Yahweh’s American Kingdom

Basics for Understanding YHWH's Kingdom

13 Stars Represent The Israelite Camp in The Desert with Moses. The Tabernacle and Priestly Tribe of Levi is Represented by The Middle Star. Red, White and Blue Represent Josephs Coat of  Many Colors.

A Synopsis of Ancient Scriptures Revealing

Yahweh’s American KingdomThrough His Chosen Israel Race.

100 Answered Questions and Insights
Compiled By
Samuel Marion
Tabernacles 2007
Updated: Tabernacles 2008
Ver. 8.5

Are you a Christian new to "Israel Identity" basics? It is all about the taboo subject of Race. 

White Christian Americans have suffered over 50 years of intense brainwashing teaching them that race mixing is normal and blessed by God and if you think otherwise you are a racist, Nazi, anti-Semite, etc…. 

Therefore, to read such a paper as this, it is such a shock to their mentality that most will, in a Pavlovic reaction, refuse to read further, or if they do read parts it, they will call it "Hate." 

There is a saying among those who know the Truth, and that is "Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth!" 

If you are a white man or woman, and have never read anything like this paper, it will be the most important paper you have 
ever read in your life to date. 

The primary purpose of this paper is for People of the White Race with "ears to hear" to understand the present and future implications of the RACIAL COVENANTS as recorded in the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts compiled into the book commonly known as the Holy Bible. 

It will be shown herein the Bible is not about "religion" or "church." 

The Bible is about a specific Race of People put on this planet to become a Nation and establish a Kingdom. The word Kingdom is a contraction of the words "King’s Dominion." 

That is to say this race of people is to establish government for the rule of this planet Earth. 

This is the special purpose and mission of these Chosen People. 

You can not understand world history, the present, the future, or the Bible in general until you understand the Covenants of Race that the Most High Creator God, Yahweh is His Name, made with the specific race of People He created and chose for this task. 

This paper will deprogram erroneous racial concepts that have been promulgated for the last 100 years in churches, schools, and government institutions. 

Most of what you will read herein is totally opposite of what is taught in the schools and denominational churches today. 

You are forewarned. 

I challenge you to read this paper completely and prove any point wrong.

You have heard the phrase the "Gospel of the Kingdom." 

Now rephrase that to "The Gospel of His National Government." 
This is the true meaning of these words. 

Of course, not everyone will want to hear this and some are incapable of understanding these issues, but so it is written. 

We give only a brief overview here, a starting point for your own research and understanding that, if you be one YHWH’s People of the Sons of Israel that He has Called and you are willing to learn His Covenants, Law and Service, you might do your part in establishing His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

If you are anyone else, this article is to give NOTICE of things 
to soon transpire. 

The only message I see in His Word in regards to all non-Adamic (non-white) immigrants to the White Christian Nations of Anglo Saxon Israel is to depart back to your own country to escape the judgments about to fall on both YHWH’s Israelite People and His enemies (wheat and tares) who dwell among them and elsewhere. Isaiah 13:14, Jer. 50:16. 

Your safety lies in not being "out of bounds." YHWH’s Kingdom Administration will ultimately encompass the whole earth and all nations with every race, nation, and culture living in their assigned place. Deut. 32:8. 

Yahweh will also implement a plan for the "mixed multitude" in America, but that is not covered in this edition.

The second objective of this paper is to help you discern the Racial Identity and pending Separation of The People of Israel of the Caucasian Race from all other races on this planet and specifically separation from those today called Jews who are not of the Israel Race, although they pretend to be. 

The Children of Israel are found today as the Anglo-Saxon Germanic racial streams. In other words most of the White Race in North American and Europe are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel - mistakenly but intentionally called Gentiles in the current versions of the New Testament. 

The Laws of Yahweh given to Moses clearly state the Children of Israel are to be racially and politically separated, and to a certain degree, physically and socially separated from all the other races 
on this planet. 

These Commandments and Statutes are for all time. 

YHWH, the same yesterday, today, forever. 

The correct translation of the 6th or 7th Commandment (depending on what Bible version you are reading) is "Thou shalt not mongrelize." 

That is to say, "You shall not race mix." It is commonly translated "Thou shalt not commit adultery." 

The word "adultery" has been given various meanings and is used to hide the narrowest and correct meaning of the Hebrew (Masoretic) or 
Greek (Septuagint) word. 

However, the scientific evidence and language records now available, whether historical, archeological, linguistic, or etymological leave no doubt the correct English word should be "mongrelize" or "race mix" on this translation point.

  1. It is used to describe the family of languages originating in Mesopotamia from the time of Noah. The present exclusion of the Hebrew language from being classified as a Semitic or Indo-Aryan language is totally artificial. The artificial separation of Hebrew from the other Aryan languages is based on the false idea that the Shemitic Hebrews were a non-Aryan (non-white) people.  This is not true. The Hebrews were Adamic Aryans of the line of Shem. Since academics have falsely associated Hebrew exclusively with the racial mixed Jewish people we see today, they have been unable to recognize where Hebrew fits into the Language Tree.  Hebrew is, in fact, the trunk of the tree.  Hebrew is much older than Phoenician, because the Phoenicians originated from the "Lost Ten Tribes," who had abandoned the Hebrew religion in favor of the religion of their neighbors, the Canaanites.  Although the Canaanites were a non-Semitic people, they got at least part of their language from the Hamites, because Canaan was Ham's son.  Canaan moved away from his family of origin and joined the Kenites (descendants of Cain). (Gen. 9:18; 10:6.) The Egyptians spoke Hamito-Semitic, which is a dialect of Hebrew (the language spoken by Ham and Shem in Egypt).  This really couldn't be any simpler.  But the academics, confused and deceived by Jewish fables, and biased against the Bible record (because of the Masoretic tampering with the genealogical records and time lines), cannot identify the tree from which the forest sprung.
  1. Shem, as a name used to identify a number of racial streams of the Indo-European people of which the Anglo-Saxon Germanic people of the White Race are the racially purist line: This Semitic line is also called Caucasian because short sighted historians only trace this large identifiable block of white people back to their appearance in Europe as they came streaming out of the northern slopes of the Caucus mountains around 700 BC. One only has to cross the mountains and go back 100 years to see this is where the Assyrian Empire that conquered the 10 Tribes and most of Judah had transported their prisoners. With the fall of the Assyrian Empire, the tribes of Israel packed up and escaped their captivity northward according to the prophetic word of Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. Thus, they eventually joined up with their brethren who had been settling the coastal area’s of Europe and the British Isles and elsewhere since before the Exodus (the family of Zerah-Judah had migrated to Ireland before Moses every led the Israelites out of Egypt).

Israel Kingdom Identity Basics – 100 Questions Answered

The Racial Covenants and Prophecies YHWH Made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, surnamed Israel.

40 Identifying Covenant Marks of the Israel Race.

In both cases of this translation from the King James Version, the Greek word which is translated as 'Jews' is, in Strong's Concordance, the word (2453) Ioudaios, meaning "belonging to the tribe of Judah," and the word (2455) Ioudas, meaning the posterity of Judah.  

Interestingly, there is a related word, word number 2451, Ioudaikos, which is translated as "resembling a Judean, Jewish." 

To "resemble" someone is not the same as being someone. 

One who resembles can easily impersonate the real thing. 

Since we must always distinguish between the real thing and something which resembles the real thing, we must have different words for these objects. 

Unfortunately, the word ‘Jews’ has been used for both groups.

When you learn your Biblical Racial Identity, you start learning who the other races are also. 

This paper will show that Jesus did not come to save all races or other so-called human beings on this planet. 

The Truth of the matter is not everything walking and talking on this planet is a "human being" and the term "human being" is rather nebulous itself. 

The Scriptures and Jesus clearly teach that many of the beings on this planet are not "people" even though they may look like one. There are clear prophecies and Scriptures that Yahweh is going to annihilate a few so-called races and species of "people" on this planet. 

On Judgment Day at the end of this age, He will start with the sinners of His Own people, the Sons of Israel. 

The present Christian teaching of "universal salvation to ALL" at the end of this age is a doctrine of error. 

It will be shown that the "Universalists," whether of the Identity Movement (Christian Identity, Kingdom Identity, or Israel Identity) or mainline Christian denominations, have been negligent in "rightly dividing" the original Hebrew and Greek text and word definitions. 

In many instances they are "wresting scripture" out of context to fit their own doctrines. This paper does not address what YHWH will do with the wicked of this age from the second resurrection onward. We are focused on the "here and now" aspects of our immediate time frame and near future. We do this by cutting through and exposing many translation errors and Edomite-Jewish word twisting in the present translations of the "Scriptures."

The third and last purpose of these 100 questions answered is for you true physical Israelites (by DNA) to "Know your Enemies." 

Somewhere way back in time, before the fall of Adam and Eve, there was a war in the Heavens between those who obeyed Yahweh the Creator’s natural laws and some rebellious "celestial beings" that tried to usurp His Laws and overthrow Yahweh the Creator. 

The leader of this rebellion and his followers were at some point confined to this planet and its immediate dimensions. 

Some of them evidently have metaphysical and multi-dimensional capabilities and a very high state of technology. 

The records show they came down to earth physically and then proceeded to corrupt YHWH’s creation including Yahweh’s own Adamic family bloodline / seedline with the beguiling (more correctly, seduction-impregnation) of Eve approximately 7500 years ago. 

This is when Genesis 2 Adam "fell," not when he was "formed"

We do not know at how long Adam and Eve existed in a "Higher Estate" before their "fall" nor do we know how long the "created" pre-Adamic and not-Adamic races were on this planet before YHWH’s forming of Adam and Eve. 

Science and archeology conclusively prove ancient and advanced civilizations existed on earth prior to the Yahweh formed Adamic race being placed here. 

We do know the war that started in the heavens prior to Adam’s fall continues on the earth today and all indications are that it will soon climax with age ending destruction of the present Anti-MessiYah world order along with a number of condemned nations and racial groups of the seed line (DNA) of satan. 

According to prophecy, this war, YHWH’s intervention, and the technology now being employed will dramatically restructure the face of the earth.

Our ultimate purpose is to give understanding of the Anglo-Saxon Israelite corporate organization as the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ, two separate entities. When these two entities, the Bride and Groom, begin to function as One according to the "Due Order" of YHWH’s Word, this will begin the Manifestation of the racial Israelite Kingdom of Yahweh on Earth. We will show how they are to work together as a Husband and Wife, each with different functions, but taking care of one another and walking in His "Due Order." Yahweh’s Kingdom starts in the Israelite home and family, and then moves into the community (neighborhood), town, city, county, state, and the country(s) which our nation (race) occupies. Modern "church" and religious organizations have a confused concept of the bride and groom. This is because they (and you) have been "dumbed down" and do not rightly divide words or know the correct meaning to words anymore. YHWH’s Kingdom is a Patriarchal Nation and National Government! Our Race is our Nation, and it is governed by Rule of Law. YHWH’s Laws are "rules of action." The action is the application of His policy. YHWH’s Law sets policy and that make it political. He gave His policies to Moses and the racial Sons of Israel to establish and enforce on this planet. Law and legal issues is another stumbling stone for many so called "Believers." Most churches teach YHWH’s law is abolished, that God is all love and we are all under "grace" meaning you can do what you want, and other nonsense. Many secular and religious educational institutions promote a doctrine of "separation of church and state" as the constitutional intent of America’s founding fathers. We will examine and show the error of this doctrine and show what this so-called "separation of church and state" is in YHWH’s Kingdom.

General Comments, Conventions and Definitions
This is a "Racial Seedline Identity" dissertation and is repetitive of certain historical points.
The questions and answers set forth herein are "strong meat," and not "milk of the Word." This is written primarily to the "Called and Elect" of the White Anglo-Saxon -Germanic Race. This work is a synopsis of the compiled work of many Hebrew-Israelite researchers, Elders, and Ministers of YHWH. It has been drawn from many of the "old Scriptures" which are not included in the current 66 book King James Bible Version (the original KJV was 80 books as is the current Catholic "Douay Version"). This includes the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Covenant which was the Scripture in use in 30 AD and from which Jesus and the disciples quoted. The Septuagint is a Greek translation from the Paleo Hebrew Old Covenant books. Whenever there is a controversial passage in the King James Version, a more correct scriptural translation can usually be found in the English version of the Greek Septuagint. The reason for this is all English Bible translations, including the KJV are derived primarily from the Masoretic supplied text. This Late Hebrew language (1000 AD) version of the Old Covenants has a built-in Jewish (Edomite) bias that the Septuagint (265 BC) does not. Actually, bias is putting it politely. The Jewish scribes who created the Masoretic text (generally accepted as being compiled between 700-1000 AD) completely changed, shuffled pages and timelines, and removed (or inserted) some of the words, passages, and meanings of the original Hebrew text. The evidence of this is in the copies of the Greek Septuagint still in existence today and many of the quotes from the New Covenant by the apostles that are in the oldest manuscripts.

The Israelite translators of the original Paleo Hebrew into the Greek Septuagint made a true copy of what we call the Old Covenant. These are the Scripture Jesus and the disciples used and they were used for several hundred years AD by early Christians. The creation of the Greek Septuagint version of the original Hebrew text was commissioned by Ptolemy Philadelphus, the Greek king of Egypt at the time when Eleazer was High Priest of Judah, around 260 BC. The Septuagint was translated from the original Paleo-Hebrew text by 72 Judahite, Israelite, and Levite scribes (not racial Edomite-Jews). This special commission of scribes knew the importance of "getting it right" for future generations. Supposedly it only took them 72 days and they were all in agreement as to their Greek translation. The Greek language was then the common language of "the world" in that era. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and hundreds of other New Covenant scrolls and manuscripts in the last 100 years confirms the Masoretic text is extremely and deliberately corrupt. For example, in Cave 4 at Qumran, a very ancient Paleo-Hebrew copy of Jeremiah was found which agrees almost entirely with the Greek Septuagint version. It is very different from the modern day Hebrew Masoretic Text of Jeremiah. The oldest Old Covenant Books found with the Dead Sea Scrolls matches or nearly so the Septuagint text, but not the Masoretic. The oldest manuscripts known of the Apostles writings also reveal the Catholic Church and other translators have added text that is not found in these earliest writings. Since 95% of all Bibles today are still based on the Masoretic supplied manuscripts (Old and some New Covenant versions) with changes only in phraseology (political corrections) and style, the false insertions and errors remain, and thus wrong doctrines continue in the "Christian" faith. One last critical error that has plagued correct understanding of the racial message of the Word is most copyists who publish Bibles today skip over (ignore) Greek or Hebrew words that has definite racial application. Here are a few verses that modern translations have inserted that are not in the original letters but support some political position the church/government wanted to implement:

Wherever you see the word "brethren" in the New Covenant it strictly means "racial brother" as in "brother (or sister) of the womb."

Mark 16:9-20. Go ye unto all the world, preach the Gospel to every creature.
Not in any of the oldest manuscripts, and these verses do not appear until after 200 AD and then as a supplemental notations.

1 Jn 5:7-8. "Because there are three who testify in heaven: Father, Word and Holy Spirit; and these three are one; and there are three who testify on earth: the Spirit and the water and the blood; and these three are one." (1 John 5:7-8 KJV).

This is the so-called the "Trinity" verse. The Catholic Church inserts this verse during the 16th century to establish the Trinity doctrine. 

The words in italics in the added verse represent what is called the "Comma", (a short addition, or clause) or, the "Johannine Comma":
Luke 2:14, this verse should read, "Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth to men of good will." YHWH has no good will toward evil men, including Israelites.

Luke 23:34. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This verse is NOT in any of the oldest Greek manuscripts; It only appears in the Jewish Masoretic copies of the New Covenant. 

Some commentators say the Greek can also be read, "Father forgive them not, for they know what they do." I suppose it depended on whether Jesus was looking at; 1. The Roman soldiers (some were Israelites) who had to witness the local Jewish-Edomite guard do the crucifixion, or, 2. The Jewish executioners - if anyone wants to claim validity to this insertion.

Rev 13:10. If anyone has an ear, let him hear. If to be captive, into captivity he goes, If anyone is to be killed by a sword, by a sword he will be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the Separated Ones.This is a better translation of the Greek.

More specific verses to be added soon.

Divinely Inspired: For future use.

Controversy: Some of the "100 Answered Questions" below will be as controversial as above and may seem brand new and "far out." However, it was felt they should be included for this day. 

