the royal dynasty of David came from this line. 

  • So when we add all these things up together, together, and with their descendants (from Shelah) playing the harlot with Ishmaelites, Edomites, Canaanites and others, we can see what "a ripe old mixture" the whole Jewish side is. 

  • So much so that when Jesus cursed the fig tree, [the national symbol of Judah], Jesus said the Jews would never be a national identity on their own ever again. 

  • The Jewish State of Israel(i) cannot possibly be what they claim to be. In Jesus' time, "the Jews" said, "We be not born of fornication," that is, they did not come from Judah and Tamar. 

  • So when we see the Christian church 'playing up' to everything "Jewish," especially to the non-Israelite Ashkenazim Jew (YHVH GOD & HIS Saints Enemy), they are responding to seduction. 

  • But the True Judahites from Judah, although few in number, still exist and the remnant of these will be gathered with the remnant of the House of Israel under the leadership of the Ephraim and Manesseh, and from thence both Houses will go together to the inheritance land promised to the seed of Abraham (Rom. 4:13). 

  • But Jesus said those wicked men occupying the 'vineyard', calling themselves Jews, would be cast out into outer darkness.

  • "If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy he is NOT responsible." Tosefta, Avodah Zarah (8, 5). 

  • "If a Jew is doing business with an Akum (non-Jew) and a fellow Jew comes along and defrauds the Akum, either by false measure, weight or number, he must divide his profit with his fellow Jew, since both had a part in the deal, and also in order to help him along." Choshen Mishpat (183, 7). 

  • "A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Akum." Choshen Mishpat (266, 1). 

  • "If you send a messenger to collect money from an Akum and the Akum pays too much, the messenger may keep the difference. But if the messenger does not know about it, then you may keep it all yourself." 
  • Choshen Mishpat (183, 7). 

  • "Anyone who sells his farm to the Akum must be sent into exile." Yoreh De'ah (334, 43). 

  • "A Jew may rob a goy—that is, he may cheat him on a bill if unlikely to be perceived by him." Choshen Mishpat (348). 

  • "When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing." Ketubot (11a-11b). 

  • "Money given by a man to a harlot to associate with his dog. Such an association is not legal adultery." Sotah (26b). 

  • "Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that." Sanhedrin (55b-5a). 

  • "Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred." Sanhedrin (55b-55a). 

  • "How do we fight against our enemies: We do so by deception." Zohar (1, 160a). 

  • "A Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Christian." Baba Kamma (113a). 

  • "If a Jew is called upon to explain (to a goy) any part of the Rabbinic books he ought to give only a false explanation." Libre David (37). 

  • "The prayer of Nedarim (Kol Nidre) has the power to release from oath and one may declare "every oath which I may make in the future, shall be null." Nedarim (23a-23b).

  • 100 Facts & Things to Know about Our Kinsmen Redeemer, Mediator, High Priest, The Sovereign Yahshua Messiah Jesus The Christ.