If time and further research validates them, and we feel events are near showing this will be the case, then they are really millenniums old and our understanding is just opening and catching up with "before time," that is before the time of Adam and Eve’s fall from their Higher Estate, and history subsequent the fall. We are steadily working to harmonize ancient history and modern archeology discoveries and revelations of pre-Adamic and Adamic civilizations and synchronize it with what is recorded in the Bible and other "non-canonical" books of Adamic/Israelite racial history.

Conclusions: While reading this document please do not draw conclusions about individual points until you have read all 100. Much of it is written as "short lesson summaries" with built in redundancy of key points (line upon line, precept upon precept) so that one builds upon another. When you get to the 100th Answered Question, hopefully you will see the "Bigger Picture" which is the "prophetic vision" of the organizational process by which the Kingdom of YHWH will come to pass in the days ahead. This paper is only a glimpse of the Truths hidden in the Bible, the proverbial "tip of the iceberg."

Language: Language is an ever evolving form of communication and expression. This is why the spelling of a word may change over time. Some spelling variations maintain the same meaning; others are redefined in time by use or purpose. The purpose can be to hide the truth or clarify it. In compliance and fulfillment of Zephaniah 3:9 we seek correct translation of the old languages to a pure language with the correct definitions and context for today that we all may understand and serve Him in one accord. Lev 25:55. Definitions of key words are provided herein to open your understanding if you study the matter.

Other information, web links, and text articles are provided. Material in part for this work was drawn from the writings and research of Wesley Swift, Bertrand Comparet, Col. William P. Gale, Richard Butler, Nord Davis, Clifton Emahiser, George Udvary, James Wickstrom, Martha Andrews, V. S. Herrell, Willie Martin, Arnold Murray, Arnold Kennedy, and Eli James to name a few. In most instances, information is inserted in toto without credit for brevity. Note: the listing of the men above does not imply they agree with every statement herein. In fact, many of these men disagreed with one another on various points. In future updated editions, links, citations, and footnotes of all sources will be provided. Draw your own conclusions based on your own research and the Word of Logic.

The term Old or Original Covenant(s) may be used for the misnamed Old Testament.

The term Renewed or New Covenant may be used for the misnamed New Testament.

Definitions: To understand what you are reading or hearing, you have to know the meaning(s) and definition(s) of words. The essence of logical reasoning which leads to understanding is precise definitions

Definitions have to be true to the thing defined. You also have to understand the context of what you are reading or hearing. The consequence of ignorance is wrong doctrine, wrong practice or both. Your conclusions will be faulty because your premise is inaccurate. To complicate matters, our enemies specialize in changing the meanings of words and then using them out of context. When they can’t change or hide the meaning, they will still use them out of context.

A perfect example is the statement: "The Jews are God’s Chosen People and Jesus was a Jew." This statement is repeated numerous times a day on TV and radio by the ignorant preachers and the enemy and 
millions of people believe it is true. 

It is a total lie! There are four, maybe five mistranslations (depending on how you read it) resulting in at least seven direct and indirect lies and/or false inferences in this one statement. 

Mistranslations with erroneous or misapplied definitions result in a geometrical progression of error where you become totally lost. 

As far a context goes, this saying has absolutely no contextual application to any reality in YHWH’s Kingdom other than it is a perfect example of enemy propaganda that may get you killed in the days ahead (if you believe it).

Key Words

Below are key words to help the reader understand 
YHWH’s Calling of RACE in the Bible. 

These words show the different types of mankind and other intelligent "beings" that are listed in the oldest Hebrew and Greek historical books, both canonical and secular. 

These will explain the different characteristics and classes of man, humans [persons] or people, Adamite and/or otherwise, including angels, demons, devils, giants, and beast of the field. The definitions are to help the reader understand the points made in this paper. 

Some of the definitions herein may contradict current popular lexicons, some of which were compiled over 100 years ago.

For example, Strong’s Concordance is still the primary Hebrew and Greek reference lexicon used today, and is considered the best. However, James Strong was a contemporary of Cyrus Scofield. 

Scofield was hired by YHWH’s enemies to do a Bible translation with "notes" to obscure the racial Israel Kingdom Identity Gospel of Yahweh’s Kingdom and "universalize" the Masoretic doctored translation of the Word of Yahweh. 

Scofield worked to blend all racial streams into Christianity by "spiritualizing" everyone and yet emphasize the "Jews" as "God’s Chosen People." James Strong prepared his concordance in the mid to late 1800's. 

He apparently based his lexicon upon the politically correct but misleading King James Version, which he took as an infallible standard. As already stated, the King James Version is based on the Masoretic Text. Furthermore, the KJV has over 23,000 word mistranslations of the Hebrew and Greek, most of which can be pointed out using Strong’s Concordance alone. Many of these mistranslations have to do with the correct names of Yahweh and the racial identification names of Israel and their enemies. While Strong’s is still considered the best printed reference work available, subsequent archaeological discoveries and language studies easily clarify the racially "fuzzy" definitions found in Strong’s Concordance and completely repudiate the universalism of the Scofield Bible and the subsequent Protestant theology built around them, e.g., the rapture theory, the myth of the Jews as God’s Chosen People, and "God loves everybody" theology.

Another popular authority used by Bible students is Vine's Expository. William E. Vine was born in 1873 and did his work during the Scofield revolution. Mr. Vine and other noted men did their work with the research material available in their day. Whether they knew of Israel’s Anglo racial identity or not, a close reading of their work shows the "seed line" threads. It cannot be hidden. We do know some scholars of that day identified the Caucasian race as the literal (DNA) blood descendants of the Children of Israel, but their works have been suppressed until now.

Using today’s Internet technology, you can type any of the following terms in Wikipedia or an Internet search engine and find a very broad perspective of how different researchers view and translate these words. But beware, the enemy is there daily working to muddy the water! 

Again, only by understanding that the Bible has some specific names, descriptions, and definitions for different angels, races, and ethnic groups of peoples will you be able to understand 
the Gospel of Yahweh’s Kingdom. 

However, there are certain generic words such as stranger, alien, sojourner, foreigner, and pilgrim that may mean 
Israelites or non-Israelite. 

This is why the true Israelite race and Christianity today is in total racial confusion. Context, time frame, location, word definitions, and physical relationship are the keys to sorting out if the stranger or alien is Israelite or not. 

There is as yet no current Bible translation, English or otherwise, with a consistent and correct rendering of any of these words.

The following Hebrew, Greek, and English Words used herein have the following definitions:

YHWH – Hebrew, Strong's #H3068. The consonant form of the name of Yahweh. Composed of the parts of the Hebrew verb "to be" and signifies "Self-Existent" outside of but inclusive of Time and Space. Sometimes spelled YHVH (Yahveh). The name Jehovah is considered incorrect by most research authorities.

Yahshua – aka Jesus. Yah-shua or Yah-Hoshua also spelled as Joshua. The Son/Seed of YHWH Who came in His Fathers name, Yah-Yahweh. He came as the Savior (shua), the Messiah (Anointed One of Yah) and Redeemer of Israel. Thus, our Saviour’s name contains the "I AM" part of His Fathers name Yahweh and the purpose of His Coming – to Save. His name says "I AM the Savior." The Greek form of Yahshua is Yehshua, more or less. Without going into a lengthy dissertation about the origin of the name of Jesus, some say it is the Anglicized form of Yehshua and others say that it is derived from the conjugation of two pagan gods, Ea and Zeus, pronounced Ezeus. When the letter "J" came into the English alphabet, it became Jesus. Use the Name your own research and reasoning leads you to use. Yahweh knows His own and He will direct your thoughts in the matter.

White Man. Hebrew word is Adawm. Strong’s #H119, 120: man who can blush, show blood in the face. Only those with Adamic blood have the ability to blush. The English Bible translates this word as "man" except when specifically referring to Adam and Eve.

Man or men. Hebrew word is Ish. Strong’s #H376 (ish or iysh): generic for a man and can refer to Adamites or at times non-adamites. (generally high degree, champion, steward (ship), husbandman). Translated as "man" in the Old Covenant (Testament).

Enosh. Hebrew word for man. Strong’s # H582 blood thirsty diverse, persons (any species). This is the primary word, and sometimes includes wicked Adamites. Translated as "man" in your Bible.

GerHebrew word usually translated as "Stranger" and in most cases means Adamic, one of the Hebrew Race. Strong’s # H1616; a guest, which some authorities say refers to others of the Hebrew genealogy; sometimes translated as "stranger" but not to mean "alien." Those Strangers in the Old Testament may often refer to Israelites who were resident among other nations (tribal and racial groups), living apart from the main body of Israel. There are several words translated as "strangers" in both Old and New Covenants, some being foreigners (not Hebrew) and some being Hebrew or Israelites. (This is an example of where knowing Bible history and the context are critical to determine correct racial genealogy.)

Mamzer. Hebrew word for bastard. Strong’s# H4464: to alienate; a mongrel, bastard. A mixed race person, of Israelite blood or otherwise. Translated as "bastard" in most English Bibles. YHWH says a mamzer (mixed race Israelite) can never enter the Congregation of YHWH. Deut. 23:2. The "Congregation of Yahweh" is the race of Israel only. The phrase "tenth generation" in the Hebrew implies forever. This means mamzer’s are NOT COUNTED in the racial census rolls (genealogy) of the Sons of Israel.
Nekar. Hebrew, Strong’s # H5236,: Noun. (Generally "not of my race") foreign, strange, non-relative, adulterous, outlandish (man from out or other lands, a different nation, race). Generally translated as or referring to "man" or "woman" in the Bible, but is sometimes used to refer to an Israelite.
Nokriy. Hebrew, Strong’s #5237: Adjective. Strange in a variety of degrees and applications. Can be used to refer to a non-Israelite or Israelite.
ZuwrHebrew, "for not of your race." Strong’s# H214: this term is used in a derogative way in general when referring to a man or woman (person committing adultery or adulterated); It is translated in your Bible as or referring to a "man" or "woman." It can be descriptive of an outcast Israelite. Analogy: white nigger.
Ereb. Hebrew. Strong’s# 6154: Slang for a mixed race person, mongrel. Similar to mamzer, but not necessarily a racially mixed Israelite.
Baal, Baals. Hebrew. Strong’s # 1167: A title ascribed to foreign deities as well as to anybody in position of authority. Can be translated as lord or master. Descriptive terms here are "man", master, babbler, chief man, dreamer, furious sworn persons, (those who by deceit rise to positions of authority and rule contrary to YHWH’s Laws). "Priest of Baal" was/is anyone who teaches contrary to the Laws of YHWH (Laws of Moses), even if they invoke the name of YHWH. Fits most preachers today.
Toshab or toshav. Heb. S# 8453: from 3427; a dweller (but not outlandish-5237); espec. as distinguished from a native citizen and a temporary inmate (H1616) or a mere lodger (H 3885) resident alien: foreigner, inhabitant, sojourner, stranger. No specific racial connotation here, this word is sometimes used to refer to Hebrews or Israelites that are landless, wage earners, basically a temporary resident of where they are at that time.
Goy. Heb. S #1471: This Hebrew word is a generic for groups of people and/or nations. It is sometimes used to refer to Israelites (Joel 3:9) and other times to other racial nations (Isaiah 42:1; 62:2). It is often translated to "Gentiles" and you have to look at the subject matter and context of its usage to determine whether it is referring to Israelites or other races/nations. There are a number of English words used to translate "goy." Some English translations of the word are: nations, peoples, heathen, pagans, gentile.
Gentile. A Latin word originally meaning "not a Roman citizen." This word should not be in the Old Covenant or New Covenant. It is the word substituted originally by Jerome and then by later translators for "race, tribe, nation, peoples, and kindred." In the New Covenant it generally refers to the "Lost Tribes of Israel." This word is used to "mask" the racial nature of the Scriptures. Context critical.
Ethnos. Greek word #1484: Used in the New Testament; a race, a tribe, non-Jewish, by implication a pagan. Usually translated as Gentile(s). This is the root of the English word "ethnic" as in ethnic group. The "ethnics" that Paul and the disciples were sent to were the race (ethnos) of the lost (divorced, put away in punishment) sheep of Israel and ultimately any of the pure Adamic descendents of Eber, the father of the Hebrew race. This is why there is a New Covenant book called "Hebrews." Certain Hebrew racial streams (not Jews) can be grafted into the Israel race by marriage to an Israelite man and then into YHWH’s covenants by faith. This is because they are of S(h)emetic DNA (descendants of Shem).
Israel and Israelites. Name given to Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham by YHWH. It means "ruling with El," referring to YHWH Elohim, the El of Host. Jacob had 12 sons by 4 wives who became known as the House or Tribes of Israel. The names of these sons are Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, Asher, Levi, Dan, Naphtali, Ruben, Gad, Issachar, Zebulon and Joseph. Joseph’s twin son’s were adopted by Jacob and became separate tribes, Manassas and Ephraim. Thus at times, you may hear the phrase 12 tribes or 13 tribes of Israel. The White Nordic nations are the tribes of Israel scattered abroad today. James 1:1
Jew. Detailed definition given at Question 24. The word has four definitions in the Bible; race, religion, tribe, nationality. It is extremely critical to understand which meaning applies. You have to know the time frame, place, and the context to determine the correct definition. The English word "Jew" did not exist until the middle of the 18th century when the letter "J" was added to the English alphabet. Jesus was not a "Jew" nor are the "Jews" the children of Israel or the Chosen People of YHWH.
Israelitish. This word is used in several places in the Old Covenant to refer to individuals who are Israelite or are part Israelite; that is, mixed with another national group, Hebrew or otherwise. If the term "men" is used, it is not always clear whether they were considered as "Counted or Numbered" in the Israel census.
Mixed multitude. (Exodus 12:38) Another term used to describe racially mixed Israelites and non-Israelites who accompanied the Israelites as they journeyed from Ramses to Succoth, the first stage of the Exodus. These were probably non-Hebrew servants and other disaffected people who wanted to leave Egypt and the Exodus gave a good organized opportunity to do so in the middle of a national (evidently global) disaster caused by the Ten Plaques. The mixed multitude situation also happened on the return of the House of Judah, Levi, and Benjamin from Babylon (Nehemiah 13:3), A "mixed multitude" accompanied them until the Israelite Priests got around to reading the Law of YHWH, finding their genealogy, and then separating from them.
Esau / Edom / Idumean. Esau was Jacobs’s brother who married into the forbidden seedline of the Canaanites. The area of land he occupied was called Edom. In the Greek language, it is called Idumea and Edomites are called Idumeans such as King Herod. He was a descendant of Esau. These people call themselves Jews today. (However, many so-called Jews are Khazars of Khazaria, a Mongol group of people who adopted Judaism around 700 AD as their national religion and are now mixed among most nations around the earth. America has many of both breeds.)
Shem. Genesis 5:32, 6:10; 7:13; The eldest son of Noah and the origin and root of the word "Semite" or "Shemite." Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are of the line of Shem. The word Shem means "name" and it through Shem we have the Race of Israel and Jesus the Christ, King of Kings. The word has two applications today:
Today, with most of the White Race ignorant historically, the Edomite Jews have appropriated the name of Shem inversely by calling anyone who speaks ill of the Jews as an Anti-Semite. This implies they are the true Semites which is another of their lies. There are several racial streams of people with Semitic DNA, and while the so-called Jews may have some Semitic blood, they are not the true Israelites. The ethnic source of the Jewish people (who are falsely identified with Shemitic Hebrews) is the Cainites, Kenites, Canaanites, Shelanites, and Edomites. For a Christian of the White Race who is actually an Israelite, to be called an anti-Semite is to imply he is against himself, which, if they don’t obey the racial laws of YHWH, they are.
Brethren, Brother. As a general rule, this word only refers to your racial brother or immediate tribal brethren, blood relationships as in Israelites or Hebrews. In the Greek the word "brother" means "brothers of the womb." The Word says to beware of "false brethren," that is those who may look like you but are not. Jacob and Esau were brothers, but because Esau married into Canaanites his descendants are now of no relation and are not brothers.
Beast(s) of the field. In both the OC and NC, this phrase can refer to four-legged dumb beast of burden, orthe "beast with hands and feet that can put on sack cloth, repent, cry mightily to YHWH, kill with weapons, eat flesh, be noisome, mate and communicate with Adam or other human kind." This phrase generally refers to the various Negro or aborigine races. Look at the context. We see that the beasts of Exodus 19:14-15 should not let their hands touch the mountain or they would die. Jeremiah, in Chapter 31 at verse 27, states that the sin of the last days will be that Adam's children will mix their seed with that of the beasts. Compare to "beast of the earth." Exodus 22:19 states that Israelites who have sexual relations with a beast are to be executed. It is and causes "confusion!"
Cainites. Also spelled Canaanites, Cainanites. Generally refers to the mixed descendants of Cain and any of the family tribal branches arising from him. This also includes the seed line Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah. Although the Canaanites were a non-Shemitic people, they got at least part of their language from the Hamites, because Canaan was Ham's son.  Canaan moved away from his family of origin and joined the Kenites (descendants of Cain).  (Gen. 9:18; 10:6.) This further mixed more of the bloodline of Adam with the fallen angel seedline that YHWH sought to destroy with the flood. (The flood of Noah’s day was not worldwide, but a regional event that destroyed the mixed Adamic race. Historical and archeological records clearly show that while the earth went through a cataclysmic time, other races and cultures survived and recorded the events of that day. According to the seedline doctrine originating at Genesis 3:13-15 and continuing to Revelations, Cain’s father was Satan and some of this seedline obviously survived the flood. Some of the descendants of Cain and Canaan are the people called "Jews" today. However, there blood (DNA) is mixed among many of the races in the world today. By their fruits shall you know them (and by genetic DNA testing in the days to come).
Elohim. One form of the Hebrew word usually translated as God. There are various forms and spellings of it, all with different meanings and contextual applications. Other forms of the word are: El, Eloah, El Elyon (spelling may vary). The context of these words in the Hebrew can be singular or plural, masculine or feminine and is also descriptive of the classes of beings we call "angels," both good and evil ones. Using the fuzzy word "God" obscures this and greatly limits a persons understanding.
Nephilim. Offspring of the "fallen angels" and the daughters of the Adamic race and descendants of Cain (and possibly other races). Ref. Genesis 6. Primarily, these are mixed offspring of the fallen elohim and the daughters of Eve.
Note: For those who have a hard time accepting the fact that Satan seduced Eve, here we have record of those angels (called or referred to as elohim in the Hebrew) who were thrown down/out of the higher realms along with Satan and then mongrelizing with the human race. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the patriarch Enoch, and about all other ancient texts give graphic accounts of these ‘beings." Almost every ancient race and culture has its legends of fallen beings and their mongrel offspring who were "giants on the earth." Legend and history state that when food ran low, these hybrids would eat people. Jack and the Beanstalk is an English tale of cannibalistic giants that lived in the sky (maybe space ship & UFO’s). YHWH’s objective in flooding parts of the earth in Noah’s day was to destroy these giants and other corrupt seed lines. However, there is ample evidence and Biblical record that a remnant of giants and the satanic seedline survived the flood (see Goliath) and their DNA is still walking, talking, and killing Adam-kind today. Thus many our current problems! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5980990221766439646&q=&hl=en
Devils, Demons and Evil Spirits. In short, fallen angels. Those of the various English words for orders or hierarchy’s of above elohim that rebelled against YHWH and were thrown out of the higher dimensions down to earth and its immediate etheric or astral planes. In the common vernacular of today some of them inhabit the "spiritual plane" or "astral planes" around us and are able to impinge on our minds mentally and our bodies physically. Some refer to this as demon possession. However, they are also incarnated in physical bodies through the descendants of Satan and other fallen angels referred to in Genesis Chapter 6. Jesus cast demon spirits out of people on one hand and called the Edomite/Shelanite Jews physical offspring the children of the Devil on the other. He meant it literally. John 8:44, 1 John 3:12.
Christians have a two front war, spiritual (mental) and physical. If "they" control your mind, they control your body! http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5980990221766439646&q=&hl=en
Angels – The good kind. Celestial beings, higher orders of Elohim that serve Yahweh, aid Yahweh’s people Israel, and war with Satan and his host both in the spiritual and physical realms around us. The record and evidence tells us they can travel between the physical and heavenly realms, have very high technology on the material level of things, and will be instrumental in the days ahead as Israel "awakens" and begins to establish Yahweh’s Kingdom (due order) on this planet. It appears they will come to our aid in the so-called battle of Armageddon. It is recorded in Revelations, that when John fell to worship the angel speaking to him, the angel said, "Do it not, for I am of thy brethren!" The word "brethren" here means "racial brother" or "brother of the womb." Selah.
People and persons. There is generally a very distinct difference between "people" and "persons" in the Hebrew language of the scripture. Yahweh refers to Israel as "His People" only. He is no respecter of "persons" but He does have respect to (as to watch over, shepherd) "His People." The early American organic Law was made very clear in these "united states of America" concerning the difference between "P/people" and "persons." The "persons" are "subject to" and have no rights, only privileges. "We the People" are the original White "Sovereign Body Politic" invested with the in/unalienable rights (rights/duties not lien able). The "person(s)" (example, as in 14th Amendment federal citizens, i.e., the "subject body politic") only have privileges and immunities. Through licensing these "persons" are PRIVILEGED to break the (Divine) law with IMMUNITIY from prosecution by enosh and nephilim type persons who have crept in authority positions and passed "statutes" making legal what YHWH says is not lawful. Thereby, Baal priests aided by Jewish financial aid and media have brain-washed the true Israelites into believing "God loves everybody" and mongrelizing is not sin.
Plant and Animal Symbolism. Wheat and tares, sheep and goats, wolves, snakes, serpents, good fish and bad fish, and the separation thereof. The Scribes and Prophets of YHWH use plant and animal representations of the various races and Seedline (DNA) groups and their characteristics throughout the historical record. This is not taught today and results in confusion of understanding and miscegenation. Many Christian preachers use these plant and animal terms. They err in trying to "spiritualize" the lesson or moral of the story. The truth is lost because they have nullified the actual or allegorical meanings of the term. You are told a "tare" can become a "spiritual grain of wheat" or that a "wolf" can become a sheep by just "accepting and believing in Jesus." This is a lie, the mark of the unlearned, a victim of double think, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Word says "a leopard can’t change its spots!" Most modern church congregations today are Babylon, full of wolves, tares, and serpents who false or misguided "preachers" are calling "Spiritual Israel" because these creatures accept a Jesus who allegedly loves everybody. Jesus specifically stated to whom He was sent (the lost sheep of the nations of Israel) and why He spoke in parables to the mixed multitude. On His return He is going to separate the present race-mixed mess out as in separating the wheat and the tares and the sheep and the goats. This is strictly a physical action! The Word says each racial and cultural group will return to their own land for fear of the sword. Isaiah 13:14; Jeremiah 50:16, 51:9; Psalm 10:16. He is coming back with a sword… not a love everybody attitude.
Church. Understanding what the church is and what the correct word (Ekklesia) is today is paramount to understanding the organization of YHWH’s Israel Kingdom on earth. In earlier writings, I stated the word "church" should be discarded. This is because it is not the correct translation of the Greek word "ekklesia" or "ecclesia." Furthermore, it does not even translate back into the Greek language used in the early centuries of Christianity. Until 500 years ago, there was no Greek word for the Anglo-Saxon-European variants of the word "church." That being the case, how can you understand of what type of organization Jesus meant for His disciples and people to build or rebuild? You can’t because in no wise does the definition of church come even close to the meanings and applications of the word ekklesia, especially when viewed through the law and organizational precepts of Israel under Moses or King David. For the last 1700 years the Catholic Church and for almost 500 years the Protestant denominations have created false doctrines and counterfeit organizations and empires built on this mistranslation and misunderstanding.
The English word "church" has various meanings. Webster gives the following definitions for the word church.
1. a building for public Christian worship.
2. a religious service in such a building.
3. (sometimes cap.) a. the world body of Christian believers; Christendom. b. any major division of his body; a Christian denomination.
4. a Christian congregation.
5. organized religion as distinguished from the state.
6. (cap) a. The Christian before the reformation. b. the Roman Catholic Church.
7. the profession of an ecclesiastic -V.C.
8. to perform a church service of thanksgiving for (a woman after child birth). [Go RI(a)on (DOA) the Lord's house).(1)
No where do we see the definition as "a body or assembly of Israelites according to Law" carrying out the mandates of "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven…" (This will be discussed under the term Ekklesia.)

Some Historical Notes on the Evolution of today’s Church and its "Services:"
Sunday morning "Order of Worship" evolved from Gregory’s Mass in the 6th century.
Some formalities, such as standing and singing when the clergy enter, date back to Roman Emperors. Most American "Frontier Revivalist" techniques date back only a hundred years or so, such as the alter call, decision card, with the goal of preaching to win individual souls.
Church buildings were started by Constantine around 327 AD. These were modeled after Greek temples. Before that, Christians met in homes. Constantine granted tax exempt status to churches and clergy. Catholicism increasingly followed the path of the pagan cults in making a rite the center of its activities, and Protestantism followed the path of the synagogue in placing the book (WORD) at the center of its services. The Word replaces the Eucharist, and the pastor replaces the priest. Clergy leads a passive laity.
For the last 500 years the Protestant Order of Worship has undergone minimal change. Theological doctrines changed periodically based on "proof texting" (cutting and pasting various scriptures together to create new false doctrines since many of these scriptures were mistranslations…). However, Protestant ritual practices have changed very little. Basically, if you remove the sermon, the Protestant Order of Worship becomes nothing more than a emotional songfest.
The NC word for minister is diakonos. It means "servant" or "slave." The modern Pastor is the most unquestioned element in modern Christianity. Under Moses and David the called and appointed leaders dealt with military and governmental issues. At the most the modern preacher could be said he is a shadow of the Levitical Priest whose job it was to teach the law and kingdom organization principles among his other duties.
The modern Pastor was born out of the single-bishop-rule first spawned by Ignatius and Cyprian. The bishop evolved into the local presbyter. In the Middle-Ages, the presbyter grew into the Catholic priest. During the Reformation he was transformed into the "Preacher," "the Minister," and finally "the Pastor" - the man on whom all Protestantism hangs. The Protestant Pastor is nothing more than a slightly reformed Catholic priest!
Catholic Priest had 7 duties at the time of the Reformation: Preaching, the sacrament, prayers for the flock, a godly life, discipline, church rites, supporting the poor, and visiting the sick and prisons. The Protestant Pastor does the same and adds blessing civic events.

How the word Ekklesia became "church."
In most places in the New Testament the word "ekklesia" refers to a local assembly of Israelite believers in Jesus Christ. A more correct translation is "assembly" or "congregation." The early English Bible versions originally used these terms. However, the original meaning of "Ecclesia" and the meaning it had at the time of Jesus and for two hundred years afterward has nothing to do with a "religious or church meetings" as we view or understand it today.
The first English New Testament translated from Greek did not translate the word "ekklesia" as church. William Tyndale's translation (1526) used the term "congregation." Tyndale completed the translation of the New Testament and part of the Old Testament before he was martyred. John Rogers, an assistant and friend of William Tyndale, completed the translation of the Old Testament using some work from Coverdale and published the first entire Tyndale Bible under the pen name "Thomas Matthew." This Bible was called the Matthew's Bible (1537) and also used the term "congregation." The next English Bible, the Great Bible (1539), also used the term "congregation."
The word "church" was first used by Theodore Beza in 1556, a Protestant, who followed John Calvin at Geneva, Switzerland. William Whittingham's Testament of 1557 followed Beza's usage of "church" and was actually the first edition of the Geneva Bible and was a revision of the Tyndale New Testament.
Because the Geneva Bible was printed in Europe and not in England, the English people desired a Bible published in their native country. This was the reason for the next English Bible, the Bishops Bible (1568) which was a revision of the Geneva Bible. This translation continued the use of the term "church" as has all subsequent English translations including the King James Version.
The word "ekklesia" has been a thorny issue for translators since the 16th century. This is because in its original Greek usage, it is a word with primarily political and military applications. It has nothing to do with "religion." In the 15th and 16th century, fairly ready access to the Bible by the common man brought about religious, political, and military conflicts between Catholics, Protestants, Kings, Popes, and other newly arising Christian groups (denominations). The translators and their various sponsors (Kings, Popes, Edomite Jewish influence, and independent researchers) were under great political pressure regarding how they interpreted/translated a number of controversial Bible words and phrases. Even though the earliest English translations used "assembly" and "congregation," King James, for political reasons, dictated the word church be used in the version he authorized. Until recently most other translations honored this point also. Thus was created the mental construct and image we have in our minds today when we hear the word "church" as a religious organization or place of worship, instead of the original meaning of a "political assembly" discussing the current affairs of state government in relation to the Kingdom of YHWH and His Word. This means you had to have knowledge of Old Covenant Law of Moses. This was called the "Common Law" and gave birth to Anglo Saxon and English common law, the general basis of the American Bill of Rights and American state and federal constitutions with a "Republican" form of government. The Pilgrims and early Americans settlers knew the correct meaning of the word ekklesia. They met in "Meeting Houses" and not churches. However, as the King James Bible gained acceptance and became predominant, the word church began to be used and original understanding was lost. Thus, the "lost sheep."
Therefore, if you are going to continue to use the word "church" its proper application should only be to refer to the whole racial nation of Israel, the national "congregation" of men, women, and children even though you (we) meet in small groups or congregations scattered hither and yon. New Covenant use of the word Ekklesia always refers back to Israel in the Old Covenant. It is a qualified term and has no application to any other racial or racial mixed congregation or group of people. Racially mixed congregations are nothing new in Israel, but YHWH has specific law and procedure for them. It is called "Segregation or Apartheid." See Points 77, 78, 91.
As will be seen below in the definition of "Ekklesia," the word "church" along with the words Gentile and Jew should be replaced with proper English words expressing what is really said or meant.