    1) Jesus claimed to be God - John 8:24; 8:56-59 (see Exodus 3:14); John 10:30-33
    2) Jesus created all things - John 1:3; Col. 1:15-17
    3) Jesus is before all things - Col. 1:17
    4) Jesus is eternal - John 1:1, 14; 8:58
    5) Jesus is honored the same as the Father - John 5:23
    6) Jesus is prayed to - Acts 7:55-60
    7) Jesus is worshipped - Matt. 2:2, 11; 14:33; John 9:35-38; Heb. 1:6
    8) Jesus is called God - John 1:1, 14; 20:28; Col. 2:9; Titus 2:13
    Catholic Tradition of Saying (Hail Mary Mother of God) is one that I have also heard.
    9) Jesus is omnipresent - Matt. 28:20
    10) Jesus is with us always - Matt. 28:20
    11) Jesus is our only mediator between God and ourselves - 1 Tim. 2:5
    12) Jesus is the guarantee of a better covenant - Heb. 7:22; 8:6
    13) Jesus said, "I AM the Bread of Life" - John 6:35, 41, 48, 51
    14) Jesus said, "I AM the Door" - John 10:7, 9
    15) Jesus said, "I AM the Good Shepherd" - John 10:11, 14
    16) Jesus said, "I AM the Way the Truth and The Life" - John 14:6
    17) Jesus said, "I AM the Light of the world" - John 8:12; 9:5; 12:46; Luke 2:32
    18) Jesus said, "I AM the True Vine" - John 15:1, 5
    19) Jesus said, "I AM the Resurrection and the Life" - John 11:25
    20) Jesus said, "I AM the First and the Last" - Rev. 1:17; 2:8; 22:13
    21) Jesus always lives to make intercession for us - Heb. 7:25
    22) Jesus cleanses from sin - 1 John 1:9
    23) Jesus discloses Himself to us - John 14:21
    24) Jesus draws all men to Himself - John 12:32
    25) Jesus forgives sins - Matt. 9:1-7; Luke 5:20; 7:48
    26) Jesus gives eternal life - John 10:28; 5:40
    27) Jesus gives joy - John 15:11
    28) Jesus gives peace - John 14:27
    29) Jesus has authority - Matt. 28:18; John 5:26-27; 17:2; 3:35
    30) Jesus judges - John 5:22, 27
    31) Jesus knows all men - John 16:30
    32) Jesus opens the mind to understand scripture - Luke 24:45
    33) Jesus received honor and glory from the Father - 1 Pet. 1:17
    34) Jesus resurrects - John 5:39; 6:40, 44, 54; 11:25-26
    35) Jesus reveals grace and truth - John 1:17 see John 6:45
    36) Jesus reveals the Father - Matt. 11:27; Luke 10:22
    37) Jesus saves forever - Matt. 18:11; John 10:28; Heb. 7:25
    38) Jesus bears witness of Himself - John 8:18; 14:6
    39) Jesus' works bear witness of Himself - John 5:36; 10:25
    40) The Father bears witness of Jesus - John 5:37; 8:18; 1 John 5:9
    41) The Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus - John 15:26
    42) The multitudes bear witness of Jesus - John 12:17
    43) The Prophets bear witness of Jesus - Acts 10:43
    44) The Scriptures bear witness of Jesus - John 5:39
    45) The Father will honor us if we serve Jesus - John 12:26 see Col. 3:24
    46) The Father wants us to fellowship with Jesus - 1 Cor. 1:9
    47) The Father tells us to listen to Jesus - Luke 9:35; Matt. 17:5
    48) The Father tells us to come to Jesus - John 6:45
    49) The Father draws us to Jesus - John 6:44
    50) Everyone who's heard & learned from the Father comes to Jesus - John 6:45
    51) The Law leads us to Christ - Gal. 3:24
    52) Jesus is the Rock - 1 Cor. 10:4
    53) Jesus is the Savior - John 4:42; 1 John 4:14
    54) Jesus is King - Matt. 2:1-6; Luke 23:3
    55) In Jesus are the treasures of wisdom and knowledge - Col. 2:2-3
    56) In Jesus we have been made complete Col. 2:10
    57) Jesus indwells us - Col. 1:27
    58) Jesus sanctifies - Heb. 2:11
    59) Jesus loves - Eph. 5:25
    60) We come to Jesus - John 5:50; 6:35, 37, 45, 65; 7:37;
    61) We sin against Jesus - 1 Cor. 8:12
    62) We receive Jesus - John 1:12; Col. 2:6
    63) Jesus makes many righteous - Rom. 5:19
    64) Jesus is the image of the invisible God - Heb. 1:3
    65) Jesus sends the Holy Spirit - John 15:26
    66) Jesus abides forever - Heb. 7:24
    67) Jesus offered up Himself - Heb. 7:27; 9:14
    68) Jesus offered one sacrifice for sins for all time - Heb. 10:12
    69) The Son of God has given us understanding - 1 John 5:20
    70) Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith - Heb. 12:2
    71) Jesus is the Apostle and High Priest of our confession - Heb. 1:3
    72) Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven - John 14:1-4
    73) Jesus cleanses us from our sins by His blood - Rev. 1:5; Rom. 5:9
    74) Jesus is the Light of the world - Rom. 9:5
    75) Jesus has explained the Father - John 1:18
    76) Jesus was crucified because of weakness - 2 Cor. 13:4
    77) Jesus has overcome the world - John 16:33
    78) Truth is in Jesus - Eph. 4:21
    79) The fruit of righteousness comes through Jesus Christ - Phil. 1:11
    80) Jesus delivers us from the wrath to come - 1 Thess. 1:10
    81) Disciples bear witness of Jesus Christ - John 15:27
    82) Jesus died and rose again - 1 Thess. 4:14
    83) The Christian dead have fallen asleep in Jesus - 1 Thess. 4:15
    84) Jesus died for us - 1 Thess. 5:10
    85) Jesus tasted death for everyone - Heb. 2:9
    86) Jesus rendered the devil powerless - Heb. 2:14
    87) Jesus is able to save completely - Heb. 7:25
    88) Jesus was a ransom for many and to serve - Matt. 20:28
    89) Jesus came to be a high priest - Heb. 2:17
    90) Jesus came to save - John 3:17; Luke 19:10
    91) Jesus came to preach the kingdom of God - Luke 4:43
    92) Jesus came to bring division - Luke 12:51
    93) Jesus came to do the will of the Father - John 6:38
    94) Jesus came to give the Father's words - John 17:8
    95) Jesus came to testify to the truth - John 18:37
    96) Jesus came to die and destroy Satan's power - Heb. 2:14
    97) Jesus came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets - Matt. 5:17
    98) Jesus came to give life - John 10:10,28
    99) Jesus came to taste death for everyone - Heb. 2:9
    100) Jesus came to proclaim freedom for believers - Luke 4:18

  • Source:

Published on 09-11-2013 07:
Jesus Was Not "Jewish"
by Arnold Kennedy


(Pontius Pilate's Letter to Tiberius Caesar verifying his sympathy for Jesus Christ and exposing the treachery of the Jews.)

From The Archko Volume, or The Archeological Writings of the Sanhedrin and Talmuds of the Jews,entered into the Congressional Record in the year 1887.  Republished in 1975 by Keats Publishing Inc., 27 Pine Street, New Canaan Conn. 06840, USA.

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