Ekklesia / Ecclesia.
The word Jesus used describing the organization He was going to build was "Ekklesia." The only Gospel record of His use of the word is in Matthew 16 and 18. This word has a totally different meaning than what is today called "a church" or "the Church." The Greek term 'ekklesia', which literally means a "gathering" or "selection" or "called out assembly", was a governmental and political term used to denote a national assembly of men - be it of a city-state or of a racially coherent group of people occupying an area comprised of city-states with national government, military, medium of exchange, and legal system. Today we call such geopolitical areas "states, nations, and countries." (In the united "states" of America the constitutional foundation of the state is the people of the county, the Posse Comitatus.)
This concept in Christian terms has its direct antecedent in the Koine Greek translation of the Old Testament (see also Septuagint), where the noun ekklesia has been employed 96 times to denote the congregation or assembly of the Children of Israel, which Christians regard as a Type of the "Body of Christ" as they also call the Christian Church of Jesus Christ.
The word "Ekklesia" (or ecclesia) as used in the New Covenant books refers only to the "Called Out Ones" of the House of Israel. These "Called Out Ones" are those called to "Congregate, Assemble, Organize, and Establish" Yahweh’s Kingdom on this planet according to "His Due Order." The Ekklesia and the Race from which the Ekklesia is Called in the New Covenant books is none other than the Assemblies and Congregations of Israelites of the Old Covenant who are now "dispersed" throughout the world and over the earth. Since His "Kingdom Rule," which is "global Israelite government" was not to literally manifest until after the 2520 years of Israel’s divorce, banishment, blindness and deafness (Isa 41, 42, 43, 44), our "understanding" of the physical organization and implementation of His Government has not been mentally opened to us until now. We are now at the Expiration of Sentence of our 2520 years national divorced banishment period. Now we can start reorganizing His Kingdom. Attention men of Israel, the starting point is very simple. 10, 50’s, 100’s, 1000’s…. Hear Ye with Ears to Hear and Eyes to See. For the purpose of this article, "assembly" and "assemblies" are groups of Israelite men (Ecclesia’s) organized socially, politically and militarily according to YHWH’s due order. Congregation(s) is the term used to include all the women and children of the House (Racial Nation) of Israel. There are three different Hebrew words for three levels of organization and "calling out." See Points 55, 56, 57.
This is not to say that other races will not be in "the Kings Dominion," for YHWH’s Kings Domain will rule over the entire planet and all races not of the Satanic DNA and can obtain some of the blessings through faith and adherence (works) to His national laws! It will just be according to His "due order" of nation building; and every man (person) in his own order and in his own national land area. (1 Co 15:23, 39-40)
For further understanding of the words, phrases, and their definitions as used in the Bible, we highly recommend reading "Arsenal of Words" by Eli James found at:
The Mistranslation of the Greek Word "Ekklesia" in the English Bible and its Ramifications.http://www.bible-truth.org/Ekklesia.html
Body of Christ. An Israelite who understands who and what the Body of Christ is will begin to see how the Kingdom of Yahweh on earth will physically manifest. In the books of the Old (Original) Covenants, the representative body of YHWH was the "Elders, General Staff and Numbered men of Israel able to go forth to war." Yahweh presents Himself as our Heavenly Father who manifested Yahshua as His son to be our National Head, King and Savior. Thus, His corporate body is male and it is comprised of the sons of Israel and Israel only! In the books called the New Covenant, Paul refers to the Ecclesia as the Body of Christ. The Greek term "ecclesia" means the "called out" and referred to the men of Israel only when viewed in proper context.This is the "Body Politic" of Yah-Yahweh’s Central Government, His Army, His Priesthood of which He is Head. It is comprised of the numbered men of Israel only! In the Old Covenant census, Yahweh used the term "whole number" meaning they had been inspected by the Priest for "spot or blemish" and found clean, that is wholesome ("spot or blemish" means birth marks or birth defects). They had to be inspected on the 8th day which was when they were circumcised. Some birth marks disappear in the first two weeks. In broad context, this national body politic of "Called" Adamites of the linage of Shem through Jacob surnamed Israel is the "Army of Israel of Yahweh of Host." When not functioning in a military capacity it is simply the political "General Assembly of Israel." The General Assembly of Israel includes the Elders (men over 50) that are elected as Leaders or Representatives of the Tribes (now nations, states, countries.) See Point 96.
Note: There have been 4 processes for determining our Israelite Leaders. The original was hereditary, patriarchal and tribal. The second is Yahweh’s "Calling" of certain men of Israel to do a task. Sometimes they function as "Lone Rangers," sometimes they organize the whole number of the "Sons of Israel" for national purposes. The third leadership process is bottom up; elective, originally established by Moses from the men of the Tribes organizing into tens, fifties, hundreds, etc., and choosing there own war leaders, judges, and civil servant staff. The fourth one came about when the Israelites ask for an "earthly king" in the days of Samuel (like the other nations/races on the planet). This was top down as "appointed" by the King. The Davidic king line still functions this way to a degree in Europe.
These last two methods for obtaining organization and leadership have resulted in many of the "civil wars" among Israelites. Why? Because when the Davidic Throne line and its officers don’t follow the WORD, you will find Israelites with the WORD in the heart rebelling and organizing against sinful and tyrannical government. Thus was the birth of the American States and the Revolutionary War Cry of "No King but Jesus!" Originally America was a White (Israelite) Christian Republic that had a President who would "preside" until He (Jesus) comes. Let me repeat this, the "Body of Christ" is male only and consist of the men of the Israelite Race who are able to go forth to war or serve in some military capacity. This would include the Elders who are part of the "General or Joint Chiefs of Staff." White Anglo-Saxons and Germanic Nordic kindred only! It is YHWH’s Law. See #95.
Bride of Christ. This is the whole RACIAL nation of Israel (all 13 tribes) consisting of the men, women, and children in a corporate national sense is the bride of Yah-Yahshua. The women of the 12 tribes of Israel are the twelve gateways through which the race of Israel passes into and onto this planet. This physical corporate bride/wife of Yahshua includes the men counted in the military census and applies to all White Israelites of the race world wide regardless of what country, state, or nation in which they inhabit or reside. Under Yahweh’s Laws, only the pure Israelite and close related Hebrew people of the White Adamic Race can be part of the "Bride of Yahshua." In the Old (Original) Covenants, the racial nation Israel was Yahweh’s wife. As soon as the former wife now bride to be makes herself ready, He will come. Only Israel was given the Law and Covenants, part of which was a marriage contract. If you are not an Israelite, this contract/covenant doesn’t apply to you. When Yahshua remarries His former wife, the kingdom will manifest. Other non-Satanic races and nations on the planet who are obedient to YHWH’s Law may be invited to the coming wedding as guest, but they will not be part of the corporate Bride or Bridegroom. It is the Law of The Word. See Point 95.
Today you hear preachers say that the church is the Bride of Christ and in the next breath they tell you the church is the Body of Christ. They have a myriad of confusing doctrines about the church, Jews, Israelites, spiritual Israel, women, gentiles, homosexuals, and more. Hopefully, this paper and linked information will help clear the confusion. To understand the "Gospel of the Kingdom" one must rightly divide the Word, not only for spiritual/mental understanding but for practical application in the real world we sojourn in.

1. Who is the Lord God of the Holy Bible? Yahweh Elohim, The Most High Mighty One, the Creator of All Things, Good and allowing Evil for a purpose. Yahweh. YHWH is short form abbreviation. Elohim is the last part of His Name and denotes He is the Origin(al or el) of the "Creators." (Elohim is usually a plural designation including females, that is, sometimes Elohim is used in the feminine gender.) This is verifiable with lexicons. When used with Lord (3068) it becomes singular and most often signifies Mighty Judge or Mighty One. The name Yahweh El Elyon is used to refer to Him in His Executive Position as Supreme Commander of the Host (Army) of the Heavens. You cannot see these meanings in the English Bible translations where the word "Lord" and "God" is used. Hebrew, and we are talking the Masoretic Hebrew) is an idiomatic language, and one Hebrew word may have from three to ten different meanings depending on the context. Sometimes it has opposing meanings. In the Scriptures whole thoughts must be translated, not just words. Some scholars spelled Yahweh as Yahveh. Jehovah is generally considered incorrect.
2. Who did YHWH say He was? The "I AM THAT I AM; I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE; I WILL BECOME WHAT I WILL BECOME." This is the meaning of the name given to Moses when he asked Yahweh what His Name was/is/is to be. The word Yahweh is composed of parts of the Hebrew verb "to be" and signifies "Self-Existent."
3. What is the name of His Kingdom? The Kingdom of YAHWEH, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Stone Kingdom, America. America may become the seat of His Kingdom on this planet. The word America is taken from the Gothic words Amel Rica which mean "Heavenly Kingdom." [The term "American" is also a compound Hebrew word: (1) am; the attendant folks/men of Israel. (2) eriy; vigilant and watchful. (3) khan; executing the office of priesthood.] The Scriptures clearly point out that at some future time, no later than the Second Coming that Palestine will come back under the control of the Anglo-Saxon Nordic Israelite race. The present Zionist Jewish state of Khazar Edomites called Israeli will have ceased to exist due to its destruction per the prophecies of Jesus, Obadiah, and the rest of the Prophets prophecies on Esau Edom and Canaanite partners in crime. Therefore, it is a possibility the seat of government for YHWH’s Kingdom may be the Old Jerusalem area. However, many believe it will be in America (Atlanta, Georgia). There is some disagreement and ongoing research and discussion on this issue among the brethren.
4. Who created the races in Genesis Chapter One? The Elohim. Genesis One uses both male and female designators in singular and plural contexts. Elohim is usually translated as God (singular male) in English. These "Elohim" (male and female) were created by YHWH in an earlier creation, and then these Elohim apparently created various physical races including the first white race on this planet. These were the males and females of Genesis Chapter One. The Hebrew says they were "adawm" which term only applies to the white race. (Let "Us" make man; Strong’s #120 – adawm). It is assumed the Elohim here are ones loyal to YHWH who are replenishing the earth after some great calamity. Research into the "Us" indicates there were more than three (per the false "Trinity" doctrine) involved in this creation. Chapter One of Genesis is shrouded in myths and legends of ancient times and is a separate area of research.http://en.epochtimes.com/news/7-10-9/60546.html
5. Who "formed" Adam of the Earth, Genesis Chapter Two? Yahweh Elohim, first appearing at Genesis Chapter Two as opposed to those created in Genesis One by the Elohim Company. It is now being understood that there were at least two distinct "creative processes" of "Adam kind." One without the "breath of life" (Genesis One), and the latter with the "breath of life" (vitalized spirit and intellect) and formed of the "dust of the earth" (Genesis Two Adam). This can be confirmed by a correct translation of 1st Corinthians 15:45-47. The "Adam" of Genesis 2 is the one that "fell" about 7,500 years ago assuming our current calculations of Bible chronology are correct.
Note: When Adam and Eve disobeyed YHWH, they lost their shekinah glory or "light clothing" and multidimensional movement capabilities, and were put out of the Garden of Eden that YHWH had planted. A garden signifies a "protected place." As keepers of the garden, their "obedience" to YHWH was their protection. However, YHWH gave them "free will." It appears the literal Garden of Eden may have been planted in a section of Mesopotamia based on the location of the rivers named in Genesis. Archeology is revealing that the Genesis One Adawm (Cro-Magnon man?) may have been nearly wiped out by cosmic or global disasters or by the other races on the planet prior to YHWH’s forming and creating the Genesis Two Adam and Eve. There are historical legends of white races in various parts of the world being exterminated 8-9,000 years ago. Their bones are being dug up today. Kennewick man in Washington State and the Spirit Lake white corpse remains are examples of the white race being in America approximately 9000 years ago which was before the Asiatic Indians came here. There is ample archeological evidence showing the "human race" and other intelligent beings have been on the planet 25,000 years or more. Some researchers claim hundreds of thousands of years, and some even say the Orientals have been here over a million years. There is evidence of men wearing shoes 280 million years ago. There are records and proofs of ancient global civilizations that were destroyed by global cataclysms, Atlantis being a legend most have heard of. Does this fit into Bible history? Yes, it would fall within Genesis Chapter 1-6 time frames. It is our understanding and knowledge of ancient history and time calculations that is deficient, not history itself.
6. Who was Adam’s Father? Yahweh Elohim. See Luke 3:38. Yahweh, the Mighty One "formed" Adam (#120) and created a (#376 iysh; like in Iysh-ra-el) "champion, high degree, husbandman kind PEOPLE." This is made clear in the scriptures in a thorough translation. The Hebrew and Greek is clear that Genesis One human creations are different from the "forming" of Adam of Genesis Two by Yahweh.
7. When Adam looked around the Garden for a helpmeet and couldn’t find one, what did YHWH do? YHWH took the "opening or chamber" from a protected place under the ribs out of Adam and created "womb-man," today known as woman. Strong’s says that it was a rib protecting an opening or "chamber." Since all white people have the same number of ribs, and the womb is an "opening and protected place" above all else, common sense and logic dictates what YHWH "separated" or "took" out from Adam to create his "helpmeet" of his own flesh. When Yahweh took the "rib" of Adam to form Eve, He took from Adam the DNA from his ribs. The ribs are the powerhouse of DNA manufacture in the body. The marrow of the bone is where the blood is formed; and the blood contains the DNA of the Race. The LIFE is in the BLOOD. (Gen. 9:4) Blood can possibly be considered an organ of the body in a fluid state. In the Garden of Eden, Yahweh Elohim "breathed the breath of life" into One particular Adam ONLY. (Gen. 2:7) Whatever you believe the "breath of life" to be, the male and female creations of Genesis One did not have this. None of the other "formed" creations (beast of the field and earth) of Genesis Two were given this. Some translators….to be completed.
Looking at the physical descendant aspect of YHWH’s Law Word only, from the pure line Adam and Eve to the "womb" of a white Israelite woman today; this is what Satan, by himself, or by using a mixed or non-Adamite or one of the beasts of the field, seeks to violate and pollute with their own corrupt seed (DNA). For then he can destroy the children of Israel and the "breath of life" off this planet. ("the holy seed," Ezra 9:1-4, xxxxx)
No pure-blooded Israelites on earth means there is no Bride and no Bridegroom Body. Thus no Kings Dominion of Yahweh on this planet!
8. What is Adam and Eve’s last name? Elohim, from the name-title of Yahweh Elohim. Luke 3:38. Jesus also quoted, "You are ‘Elohim’ and the ‘Sons of Elohim,’ when He quoted Psalm 82:6 in John 10:34. (Also see #4) Jesus came in His Father’s name, Yah-Hoshua (Yahshua), that is to say "I AM THE SAVIOR," The Messiah. Messiah means "The Anointed of Yahweh." He is the El Elyon of the Elohim Family and the Blood Brother of Adam and Eve. The White Israelite Race is the family of YHWH Elohim on this planet.
9. Who is spoken of in Genesis 5:1-3? "This is the Book of the Generations of Adam. In the day that Elohim (singular masculine-YHWH) created man, in the likeness of Elohim made He him: …. This is the genealogical beginning of high degree Adam kind! This is the rare occasion that #430 elohiym is singular (The Mighty One): i.e. the mighty ones (of the Most High), aka host of heaven. Notice the record of this branch of genetics omits Cain (Kane, Ken, Khan, gon) and Able, and begins with Seth. Israel (iysh-ra-el) is from the line of Seth and none other. Low degree adamkind was well in existence before the high degree (supra)-species was brought into "being." A number of us in the review of this paper surmise if any low or high degree adamkind survived the global disaster that destroyed Atlantis or other non-Adam/Eve civilizations and the survivors of the subsequent "territory wars" later mixed with some of Adam and Eve’s progeny. This may be where the so-called "white trash or reprobates" (sons of Belial) comes from. The name Israel means "man or men ruling with the Mighty One" ish-ra-el. This is why if you’re an Israelite, you need to be very careful in selecting your wife. It is also historically clear that "high-degree" Adamites-Israelites degenerate into low-degree fairly rapidly by failing to follow YHWH’s national racial laws. Just look around you today….
10. What does the word "Adam" mean in the Hebrew? Ruddy, to show blood in the face, "Man who can blush." Strong’s #120. The white race is the only race with the ability to blush. (Thorough translation reveals that there are some #376 #120 men; the #376 used as an adjective to modify the noun [PERSON, place or THING] #120; sometimes #120 is used adverbially to modify the actions of a certain man.)
11. Who is NOT listed in the genealogy of [the second species of] the Adam named in Genesis 5:1-3?Cain and [Abel]. Cain is never listed in Adam’s genealogy because he is not of Adam. In the book of Jude, it says he was of "the wicked one." His mixed blood descendants became the mortal enemies of the Sons of Israel.
12. Does YHWH have enemies? Yes, YHWH has enemies. The Book of Revelations state a third of the angelic creation (celestial beings) revolted against Yahweh’s "Due Order" (cosmos, which in this instance means His "orderly arrangement" of things). This rebellion was led by a certain angel who has been called by various descriptive names or titles over history. Some of these names are Satan, the Devil, the Adversary, Lucifer, the evil one, and Abbaddon. He was cast down to Earth as a result of losing the war in the Heavens. These "fallen ones" wage constant war against YHWH’s People (racially pure Israel here on Earth with the objective being the genocidal annihilation and/or mongrelization of the white Adamic race/seedline.
Notes: If the "bride to be" (that is, Israel organized nationally) is polluted the Groom (Jesus) will not marry her. Hence the satans, devils, and persons in opposition to racial national purity think they can win possession of the planet by default. However, YHWH has stated He will not allow this to happen. YHWH has already overcome and derailed the satanic seedline who are feverishly trying to take the planet and everybody (specifically the true Israelites) down with them. Any of the races or offspring of mixed fallen angel seed are enemies of Yahweh. These are the tares, and yes, one day they will bend their knee to the King of Kings also. "Satan" is defined as "an accuser of the brethren," or one of the brethren (of a class of Elohim) that accuses (another). This is the role of a prosecutor.
A "devil" is defined as an opponent of Yah's law. When folks act devilishly they are simply in opposition to Yah's law. The 1/3 of the host that rebelled slandered and accused their fellow servants (the 2/3 faithful to Yahweh) as well as were in opposition (rebellion) to Yah's will. Hence they are satans and devils. Some of the brethren theorize some of the brilliant scientist and engineers of today are as back at the beginning, promoters of "gene splicing" and GMO technology (adverse GMO’s), use of Depleted Uranium weapons, and promotion of mongrelization/miscegenation that corrupts YHWH’s creation.
13. Where is Satan, aka the devil? Satan is on earth raising Cain(s) and warring against all of YHWH’s righteous children. Every book in the Scriptures records war actions or prophecies about this conflict that will continue until Yahshua’s reappearance as the Head of His (corporate) Body (the men of Israel politically and militarily organized). We are living in Mystery (anti-Messiah) Babylon: that which was, and is not, and yet is, but will soon fall and be destroyed! It is the "counterfeit." The world we live in today is all based on "fiction of law" and "color of law" but it is not to be so, yet was, and is, and will be until we establish His Kingdom. (Lawyers should understand this as they uphold this fraud every day.) http://www.usavsus.info/
There are 2 worlds, that is 2 world orders or systems; Yahweh’s cosmos, and Satan’s counterfeit! YHWH came to save His cosmos and destroy Satan’s. Which "Order" is going to possess the "Earth?" You live on the fruit of the land, you farm the earth. If you don’t have access to the earth, you starve and perish from the earth.
[Historical note: The very religion and philosophy of Greece was to return to the way of Cain. See the Parthenon Code, ISBN #978 097 054 3837 $29.95. The mixed multitude of Greece got its idea’s from Babylon. Greece passed its culture onto the eventual "mixed multitude" of the Roman Empire, and Rome passed its culture on to the now "mixed multitude" in these "united states." The architecture and Roman civil law code all bears witness to this.]
14. What are Satan and the fallen angels currently doing on this planet? A fallen angel (Satan, though he has several names in history) sexually seduced and impregnated Eve and this cross-breeding continues today with Eve’s daughters of the Yahweh formed Genesis Chapter Two Adamic race seedline. (The fallen angels also were/are cross-breeding with the other races already here created by the Elohim, Genesis Chapter 6. The implication of some ancient records is these fallen angels (elohim) were materializing themselves (coming down) and breeding with their own creations. The Book of Enoch and another ancient text called the "Book of Giants" says they are "shape shifters." How else could Satan appear as an "angel of light?" The books of Enoch (which missed being included in our current KJV Bible by very few votes, some say one vote, Revelations being added instead) states there was prolific cross-breeding between the fallen angels and Adamite women (both Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 Adamites.) Their favorite targets are Adamite women and they are still here doing what they have always done; working to destroy the Adamic race and specifically the House of Israel by wars and promoting mongrelization of the white race! Race mixing is the doctrine of Balaam and brings YHWH’s judgment on His own People. See Numbers chapter 25. "Destroy the Israel Seed Line" is the Satan’s motto.
Miscegenation (race mixing) has always been the primordial first stage of evildoing. Many of the early Christian patriarchs readily acknowledged that this record is factual:

"This assumption of flesh made them subject to human lusts: being seduced by the Daughters of Men, they found themselves chained to earth, unable to resume their spiritual shapes." - Ante-Nicene Christian Library, Vol. XVII.

"They lusted after mortal women and defiled themselves by sexual intercourse. Enoch has recorded not only their divine instructions, but also their subsequent fall from grace; before the end, they were indiscriminately enjoying virgins, matrons, men and beasts." - Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, Vol. II.;
Above 3 paragraphs excerpt from "The Enmity" Part 3 by Eli James.
On a separate note, there are ancient writings stating some of the black race species were brought here from a different star system by Satan when he was driven out of the visible material (physical-material) universe and restrained to this planet. The Book of Enoch and other so called "non-canonical" books also describe what can only be presumed to be galactic space travel and multi-dimensional travel.
15. Who fathered Cain? One of the "Satans;" that is one of the fallen angels who apparently manifested as or "possessed" one of the "beasts of the field." The Hebrew word/name of the beast of the field used here was Nachash, meaning enchanter but is translated as "serpent." What Eve actually stated to YHWH in a dissembling way was the Nachash had "seduced" her and she was now carrying its seed. The word "seed" here means actual physical seed (Hebrew-zera, Greek-sperma). The Hebrew words used in this statement implied a sexual act. There are various accounts of what Adam’s "sin" was in relation to Eve. Adam obviously planted his seed in her womb also, possibly right after the "satan" had sexual intercourse with Eve in hopes that his (Adam’s) seed would destroy the serpent seed. It is known that when two different seeds are in a woman’s womb at the same time, they "war" against each other (killing) for the right to fertilize the egg. However, sometime twins are born, one from each seed. (There is a case in Germany where a white girl gave birth to triplets, one black, one oriental, and one white, all the result of a one night orgy. Photos & article available.)
Satan is the current name given to the leader of the fallen angels. In the book of Enoch, these fallen angels are called "watchers." These are highly intelligent celestial beings (appearing as men and women?) with an indeterminate lifespan who had/have space travel and apparently limited multi-dimensional capabilities. In the book of Enoch it says that the blood of Abel will not be atoned for until all the descendants of Cain are slain on the earth. (Enoch 22:7)
Book of Enoch, Ch. 22:6-8 (Enoch speaking)
6 Then I inquired of Raphael, an angel who was with me, and said, "Whose spirit is that, the voice of which reaches to heaven, and accuses?"
7 He answered, saying, "This is the spirit of Abel who was slain by Cain his brother; and who will accuse that brother, until his seed be destroyed from the face of the earth;
8 Until his seed perish from the seed of the human race."
Yahweh says He will see to it in the book of Obadiah.
16. What was the result of this "race mixing"? The results were giants, degenerates, nephilim, legendary figures the Greeks called "Heroes and Titans." "Bullies and tyrants" as the offspring (sons) of the elohiym "creators" took wives from among the genetically created females (daughters of genetically created mankind, and in turn initiated their sons (grandsons of the fallen elohiym) into the mysteries (ancient mystery schools?) of life that would guarantee them success and keep them head and shoulders, so to speak, above their contemporary neighbors; they "lorded" (baal) over their neighbors); mutants, monsters, [cannibaals: cain-ables, (priest of baal, flesh eaters)] and scrambled DNA degenerates in general among a wide segment of enosh and other like nephilim.
Cannibalism was apparently very prevalent in pre-flood times among the fallen angel seed lines. Secular myths and legends pass down this history of giants and ogres eating human flesh. The ancient legends state where the giants lived, they ate up all the available food and then turned to eating humans out of necessity. Cannibalism and human sacrifice was very prevalent among various alien cultures including many Indian tribes in the Americas until the 1800’s when the white race generally and finally exterminated the last of these tribes or put a stop to it. Very few history books today discuss this savage aspect of many of the Indian cultures in the America’s, including Central and South America.
Genesis 6:2 records, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men (Adam & Eve) that they were fair (blonde, white, and beautiful so to speak); and they took them wives of all they chose." Readers don't get the full significance of "the sons of God" in most translation. Beni-ha-elohim, also means "sons of magistrates or mighty men of the earth and the angels." In other words, the offspring (mixed DNA) of evil alien angels (demons) who are the fallen angels (non-terrestrial beings) are incarnated here among us today! They speak openly in "code or cipher talk" using our words/language but with different meanings attached to the words. They speak in lies and double-talk and the sheep are too confused and "doped up" (by pharmacia) to sort it all out. "They" use a psychological warfare technique called "double think" in news media daily and it shuts down your ability to think logically and to discern and reason. Then there is fluoridated water, a mind numbing agent known to mildly lobotomize you over time. (Even if you "see enough" to get motivated socially or politically to help "fix" things, you are "steered" into a (no balls) political party and you become a "dumb-ass" (Democrat) or slow elephant (Republican).)
17. Who are the "serpent" and "wolf" people? Symbolical names of the offspring of the Cain’s (Heb. gotten from another source) and other offspring of the fallen angels of the rebellion, followers of their chief Satan. These include the people we call Jews today and possibly some of the Oriental and Indian racial streams that carry their DNA. Some scholars claim that the "serpent race" is the Chinese (Cainite/Khanite) and that the so called "Jew" (Canaanite merchant trafficker) is a disposable tool of the oldest race on the face of the earth. The Chinese build dynasties; the "Jews" build ghettos. Certain Oriental-Asiatic racial streams have been periodically cannibalizing off Adam kind from ancient times (drugs, mind control, torture, miscegenation, war). Other Adamite records and seedline scholars claim some of the racial/ethnic groups in India is where the seat of Satan’s organization and power is. Wherever it may be, these racial streams are the seat of the kings of the east and we can see their national symbol of the dragon and snake woven in. This is part of the alliance of Gog and Magog. We will be contending with them, along with Edomites, Kenites, and Khazars in the near future. (Ezk. 38-39]
The term "serpent/wolf/dogs" can be applied to anyone who adopts their predatorial nature and tactics. Another word for Cain is Khan, like in Genghis, Kublai, and Tatar (Read Sargon the Magnificent, a prince of Cain). The lineage of Cain is Adamic mixed with Satan/Oriental/Asiatic DNA. Their ancient heraldry and national symbol is a red dragon. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. are apparently of the same root genetic stock. It may be they were created in a phantom shade of their creators (who, it turns out were possibly "white," at least when they initially rebelled in "heaven." Eve, the mother of Cain was white…). They (the Cainite - Khanite) are apparently the first of the "fallen watchers" creation that is a corruption of the Genesis One creation. They are now the oldest, most numerous race on the planet.
Much of the genetic manipulation by the fallen Elohim took place pre-flood in Genesis but could be said to continue today by inter-racial breeding and secret genetic research labs in various parts of the world. Among other things, this genetic mixing results in "confusion" and "confusion of face" (Jer 7:19) It should be clear today to any person with a Christian mindset that the wolves and serpents are running the world at the moment. (Lev 18:23; Ezra 9:7). Jesus said every plant not planted by The Father would be rooted out. (Matt. 15:13; Ps. 52:5; Pr. 2.22). Yah-Yahshua will and has sent His angels* to weed and tend the garden, that is, to remove the tares, and all things that offend, and them which do iniquity…. Mt 13:41. *angels, in this instance referring to both His Israelite brethren here on earth and in the heavens and the celestial beings that stayed loyal to YHWH.
It is not stated how the "Elohim" (both good and evil Elohim) created the various races. Genetic science advances today shows they knew how to create DNA codes that built "persons, races and species." As electronic engineers today know how to build "integrated circuits of electronics" the Elohim knew/know the "integrated circuits of creating life forms" and created "self aware" animate (pulsing) life forms. None of the aforementioned "earth based oxygen breathing life creations" had the "breath" (Spirit/mentality of Vital Rational Principles of Yahweh’s WORD for Reasonable Expressions of Logic) infused into their beings. They were programmed with "instinct" and "law of the jungle." The Word states, "The life of the flesh is in the blood." (Lev.17:11; Deut 12:23). Through the ages, the satanic seed line eats and drinks the blood of the Adamites, and specifically the Israelites, in various rites and rituals. This includes cannibalism and the Jewish rite where they eat cookies containing the blood of kidnapped and sacrificed Christian children at the Feast of Purim. (Research the history of Jewish Ritual Murder.) The other way the satanic seed line tries to steal "life" is by breeding with the Adamite race to "re-charge" their blood lines with the DNA of Adam. (This is the real meaning and "moral of the story" of various Dracula legends.) Seedline is bloodline, and YHWH’s bloodline is genetically pure Israel only!
18. How do demons in the spirit or astral planes gain access to the terrestrial plane we occupy? We do not know the ways this can be accomplished. However, it is known demons can take mental "possession" of people (and thus control their bodies) that knowingly or unknowingly allow it. Disembodied evil spirits (cognizant energies) are apparently able to access human beings any number of ways, such as through drugs, music, and any weakness that a person gives into. This apparently creates a metaphysical conduit or a "channel" the demon is able to use to gain access to the person’s mental process and, thus, "move in" and physically control the person. Demons can also induce diseases and afflictions both of a mental and physical nature. If you know the Word and are walking in the Word and are assaulted by licentious thoughts, chances are demonic entities are assaulting your mind through mechanisms we have yet to understand. This is where the "helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, and the whole mental armor of the knowledge of the Word are brought into play by your mental process. If you are overcome by these demonic mental energies then seek the help and prayer of the brethren, repent of your failures (sins) and invoke the Blood and knowledge of Yahweh’s Son over you. This will bring deliverance from these thoughts and entities, both in the mental and physical realms. The Covenants and the Gospels have procedures for these matters.
19. Which two seeds (DNA, zera, sperma) did YHWH put "enmity" between? His own (Adam Elohim son of YHWH) and the serpent race offspring generated/begot by the satans/fallen angels. (Gen 3:15). Again, we are talking physical offspring, not some spiritualized theoretical state of mind entity of the modern church concoction. In Gen 4:25 Eve states, "… For YHWH, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead [in place] of Abel, whom Cain slew." Had Cain been Adam’s son, Eve would have said, "instead of Cain…" By stating "instead of Abel" she included Abel in Adam’s genealogy while excluding Cain. Another illustration of this seed line criterion is the exclusion of Judah’s half breed sons by his Canaanite wife in Israelite genealogy.
Beget and conceive. Men beget, women conceive.
Doesn’t a woman have to have a "seed" planted in her to conceive? This is the beginning to understanding the "seedlines of Bible genealogy." These words are used to specifically mean physical offspring from both parties. The ignorant and the false brethren try to "spiritualize" this verse thereby providing "cover" for the enemy.
20. Seed line of the Giants and Esau. The Bible tells us that Esau (Jacobs’s brother) settled among the Canaanites near Mt. Seir. (Deut. 2:4.) Among these Canaanites were the Anakim, the descendants of Anak, who were the literal giants of Canaan land. Deut. 2:12 and 22 tell us that the children of Esau succeeded these various Canaanites, after a period of internecine warfare. Dishon, Son of Seir, was the founder of the Idumean (Edomite) tribes. He was the uncle of one of Esau’s Canaanite wives, Aholibamah (Gen. 36:18). Dishon was a son of Seir, the Horite, (Gen. 36:20) and Aholibamah was a daughter of Anah, Dishon’s brother (Gen. 36:21). So, filially, Dishon was Aholibamah’s uncle. We know that the giants survived as late as the time of King David, for Goliath was a Son of Gath (I Sam. 17:4); and Gath was the land of the giants (II Sam. 21:22). From these scattered references, we have Scriptural evidence of a direct, hereditary link between the Anu-naki (half-breed offspring of the fallen angels), the Canaanites, Esau/Edom, the Dukes of Edom, and the Idumeans. This should erase any doubt or confusion about their genealogy. The Idumeans definitely are not Israelites. The Idumeans are, in fact, the offspring of the Satanic Seedline.
Thus, we see that the Edomites mingled their seed with that of BOTH the descendants of the fallen angels of Noah’s day, and the descendants of Cain, of Adam’s day. Jesus verified this in John 8, specifically John 8:44 when He said unto them, "Ye are of your father the devil…." Excerpt from "Arsenal of Words," by Eli James.
21. Who is the God of Israel? Yahweh Elohim, the eternal and unchanging Mighty Judge/One; the Most High. The word Yah means "I AM." He does not claim to be the God or Heavenly Father of any other racial group or nation other than the family Israel. (Amos 3:2) In fact, He states He does not know them.
22. How do you become an Israelite? By birth only to an Israelite father and a Hebrew or Israelite woman. This is the "Birthright" aspect with the Covenants and the laws thereof. Others of the Hebrew race that werenot mixed with Canaanite/Oriental blood could marry Israelites and be "grafted" into the Nation of Israel after a certain number of generations. For example: (future use). YHWH has not given away or expanded the scope of the Birthright to include other people, persons, or races, nor is He "adopting" them into the covenants as some say. Read the Covenants and the Book of Revelation. Yahshua came to fulfill and establish the Covenants. (Mt 5:17, 18) However, many of the material aspects of the Covenant blessings given to Israel will and do spill over to the other races and nations that place themselves under the King’s Dominion. The meaning of the word "adoption" in the New Covenant means "the planned timing and placement of Israelite ‘sons’ (huios) by birth for a purpose." For a complete explanation of this often mistranslated and misapplied Scripture, please visit this link:http://israelect.com/reference/ArnoldKennedy/What%20Does%20'Adoption'%20Really%20Mean~.pdf
Note: To be "grafted" means you have to be of the same stock to start with! A bastard, which is mixed bloods (mamzers) cannot be grafted in. The Scriptures that appear to say the "forbidden and cursed races" could marry into Israel are deliberate mis-translations by the Jewish Masorites to corrupt the WORD and the Israelite bloodline. The Scriptures are all about "Race," specifically the Israelite Race and YHWH’s plan to use them to create a Holy (set apart) Seedline Race to govern this planet! In the Septuagint and correctly translated New Covenant writings this is very very clear. However it has been obscured in most translations. Even so, Masoretic based versions of the books of Obadiah, Malachi and Revelations make the race issue very clear once you understand the Bible is all about several specific Races. The Masorites had to stay fairly close to the Septuagint or they would never have been able to eventually substitute their translation as "the authentic Hebrew" when the printing press was invented and the Bible began to be translated into various English versions.
23. How do you become what is called a Jew today? Racially speaking, to be what is considered a full blooded Jew by birth your mother has to be Jewish. Those calling themselves "Jews" today are matriarchal in contrast to true Israelites, who are patriarchal.
If you are going to be a Jew by religion, you have to deny that Jesus is the Messiah and follow the "Tradition of Elders" in the Talmud, join a synagogue, teach that Jesus was a Jew, etc.... In the Jewish fable Esther, it is implied one can become a Jew by adopting their "religion." Christians teach similar drivel, saying that by becoming a Christian you become a "spiritual Israelite" which is like saying you become a "mental Israelite." (This is another example of enemy double-think propaganda because once an Israelite understands who Israel is and the Law you start to separate yourself from Babylon if only in your mind and understanding.)
24. What is a Jew? This one word "Jew" has most of Christendom totally befuddled. On the other hand, the alien mongrels called "Jews" today have the world mostly destroyed. As I will show you, today’s Jew’s are not of the "Called Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."
This is a word that has to be "rightly divided" and traced back to it’s origins for a comprehensible understanding. Then you will become "racially aware" and know who is an Israelite, who is a "gentile" (in the original sense of the word), who Judah is, and who the children of the devil are.
First, and most important, Jesus was not and is not a "Jew" in any sense of how the word is used today! Nor was He in any way of the seed or blood of the mamzer’s calling themselves "Jews" today, Edomite or Khazars.
The first use of the word Jew or Jews is the plural "Jews" first used in II Kings 16:6. Here they are in a war with the House of Israel. So much for Israel being Jews….
The first use of the word Jew in a singular sense is in the book of Esther, which most scholars who do their homework discount as a "spurious" book inserted by Jerome. (We are not criticizing Jerome here, as he was under considerable political pressure to create an updated politically correct version of the Scriptures in his day.) The truth is the events of Esther apparently never happened. It is "Jewish BS." However, the research of Pastor Arnold Murray of Sheppard’s Chapel in Gravette, Arkansas and others reveals that YHWH has His signature five (5) times in this book revealing that He allowed it in there but inserted His Message in this "Jewish Fable!" It is a stunning Message. Get the tapes.
To understand the word "Jew," it has to be broken down into the 4 basic words and meanings it has in the Bible and as applied to the world we live in today.
These are: Race, Religion, Tribe, and Nationality.
Race: Race implies a specific seed (DNA) line, identifiable by certain characteristics, such as color of skin, type of blood, general intellectual capacity and so on. [The people today that call themselves "Jews" carry only one of these factors, that is they have certain markers in their blood signifying Asiatic or Oriental origin. Beyond that, you have persons claiming to be Jews of every color and racial origin. There are no pure blooded Jews as it is not possible. Cain, in a genetic sense, was the "first Jew." He was a mixed blood from the beginning (mamzer) and his descendants have been mongrelizing ever since. However, the Jews like to call themselves a race when it is advantageous to them and Jesus called them a generation (racial connotation) of snakes and vipers, liars and murderers, so….]
Religion: Jews by religion claim to follow the Talmud which contains a number of books from the Old Covenant. The Talmud is not the Bible, but is the "book of Cain" so to speak. There are a number of different Jewish sects or denominations, all comprised of the bloodline mentioned in Race above. These Jews will tell you that you can adopt Judaism as a religion, but they really know it is really a matter of blood and who your mother is. You will find Jews by religion of every race and color, including brain dead Israelites who adopt Judaism for various reasons. You cannot be a "Jewish-Christian" anymore than you can be a "wolf-sheep." The Bible is not about religion, it is about RACE! During the century preceding the advent of Jesus, Edomite Judean’s (a tribal group of Edomites living in the area then called Judea) infiltrated the pure blood Israelite government and priesthood that Ezra and Nehemiah had set up. They were able to do this because one of the Israelite leaders forcibly "converted" them to the Israelite "religion" that evolved after the return from Babylon. They mis-applied the Law and "grafted in" Edomites politically. The result was the Edomites were able to hold political office. They were the "party in power" at the time of Jesus. King Herod was an Edomite Jew and he killed all the children of Bethlehem to try and destroy the real King of Israel. He was doing the works of his father, Satan!
Tribe: Out of the 13 tribes of Israel, Judah is the only tribe that the current word "Jew" could possibly be ascribed to. This is only done by "preachers" who don’t know the Word, fools, or Jews posing as Christian ministers seeking to confuse the issue. There are only a few Scriptures that imply the word Jew(s) mean the Tribe of Judah. A clear example is in Rev 2:9 and 3:9. Here it is referring to those who are saying they are of the tribe of Judah (the Jews of today) but they are really of the synagogue of Satan (house or family of Satan). Judah had a Cainnite wife and a Hebrew wife. His son by the Cainnite wife has no inheritance in Israel. His sons, Pharez and Zerah, through Tamar do. The descendants of the pure blood tribe of Judah today are the Germanic and Scottish people (from Pharez and Zerah). Again, you have to know who is who in the "Holy Bible" and "rightly divide" the Scriptures; else you and your seedline will perish in the days ahead…
Nationality: A "Nation" usually implies a racially coherent group of people. However, in the Babylonian system of confusion of the last 2500 years, the word has come to mean anyone who lives in a given geographical area defined by political boundaries to one degree or another. Examples are the word "American" and "Israeli." The word American originally applied to only the white Christian people who settle the North American continent. Today, it is used to mean anyone who has United States citizenship. The word "Israeli" applies to those who are Jews and inhabit the Israeli state in the Mideast. The Israeli government grants any Jew citizenship and allows a Jew to hold dual or multiple citizenship(s). A Christian or non-Jew cannot become a citizen of the Israeli state (not to be confused with the Race of White Anglo-Saxon Israel). Most nations or political entities only allow you to have one place of citizenship.
In the time of Jesus, the area and political entity called Judea was inhabited by several races and tribal groups; Israelites, Edomites, Samaritans brought in by the Babylonians, Cainnites (devils according to the Word) that were never driven out or killed off and probably other races from different parts of the world. If the political state of Judea was your residency, you were called a Judean regardless of your race or tribe just as in America today anybody can be called an "American." Most of the disciples were from Galilee which was above Samaria. Jesus was a "Galilean" which is one of the reasons He paid the foreigners tax when he started preaching in Judea (coin from the fish’s mouth). Many of the Israelites that were of the "returnees" from Babylon had moved to Galilee to get away from the "Jews" that had taken over "Moses seat and the Temple" in Judea. Jesus spent most of His ministry in Galilee only going to Judea for the Feast Days. To do so, he had to pass through Samaria. The Samaritan woman at the well that Jesus talked to showed she was an Israelite by RACE because she identified her ancestor as Jacob and was waiting for the Messiah.
In John 8:33 you have a group of Judean’s (Jews) trying to claim the heritage of Israel by saying they were of the seed of Abraham. Jesus acknowledged they while they may have had some of Abrahams blood, they were still "children of the devil." They claimed to have never been in bondage to "any man" (Adamite). This identified them as of the blood of Esau or of the son’s of Shelah (Judah’s son by Bathshua the Cainitess) or descendants of other Israelites that mated with Cainnites. They clearly weren’t Israelites as the children of Israel had been in bondage in Egypt, Babylon, and Assyria to name a few captivities. At the time of Jesus the majority of Israelites were on their migration all over Europe and the rest of the world. Even the "Jews’ recognized this in John 7:25 where they questioned would He go to the "dispersion and teach the tribes."
We are warned to beware of those that say they are Jews (meaning of Judah and Tamar) and are not; but are of the synagogue of Satan. They lie, and so do most Christian ministers today (teaching the Jews are God’s Chosen People." Rev. 2:9; 3:9
25. Who are YHWH’s "Chosen People?" The Children of Israel only. Jacob had 12 sons by 4 wives. These12 sons became 13 tribes (Joseph had twin sons which Jacob adopted and each became a tribe). Each tribe was to become a nation in due time and eventually together create a global government (Kingdom). This is what is about to happen in the near future, after the so-called battle of Armageddon which will re-unite all the House of Israel and House of Judah. As just explained above, the Israelites are not Jews. The Tribe of Judah and the rest of Israel are not "Jewish." Israelites (including Judah) are the "Only People" that can be said YHWH has respect unto as they are His personal servant race and the "only family" of all the nations (races) on earth that He has known. Amos 3:2. Israelites can "mess it up" when not in obedience unto YHWH and His Calling! The descendants (tribe) of Judah thru Tamar are the only true Judahites. All tribes of Israel are Hebrews (from Eber or Heber) and Semites (from Shem), but not all tribes of Israel are from Judah. All Chevrolets are automobiles, but not all automobiles are Chevrolets. All Israel is My Elect; it is not possible to totally deceive the Called of the very Elect.
26. Is YHWH the God of any other nations (races)? Not in a national or personal sense. Amos 3:2 says, "You only have I known of all the families (races) of the earth…. It is recorded in Deuteronomy 4:19 that YHWH has given the other races and nations other deities to worship. (Satan’s family tree worships him (Satan) and calls him God.) YHWH is not "adopting" other races into His Israel family. With the written exception of the Satanic seed lines, other races and nations that chose to follow YHWH’s national laws will be blessed accordingly with peace and prosperity but they will be separated from and not integrated with Israel. James 1; 1 Pet. 2:9. Satan’s offspring/descendants are doomed according to the Word. Read Obadiah. Ask your preacher about it…, but do your own research.
Isaiah 56 uses the word "stranger" being brought into the house of Yahweh. The word stranger here… to be completed.
27. When YHWH divided up the Earth, what was the criterion? According to the number of the children of Israel, was the Earth divided. Deut 32:8 There are land area’s on this planet for the other races and nations that are not on YHWH’s "To Be Destroyed" list, (Luke 19:27). The surviving nations will be subject to YHWH’s Kingdom Administration.
28. Did YHWH tell Israel to mix with the other races? NO! NO! and NO! He specifically told them numerous times from Exodus onward not to mix with the other racesseparated "His People Israel" from everyone else for all time and this intent is made plain throughout the WORD from Genesis to Revelation. One of the reasons He divorced Israel was adultery and miscegenation, which, again, is race-mixing: Deut 23:2 "A bastard shall not enter into the Congregation of the Lord: even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the Lord." The original Hebrew says a bastard can never enter the congregation of YHWH. The Hebrew word mistranslated "bastard" is the word "MAMZER": It means a MIXTURE, A HALF-BREED OR MONGREL. It has nothing to do with whether a child's parents were "legally" married, but it refers to THE FORBIDDEN INTERMIXTURE OF ISRAEL WITH THE OTHER RACES. Period. by marriage, culturally (following their deities), or politically (adopting their legal forms), or to allow them to dwell in their (your) neighborhood! Inter-racial marriage is violation of the 7th commandment (Thou shalt not commit adultery, which is mongrelize - adulterating the blood) (This is the 6th commandment in the Septuagint). He
During Israel's forty years in the wilderness "the people began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moab." Num. 25:1. The conspiracy to entice and tempt the men of Israel to mix their seed with an alien race brought the wrath of God upon them, killing 24,000 in a plague. It also gave rise to the "Phineas Priesthood." A thousand years later the church in Pergamos was strongly rebuked for holding this same doctrine of Balaam "who taught Balak (the king of Moab) to throw a stumbling-block before the sons of Israel . . . to commit fornication (with the alien harlots)." Rev. 2:14
Note: Don’t let the KJV translation errors, New Covenant animal analogies, and some of Paul’s political/legal double entendre innuendo in his prison and "house arrest" letters mislead you. When in doubt, "What does YHWH say?" Read it through the perspective of YHWH’s law for Israel. He changes not! It is possible that in order to get his letters past the prison censors, Paul wrote in terms that could be construed in more ways than one, but the intended parties would know exactly what he meant if they knew the Law (this is still done in the prisons today!). Yahshua spoke in the same manner often, in parables. You have to know "His Law" to "rightly divide" and understand "who is who" to understand the meaning of what was/is being said; And this Still Applies Today!…. Selah.
29. What is the biggest "Mass Divorce" case on Biblical record? In the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah it is recorded when the remnant of Judah, Benjamin, and some Levites came back from Babylon to re-establish Jerusalem, upon a reading of the Law of Yahweh, they re-discovered the fact they weren’t to intermarry with the other races and alien nationalities. They then checked their genealogies and found a large number of them had race-mixed. They then held what was in effect a national day of divorcement where every Israelite man put away (divorced) his alien wives and children, making provisions as necessary and sending them away. Ezra 9, 10. Note: There are different opinions among researchers as to what happened to the divorced mixed multitude.
30. Does YHWH the Creator have a "Breeding" or "Eugenics Program?" Based on the following Scriptures, one can only say "YES!" In Genesis 6:9 the Hebrew /Septuagint it reads "Noah was "forensically perfect" in his generations. The word here implies genetically pure in his breeding. DNA is the very specific code, which replicates the various species that Yahweh has designed. DNA is species specific!
In Deut 7:6 and elsewhere Yahweh tells Israel they are His Chosen People and commands them to only marry within the House of Israel or Hebrew linage. They were commanded to utterly destroy the nations/races of Cain (which they didn’t). YHWH then commanded them not to marry any survivors and said they will be pricks in our eyes and thorns in our sides until the end of this world age. He commanded us Israelites not to lie with the beast of the field that has hands and feet on pain of death.
In Jeremiah 2:21 YHWH laments He planted a noble vine, a wholly right seed (Israel) in a beautiful garden and it turned itself into degenerate plant of a strange vine. In Malachi 2:11 YHWH complains that Judah has married the daughter of a strange el (referring to Judah taking Bathshua the Canaanitess for a wife and later the tribe itself commingling, even Solomon and his strange (alien) wives/concubines). YHWH states He will ‘cut off" His people that do this. In verse 15 He states He desires a "holy seed" implying Racial Purity. Why do you think the Bible is full of genealogies of who begat who? Because it is the Book of the White Christian People (Race) who are for the most part the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel!" Wake UP! "My People are destroyed for lack of KNOWLEDGE!" Hosea 4:6. I am sent only unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel! Mt. 15:24
31. Who/Where are the Children of Israel today? They are the white Caucasian race in general, primarily the Christian nations of Anglo-Saxon Germanic people of Western Europe who have settled all over the world. It is being assumed for the moment that any surviving Genesis 1 Adamites could genetically mix with the Genesis 2 Adamites. Whether this would "up breed" Genesis One Adam is unknown at this time. (By looking at the degeneration of the white race, one would be inclined to think it was pulling the Genesis 2 Adam man down.) For Israel to be "hid" in the world for a period of time and "sifted" through nations, it seems problematic there may have been another racial stream for them to be "sifted through" but not totally "mix." Eber (Hebrew) fathered several streams of white clans. This does not include those people who call themselves "Jew or Jews." You will find Jews of every color and race. They claim to be both a religion and a race, which ever is convenient, but rarely both at the same time.
32. What is "The Law" or "Law of Moses"? The general rules of conduct YHWH gave Adam for his descendents and later gave Moses for the Children of Israel for their sojourn on here on earth and elsewhere. The law was divided into Commandments, Statutes, Judgments, and Ordinances. Approx 73% of the law was "Operational Procedure" for Israel as a Nation and 27% of it pertained to personal conduct with your fellow man and the rest of the world. (Who is your "fellow man?") The Law is like a garden fence. Make you view / perspective from within the law, not from outside the law. It is there to protect you. Be inside the "fence." Not outside looking in. Within the Law, life is "Ordered or Orderly." Outside the Law is chaos. If you are "walking in the law and Spirit" you are "by God." The words "By God" is where we get the word "bigot." It is from the French/Germanic words "bye Gott." Walking in the spirit means walking in the mentality of YHWH or Yahshua (Jesus).
33. Who is the WORD made flesh? In English, Jesus the Christ, or in the Hebrew/Greek Name context, Yahshua the Messiah. (What color is "flesh?") Messiah means "Anointed of Yahweh" and is more correct than "Christ." Some people have a problem with the names Jesus and Yahshua. Salvation and understanding the Kingdom of Heaven is not about the name you initially ascribe to the King, it is about learning and obeying His Word in spirit and Truth. He will reveal His name(s) to you in due time. Don’t let the "Name" controversy dampen your research. It will sort out in His time.
34. Who did Jesus say He was? I AM HE. When you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. He is the representation of the Almighty Creator and the Heavenly Father of Adam kind. Whereas the fallen elohim physically mated with some of the daughters of Adam producing degenerates, YHWH in turn supernaturally planted His Seed in a virgin, Mary, and produced a "New Creation." Jesus said He is our "Kinsman Redeemer." Isa 43; Jn 8.
I am sent only to the lost (put away in punishment) sheep of the House (race) of Israel.
[We are "one" in unity as He is with the Father. No "discord," but rather "accord and harmony".]
35. What are the differences between YHWH, Yahshua, the Word, the Law, the Truth, the Way, The Life? None, they are synonymous. [Yah means I AM, eternal and unchanging (lexicons). Shua means "save" (will save, has saved) "savior’; Yahshua means Yah's Savior. The Messiah came in His Father's name: Yah (Psalm 68:4. No "J" in the early English language).] "I come in my Fathers name and ye received my not…." "YHWH, the same yesterday, today, and forever."
36. What laws are done away with or fulfilled by Yahshua’s (Jesus) death on the cross? The Ordinances pertaining to blood sacrifices only. [He came not to abolish the law, only to fulfill what was slated to be fulfilled at "that time."] Matt 5:17
37. What laws are still in effect? Commandments, Statutes, Judgments. Approx 73% of the Laws are "rules of action" for the nation and 27% are for your personal conduct with your fellow man and YHWH. Christians/Israelites are to know the law and walk in the law. If you are with "in" the "law" you are not under the law or as lawyers say, "at law." YHWH gave Israel Feast Days during the course of the year. These are mandatory assemblies for Israelites to observe and exercise certain national organizational and education functions, one of which is a reading of "The Law!"
38. How do we know what "sin" is? Sin is violation of any of the Laws of YHWH. If the law has been done away with, then there can be no transgression thereof (no sin?), hence there can be no sinners on earth today: no rapist, nor murderers, no kidnappers, no thieves, no usurers, etc., etc.
39. What is "Grace"? An English word that is translated from the Greek words which mean "unmerited favor." We Israelites are all under "unmerited favor!" The word "grace" is not a license "to do as you want" and not be accountable. It does not mean all the Law is done away with, only the Ordinances pertaining to blood sacrifices were put away.
40. Who are the "Sons of Elohim (God)?" As pertaining to the Adamic line [through Seth], any pure descendant of the Shemite, Eber, Israelite bloodline, most whom are found today in the House of Israel, that is the White Anglo-Saxon and Germanic tribes. [Birthright, pure and simple.] In English this would translates to "Sons of God." However, contrary to popular opinion, there is no Scriptural basis for someone becoming a "son of God" by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior, nor is there any scriptural support for a "personal savior" of just anybody or everybody. One of His purposes is to "destroy the works of the devil," [opponents of His Law] and that apparently includes the devil [opponent of His Law] and his offspring. See Luke 19:27. It can be stated of any crossbred or hybrid being (through no fault of their own), whether male or female, irregardless of the father's race when that race is different from the mother's that: 'your father was/is a "devil" (opposing Yah's law) committing adultery (if an Israelite), and thus you are a product of opponent to the Master's plan of not adulterating any of His species. So we can see there are devils and there are "devils."
41. Who are the "Saints?" A term occasionally used for the children of Israel only.
42. Who are the "Sheep" people? The racial Children of Israel only!
43. Who did Yahweh marry? The Racial Nation Israel at Mount Sinai when they agreed to be His People and live by His Laws. These were "covenant agreements" with promises, blessings, and curses with stipulations and penalties for failure to perform. Isa. 54:5; 50:1; Jer 3:8, 14;
44. Who did Yahweh divorce? A ten tribe portion of The Racial Nation Israel. Jer. 3:8
Their Crime/Sin: Adultery. Prior to the divorce He split the tribe of Judah off and called this tribe His other wife. However, He has not divorced the tribe of Judah (with whom many clans of Benjamin and Levi sojourned with) and His relationship with the Elect and faithful of the Scepter tribe is unknown to this writer at the present time. The Messiah came from the lineage of Judah. He came from a lineage that was never "divorced" although said lineage did go into captivity like her whoring sister. But legally (lawfully) speaking His right (Melchisedec: the rightful King, the Righteous King, the King of the righteous law abiding ones) to the throne was/is still intact. We are still talking birthright. What if there was/is a condition of some folks (non Talmudist/Jews for Jesus/Messianic Jew) who don't think they are Israelites, but they are? Perhaps some of them even think (having been brain washed) they are "Jews", when in reality they are Israelites? How many folks in Ireland (The Scarlet Thread) and Scotland this very day (Catholics?) do not know they are Israel? He did not divorce the Judah "kingdom", which included many of the Benjamites and Levites. Melchisedec, pronounced "melka-saidek" is another appellation (character/quality of Messiah. Note the phonetic connection to Zadok. Melchishua (pronounced "melka-shua"), is the King who rescues, or the rescuing King or the king rescuer, or the rescuer of the kings. Know ye not that ye are a nation of kings? Note the phonetic connection to Yahshua; a kinsman (birthright) redeemer.]
45. Why did YHWH divorce Israel? Failure to perform in keeping His Laws, the agreement (Covenant) at Sinai, mixing (national racial integration) and marriage with other races, political entanglements with other racial political groups…. This is called "national adultery." [The only unpardonable sin is blasphemy of the Holy (separating) Spirit. i.e. rejection of the admonition (command) to keep oneself separate and pure.] Jer. 3:8
46. How many wives did / does YHWH have? Two that we know of, Israel and Judah. How many can He have? As many as He wants! Selah. Contrary to the hypocritical moral self-righteousness of society today, YHWH also sanctions His Sons having more that one wife, assuming they will take proper care and provision for them. Isaiah 4 describes the soon coming day where there will be 7 women per man due to the high casualty rate in the battle of Armageddon here in the USA and other Anglo-Saxon nations.
47. Where are YHWH’s wives now? The wise are getting ready for the marriage supper, although the parable of the 10 virgins indicates half of "Christian" Israelites are fools and won’t make it through YHWH’s Judgment Day and establishing/manifesting His Kingdom. Other Scriptures indicate that only 1/3 of the white USA population will survive, and of that, only 1/7th of the male population will survive. However, this may apply to the Israelite population worldwide.
48. Who or what is the "Bride of Christ?" Those of the "white race" who are of the seedline of Israel and understand they are the Anglo-Saxon (Messengers of the sons of Isaac), Celtic, Germanic, Nordic nations of racial Israel. The bride of Yah-Yahshua is the whole nation of the Israel Race worldwide, men, women, and children. The wise among them are now organizing to make ready according to YHWH’s "Due Order."
49. Who is the "Lambs" wife? The nation [of previously divorced] Israel. The "lost" sheep (put off in banishment) of the house of (ten tribes) Israel. At the present time, the House of Israel is still unorganized nationally speaking because most white people do not know who they are and the "churches" aren’t telling…. See #48 above.
50. Who is the woman of Revelation 12:4 ….? Symbolically the remnant of the tribes of Israel. The remnant; the very elect; those fleeing (coming out and assembling) into the wilderness areas to avoid the law of the sea (admiralty jurisdiction/the flood), the palmer worm and the locusts who are alien nations flooding into America (and all other Israel nations) eating out their substance. The organized Israelite Ekklesia’s making ready to be delivered and establishing YHWH’s Kingdom on earth (not raptured).
51. Who is the "Elect Lady" in 2 John 1:1? The racial nation Israel. [Those that survived the Jewish and Jew-Roman onslaught after the crucifixion and their future descendants. This could apply to those of us who survive the coming Armageddon in America.]
52. Who is the "Man child" of Revelation 12:4? Yahshua Emanuel (Jesus the Messiah).
53. Who is the "Congregation of Israel" in the Old Covenant Books? All the Children of Israel, men, women and children. When this term Congregation is used in the Old Covenant, it is usually the Hebrew word "cahal" which applied only to the Israelite race and did not include the mixed multitude (edah) among them. When YHWH or Moses called a meeting that included the "mixed multitude" the meeting was announced as an "edah." The "edah" did not take part in the politics or government of Israel, but served as a supporting work force. They were probably organized in a similar military and political structure operating with Israelite liaison officers over them.
54. Who is the "Congregation" in the New Covenant Books? Same as in the Old Covenant, the racial families of all the Israelites observing YHWH’s Covenants and Law Word. This is made clear by the phrase used such as "to the twelve tribes scattered abroad," "our fathers were all under the cloud," "the elect lady," and "brethren." Don’t let the erroneous terms "Jew" and "Gentile" confuse you. Rightly divide the Word.
55. What people cannot enter the Congregation of Israel? No non-white non-adamic person, that is No One of any "mixed racial blood" (mamzer, as in mixing Occidental with Oriental or Negroid blood). There is no such thing as a "spiritual Israel" composed of all races. This is a popular religious deception constructed to say that anyone "who believes in Jesus" becomes an "Israelite" in the eyes of God. This piece of twisted Scripture application is used to try and justify racially mixed "churches" and thereby paving the way to justify race mixing in any/all circumstances. The result of racial mixing is Babylon, which is total confusion (confusion of face & adultery of blood) and the United States of America today is a perfect example of what happens when race mixing is promoted as a national political policy, Total Confusion in every aspect of our social and national life! The Law and Prophecies are quite clear; Israelites are not to mix with the other races and are only allowed to marry within the Hebrew racial stream. Otherwise, death of the Race, in this case His Chosen Race, is the result. State "Marriage Licenses" and Federal integration laws do not make legal what YHWH says is unlawful! To put it bluntly and in the common vernacular, "YHWH is furious at all the inter-racial fornication / mongrelization of blood (DNA) going on among His People today and He Himself is about to "Clean the Camp…."" Numbers 25. Coming soon to a city near you, the death of millions by war, famine, noisome beast, and pestilence. Ready? http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/pro-freedom.co.uk/part_1.html
56. Who/what is the "Assembly" in the Old Covenant? The Elected Officers and Elders of the Numbered. The "feast days" or "chags" and "moweds" were/are the called out rehearsal assemblies and the appointed times. Rehearsal is a two sided coin: to "rehear" something again on one side, and to "practice" or put into practice something on the other side (like elect judges and officers and small unit militia drills). Those that kept the appointed times were known as Jedi, Strong’s # 3260, Ydleye meaning "Appointed or "the Appointed," Jedi, an Israelite. Sorry, but George Lucas (Joseph Campbell) did not invent that word. These attendees, men (commanded attendance), women and children were known as the body politic "republicae" of Israelites. (aka, Hebrew word: Gowy = "the guys").
57. Who/what is the "Assembly" in the New Covenant? Should be the same as in the Old Covenant, the Leaders, Military Commanders, and Elders of the Tribes/People of Israel. The "Sovereign Body Politic" meeting in local "assemblies" where woman were rarely allowed to speak.
58. What’s the difference between "Assembly" and "Congregation?" For the purpose of this article, the"Assembly" is the elected and appointed civil and military leaders of the "Numbered" Body Politic/Army of YHWH.
The term "Congregation" is the whole Family of the House of Israel, including others of the Hebrew branches that can be grafted in. Congregational meetings were/are the equivalent of modern church meetings of men, woman, and children to learn the Word’s application to the family matters and local community living.
59. Who are the "Elect?" 1. Those that YHWH "Calls" and reveals Himself to for their time and purpose. (This can include non-Israelites such as Pharaoh and Cyrus.) 2. The children of Israel. [All Israel is my elect.] There is an Election within the Elect.
60. To who are the "Sons of God" to be revealed? In due time, everyone on earth. This is more correctly translated as "Sons of Elohim" of the Israelite race. [All of creation groaneth anticipating the manifestation of the Sons of Yahweh organized and manifested as the "Corporate" Body of Yah-shua/Jesus.]
61. Why are the Son’s of God revealed? To manifest the Glory of YHWH and establish His Kingdom on Earth which entails separating the sheep and the goats, rooting out the tares which entails destroying the satanic seedline. Jesus said, "Every plant, which My Heavenly Father hat not planted, shall be rooted up." Mt 15:13. Read Obadiah also. It doesn’t get any plainer.
62. Who was Yahshua (Jesus) sent to? The lost sheep of the house of Israel ONLY at His first advent, but on His second advent, the whole earth! Rev 19:11. "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Mt 15:24. Can it be any clearer? (Why do most of those on the earth mourn on His return?)
63. Who were the Apostles sent to? The lost sheep of the house of Israel only. Mt 10:6. The Latin word (Gentile) should not have been used in the Bible. It is a Latin word which the original meaning is "not a Roman citizen." Paul was an apostle to the "Ethnos." This is from the word "ethnic" with all its racial connotations. Insertion of the Latin word "Gentile" into the English Bibles has helped keep Israel blind to their Racial/National Identity until the Appointed Time when they repent and "rightly divide the Word" thus regaining their understanding of who they racially are and what they are to prepare for. This is now, if you are new to this message and you understand what you are reading.
64. Who did Yahshua come to "save?" The children of Israel only as there "Saviour" and "kinsmen redeemer." The lost sheep of the house of Israel; the Re-New(ed) Covenant is made with none other than the house of Judah and the house of Israel. Nowhere in the Bible does it say the Covenant YHWH made with Israel is made with or expanded to include other people or races. Jeremiah Ch 31:31; Heb. 8:8, 9; Deut. 7:6; 2 Sam 7:23; Ps. 147:19, 20. See Point 66.
In the 2nd Esdras (Catholic Bible, Douay Ver.), it makes clear that the word "world" generally refers to YHWH’s "national kingdom-government," His political arrangements, the "Due Order." Yahshua came to re-establish His Government, His Kingdom Order on this planet. (It appears from Old and New Covenants and prophecy that He has a plan for all who are willing to serve Him according to the "Due Order" of His administration. This will manifest itself in the future.)
65. When did the white race begin to evangelize the world with the "Gospel of Salvation?" The 19th century. The American evangelist John Mott in 1888 developed the "evangelize the world in one generation" idea. Prior to that, from the 1400’s up until the 1850’s the Catholic Church conquered and annilated (in the name of God) many of the savage and cannibalistic races and cultures of the America’s, north and south. The survivors observe a form of Pagan-Catholicism, the flavor determined by their location and original culture. The Anglo-Protestant American’s annilated the North American Indians in a 250 year war as a matter of conquest and survival necessity and implementing the injunctions of YHWH in the Books of Moses applied to the "New World" or "New Canaan Land" or "New Jerusalem" as various groups of Christians called it.
66. Who did Yahshua come to "Redeem?" His kinsmen according to the flesh. The Nation of Israel. You can only "redeem" something you previously owned. See Laws of Redemption (Kinsmen Redeemer) in the Old Covenant. YHWH created Israel and made special Covenants with them, thus ownership is implied.http://www.kinsmanredeemer.com/meaning.htm
67. Redeem from what? Israel’s divorce from YHWH and all her enemies that He had sold her too for disobedience. Yah-Yahshua is free to claim and to remarry Israel now because He as Husband died for her and paid the price in/with His Blood. Isa. 59:20, 21
68. Who is Yahshua/Jesus going to marry on His return? His Bride, the redeemed White Racial Nation of Israelites organized nationally/politically into His Kingdom on Earth. He came as "Kinsman-Redeemer" and bought her back (redeemed Israel) with His life and blood. Revelations makes clear the bride is comprised only of the 12 tribes of Israel who make themselves ready. Here in the United States that will consist of families organized into county Ekklesia’s that are prepared for Judgment Day.
69. What Clothes do we wear to the Wedding? Think about it and do your own research for this one. How do you want to "Appear" and "Stand" before Him?
70. What did / does Jesus "save" us from1. Our/His enemies, 2. the curses of the law brought on initially by the sin of Adam and Eve (sickness, disease, etc. in the personal sense; national calamity in the national sense), 3. Death. [In law and Under the law the divorced wife cannot remarry as long as her husband lives. Now she (Bride, Israel Nation) is free to re-marry and carry on life with her husband, Yahshua the Messiah. ]
71. Are you "Born Again" or "Born from Above?" The Greek text for 'born again' more correctly means 'born from above'. 'Born again' implies a time, while 'born from above' implies a place. In what dimension does spiritual (mental) regeneration happen, in a time or at a place? This is another perfect example of how Jesus spoke in parables and double entendres. How you understand this depends on who you are. Note, Jesus did not preach this statement to the multitudes, but spoke it in private at night to an educated Israelite. The "Born Again" movement is a recent phenomenon of American evangelism. To be "born again" implies you are going to henceforth "walk in the Spirit" which more correctly means you are going to walk in His mentality. Thus if you put on the "mind of Christ" you are going to walk in His laws. They haven’t changed! YHWH, the same yesterday, today, forever! On a national level this means racial separation and a just system of "weights and measures." Can you say segregation or apartheid? Can you say an interest free money system run by honest government and not a private Jewish banking family? If you can’t, you are not born again, never mind born from above.
72. Will the Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Catholic and other denominational churches be in the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven? Doubtful. YHWH’s Kingdom is a Nation of Living People, Sons of Israel walking in the Way of the Truth and according to the "Due Order." US Code Title 26 503(c) entities are not that.
73. What Scriptures did Jesus say to search? "The Scriptures" or "The Script" (which part do YOU want to live out), of which what we call the Old Testament is only a part of, were already hundreds and thousands of years old in Jesus’ day. The Greek Septuagint was the "Bible" of Jesus days on earth. There was no "New Testament" at the time Yahshua spoke this. There are probably over a hundred books that could be called the Scriptures or Oracles which set forth the Covenants, laws, and prophecies YHWH made with Adam and an "Elect" line of his descendants, that is the "Children of Israel" only. Many are hidden in private libraries such as the Vatican or personal libraries and not allowed public viewing until it is time. Many are being put on the Internet, breaking down the control of information and deception of the enemy.
74. What did Yahshua come to send on earth? A fire to purify and sword to divide for starters. He is going to separate the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the tares. When people read the word "all" as in "all the world" or "all men" or "all Israel" they fail to qualify who the "all" is and which "world" or "men" are being spoken of. "All" in most cases obviously does not refer to the goats, wolves, snakes, and tares. "All" is usually used as a pronoun referring to YHWH’s due order and people, not as a noun referring to everybody on the planet.
75. If "Political Parties" were to be a means to establishing "The Kingdom," how many "Kingdom political parties" might be involved? One, two at the most. We are supposed to be a nation of kings and priests; real men knowing and walking in His law. This is called being or walking "in law," that is "in accord" with your brother and all men walking likewise. When you are "at law" you are in a disagreement with someone and go before a judge to obtain a "decision" based on the established principles of YHWH’s law and judgments. We Israelites are the True "Law Enforcement" officers and obedience to His Word is the first step. We have courts and judges to avoid "trial by battle" also known as dueling. A King’s prerogative exercised by many men in the first 350 years or so American history.
76. What would be the political party’s names? The Wedding Party and the Bridegroom Party. They both have the same purpose and will become One. (Not like the Republicans and Democrats as theirs is to divide and conquer you.) YHWH’s Policy/Law is to give His people Union, Confederation, Kingdom, Just Government, Family, Peace, and Prosperity)
77. What is the word "church" in the Greek? Kyridakon: The English word "church" which is used in our English Bible is taken from the Late Greek word "kyridakon" not "Ekklesia." The Greek word "kyridakon" is not found in New Testament manuscripts. Its general meaning is "religious meeting place." The word "church" was first used in the Geneva New Testament Bible of 1557 published in Europe. It was next used in the Bishops Bible of 1868 which was published in England. For political reasons King James had his translators follow the phraseology of the Bishops Bible and thus the word "church" remains in use today. The English word "church" cannot be translated back into New Covenant Greek because there is no word in the New Covenant Greek that is the equivalent of the understanding of the English word. The word church does not originate from the word "ecclesia," nor does it impart the meaning of Jesus’ statement in Matthew 16:18. Read the definition at the beginning of this lesson.
78. What does the Greek word "Ekklesia" mean? In the short, the "Called Out Ones." The Ekklesia are those people that Jesus has called-out to Himself. The Elect of the Election. (My People are Israel.) When Jesus began His public ministry He went through Galilee and Judea and called-out a group of men (Israelites except for one) that became His disciples. Jesus did not begin His ministry within one of the Judean denominations or the Edomite priesthood in power at that time. Jesus began most of His work outside the temple format and the religious practices of His day by building up (organizing) men upon "a rock" of revelation: "Thou are the Messiah (Anointed of Yah), the son of the living Elohim." Upon this rock I will buildMy Ekklesia (national political/military assembly of Israel)not "My church" (religious organization, denomination, building, etc.). Jesus set out to heal and build His People up and into Himself, upon the rock of revelation that He is the Messiah and King of Israel that is Yahweh El Elyon’s representation in the flesh! He was/is (t)here, keeping His Word to Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all Israel! However, the complete national political re-organization wasn’t to happen until the 7 times punishment/banishment at law was expired. In Jesus day the 10 Tribes (including most of Judah and Benjamin) were still on their migration to the "Appointed Places" on the planet. Thus, 2000 years later we end up with a "religion" called "Christianity" that millions of migrating Israelites aligned with. This kept the kernel of Yahweh’s Laws intact and influencing all forms of government and politics from Day One of Yahshua’s Call and finally resulting in the founding of America with "No King but Jesus!" He is still Calling Our Nation!
Every time you hear or read the word church, a veil rests over your mind. No matter how much you tell yourself that the "church is not the building, it’s the people," your mind still tricks you into thinking that the building is important-along with all the services that go on in the building.
[Additional Notes by an Elder: Some Israelites believe that Messiah was the firstborn son of Yah, but not Yahweh Himself. The Greeks had a practice of making gods out of men, which got passed on to the Romans. I believe that it was such a bias that makes for some of the Greek translational differences as to the "deity" of Messiah. The Catholic Church teaches three G/gods in one. The Old Testament said his "name" would be Emanuel. In the Hebrew the word for "name" is "shem," and means: character, honor, position or authority. Emanuel can therefore be translated: (a) mighty one in the flesh... Messiah was in fact named Yahshua (some say Joshua, but then there was no "J" in the alphabet). Yahshua was indeed a mighty one in the flesh, although he did not serve the flesh. In the Gospel of the Kailedy (Kolbrin Vol. II) Messiah only claimed to be a son of the Most High. Notwithstanding He said, "I and My Father are One, and if you have seen Me you have seen The Father." The Messiah never claimed Himself to be Yahweh the Father. Over and over Messiah makes reference to His Father as "The Father" in Heaven. On the cross He spoke to Yah...He had asked that His will be done, etc.. All judgment for us however has been given to Yahshua; Messiah will be our Judge before the Mighty Judge and Creator. This is a deep subject.]
79. Who are the "Called out ones in the Old Covenant / New Covenant?" The sons of Israel only. Yahshua is not calling everyone, in fact He stated He spoke in parables in public because they were persons He did not want understanding, repenting, and basically trying to escape judgment! This is a hard saying.
80. "Called out" of and for what? We Israelites are called out of this Babylon world order presently run by the Edomite-Canaanites and into YHWH’s Ekklesia service to establish His Kingdom Administration. This Racial Identity Message and Calling will sort out all the "mixed multitude" Christian preachers. Those that understand it will separate out of Israel and organize as an adjunct to Israel. Those that don’t understand or of "bad blood" will call this White Supremacist, Klan, Nazi, Racist, anti-Semite, and other "buzz words" and continue to insist on "integration with Israel."
81. What was the first step YHWH took in organizing the nation Israel? After He got their attention by signs, wonders, terrors, and the destruction of Egypt, He had the men of the 13 tribes of Israel "Numbered."
82. Who got "numbered" in Israel and by what criteria? All the men, 20 years old and upward, able to go forth to war.
83. Who didn’t get "numbered?" Everyone else. At least their numbers and genealogy weren’t recorded.
84. How were the "numbered" men organized? 10, 50’s, 100’s, 1000’s, 10,000’s, etc.
85. How many times a year were the "numbered" in Israel to appear before YHWH? Three, the Feast of Unleavened bread, Pentecost (First Fruits), and Tabernacles (Ingathering). [According to some researchers there is a 4th gathering that chronologically fits perfectly between Tabernacles and Passover. The Feast of Dedication. The Messiah kept this Feast of Dedication. See John 10:22.] More on this in future article.
86. What were they to do at this mustering? Appear before YHWH equipped for war, read the law, and pay the soldiers ransom. Elect judges for common law courts (His law) and appoint local military officers and civil leaders, validate fair weights and measures, review of the Army, 10, 50's, 100's, 1000’s etc., and settle disputes.
87. How did Yahshua organize the 5000 men at the 5 loaves and 2 fish teaching? 50’s and 100’s. He left it up to them to form their 10’s (teams).
88. What Feast or Holy Days are we commanded not to keep? Ones that we dream up. (Christmas & Easter, etc.) He (Yahweh) hates our feast days honoring reindeer and rabbits, etc., but His men are commanded to keep His Feast days.
89. How does YHWH count a[n] Israelite man and a woman? Depends…., In the Scripture we see He generally only "counts" the "men of war," but a single woman not under her father’s house though never counted, has certain legal rights and standing.
90. How does YHWH count an Israelite man and his wife? As One. Has no bearing whether the man is "numbered." [Yahweh and Yahshua were as "one" or "in accord." The man and his wife were of one flesh, i.e. the same racial stock flesh.] The women and children are never counted in a national census. The bridegroom and the bride become as one, even though each has separate functions and responsibilities.
91. What is a "Church Building?" In today’s vernacular, a building where people meet to worship and receive religious indoctrination, such as the "Rapture" theory, Jews are the "chosen people" (Israel-lies), love everyone including those that Yah-Yahshua hates and will destroy on His Coming, etc…. In the early days of America, they were just called "Meeting Houses" where affairs of the community and the state or colony were discussed and decided upon. This is where the White Men, citizens, Free, White, and 21 met to resolve issues affecting the community and colony (soon to be states and nation). Women were generally not allowed a voice in the meetings. Paul said women were to keep silent in the "Meeting."
92. What is the Temple of YHWH today? The believing and obeying Israelites organized nationally. The hearers, doers, and overcomers. "If you love me, obey my commandments…" We are "living stones" and once we organize nationally into His "body politic" the Kingdom will be re-established in the physical realm on this planet. We Israelites are the Temple that He occupies.
93. If you are part of the Temple, what is the standing of your husband or wife and family? Same as One.
94. Who is the Bride of Christ? The whole race of Israelites (White Anglo-Saxon and Nordic-Germanic peoples) organized from the family unit up to form a military, jural, ecclesiastical and political nation. The remnant; the overcomers; the very elect who obey the commandments of Yah-Yahshua and keep the covenants and feast days.
95. What is the "Body of Christ?" All the "Numbered" men of Israel organized nationally by their Armies for war, cosmos and world government, and other purposes. Yahshua is the Head of His "Body" and Commander of the Host!
96. Who/What are the "Numbered Men of Israel?" They are the "National Assembly of YAHWEH on Earth," "The Sovereign Body Politic, His military, political, social, cultural presence and body in the flesh" so to speak. The military and political "Body of Christ" Called to carry out His Mission on earth. The Called, Appointed, and Elected Leaders form the government of the Racial Nation of Israel. The Commandment, Laws, and Statutes implemented establish His Due Order. All "numbered" men in Israel are "joint tenants in sovereignty" and part of the Sovereign Body Politic of which YHWH our Yahshua (Jesus) is Head.
97. Who is Yahweh of Host? Host means "Armies" and Yahweh of Host means Yahweh in His capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Armies of Heaven and Earth. The word "hosts" is "that mass of persons and things organized for war and waiting upon the appointed time."
98. What is "Love?" Love is a pattern of action directed by the will." "If you love Me, Keep My Commandments!" Jn. 14:15; Rev 22:14 The "pattern of action" includes walking in and establishing the national organization of YHWH’s government on earth. Multi-racial Democracy is not a form of government recognized by YHWH. The original American Republic was the closest form of government to the Mosaic structure established Exodus.
99. What is "Faith?" 1. Faith is believing God’s Word. 2. Faith is an act of the will that produces a pattern of action leading to objective accomplishment." 1 John 3, 4: For this is the love of YHWH, that we keep His Commandments: and His Commandments are not grievous, 4. For whatsoever is born of YHWH overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world (Satan’s system Babylon), even our Faith (which is walking in the mentality of the "due Order" of the Word and thereby establishing Yahweh’s Kings Dominion on Earth as it is in Heaven).
100. What will happen when the Sons of YHWH-Israel "Wake Up" to whom and what they are and their corporate Yahweh Ordered responsibility? Organization of His Kingdom and Manifestation of the Son(s) of YHWH on earth starting here in "The United States of America." (You think all hell might break loose in opposition to this…?) This concept is what scares the anti-Christ establishment into irrational acts. Of course the Word says these beings are mad and irrational anyway. The present day Babylon "New World Order" is making its last desperate grab for world control and annilation of the white race. In the coming "Battle of Armageddon" which will be fought right here in the New JerUSAlem you will need to be as Noah, Gideon and his 300, the Strong Man, and the Five Wise Virgins and so on. They were all "prepared" for what was about to happen.
"The United States of America" in its "root word" meanings is this: "The[os] is the Greek root for God who is YHWH and the root of the word "the." Thus you have "Yahweh’s United Tribes of Israel in the Greater Estates of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." Welcome to the Kingdom of YHWH on Earth. Hello! Now, if you are an Israelite, get Numbered. YHWH’s Number.

Gen 3:15 is a covenant, the first statement with an implied promise by YHWH that there would be hatred and war between 2 specific physical seed lines on this planet, the seed (physical offspring) of the serpent race(s) and seed of Adam and Eve. YHWH implies ultimate victory for the Adamic Race over the serpent seed. This statement sets forth the actors on the world stage for the struggle that continues today. These actors are the races of Genesis Chapter One (pre-Adam/Eve humans), the various races that would arise from the seed of the serpent race, and the descendants arising from Adam and Eve with One particular family line which would be Chosen by YHWH to be His special People above all the other races on earth and through Whom He would manifest Himself through in their flesh and bone (DNA). The word "seed" here means "sperm" which contains the paternal DNA encoding. YHWH is stating in Gen. 3:15 that He knows Eve is pregnant by the serpent "being" and we know the serpent is a name used to represent Satan, a fallen angel. This is the record of a thrown down evil angel breeding with Eve. Genesis Ch 6, the Book of Jude, and the Books of Enoch further states that fallen angels breed with the descendants of Adam and Eve. There is ample evidence fallen angels from other worlds or dimensions cross bred with many of the races on the planet and it is still going on.
If you can’t understand Genesis 3:15, the plain English meanings and implications in this simple statement you will not be able to "rightly divide the Word" in the rest of His Books. If you read it in the original Hebrew and the Greek Septuagint, it says the same thing even more clearly.

1. Israel to be great and mighty nation. Gen. 12:2; 18:18; Deut. 4:7,8.
2. Israel to have multitudinous seed. Gen. 13:16; 15:5; 22:17; 24:60; 26:4, 24; 28:3, 14; 32:12; 49:22; Isa. 10:22; Hos. 1:10; Zech. 10:7,8.
3. Israel to spread abroad to the West, East, North and South. Gen. 28:14; Isa. 42:5, 6.
4. Israel to have a new home. 2nd Sam. 7:10; 1st Chron. 17:9.
5. Israel's home to be north-west of Palestine. Isa. 49:12; Jer. 3:18.
6. Israel to live in islands and coasts of the earth. Isa. 41:1; 49:1-3; 51:5; Jer. 31:7-10.
7. Israel to become a company of nations. Gen. 17:4-6, 15,16; 35:11; 48:19; Eph. 2:12.
8. Israel to have a Davidic King (a perpetual monarchy within Israel). 2nd Sam. 7:13,19; 1st Chron. 22:10; 2nd Chron. 13:5; Psa. 89:20, 37; Eze. 37:24; Jer. 33:17, 21, 26.
9. Israel to colonize and spread abroad. Gen. 28:14; 49:22; Deut. 32:8; 33:17; Psa. 2:8; Isa. 26:15; 27:6; 54:2; Zech. 10:8,9.
10. Israel to colonize the desolate place of the earth. Isa. 35:1; 43:19, 20; 49:8; 54:3; 58:11, 12.
11. Israel to lose a colony, then expand, demanding more room. Isa. 49:19, 20.
12. Israel to have all the land needed. Deut. 32:8.
13. Israel to be the first among the nations. Gen. 27:29; 28:13; Jer. 31:7.
14. Israel to continue as a nation forever. 2nd Sam. 7:16, 24, 29; 1st Chron. 17:22-27; Jer. 31:35-37.
15. Israel's home to be invincible to outside forces. 2nd Sam. 7:10; Isa. 41:11-14.
16. Israel to be undefeatable - defended by God. Num. 24:8, 9; Isa. 15-17; Micah 5:8, 9.
17. Israel to be God's instrument in destroying evil. Jer. 51:20; 51:19-24; Dan. 2:34, 35.
18. Israel to have a land of great mineral wealth. Gen. 49:25, 26; Deut. 8:9; 33:15-19.
19. Israel to have a land of great agricultural wealth. Gen. 27:28; Deut. 8:7, 9; 28:11; 33:13, 14, 28.
20. Israel to be rich by trading. Isa. 60:5-11; 61:6.
21. Israel to be envied and feared by all nations. Deut. 2:25; 4:8; 28:10; Isa. 43:4; 60:10, 12; Micah 7:16, 17; Jer. 33:9.
22. Israel to lend to other nations, borrowing of none. Deut. 15:6; 28.12.
23. Israel to have a new name. Isa. 62:2; 65:15; Hos. 2:17.
24. Israel to have a new language. Isa. 28:11
25. Israel to possess the gates of his enemies. Gen. 22:17.
26. Israel to find the aborigines diminishing before them. Deut. 33:17; Isa. 60:12.
27. Israel to have control of the seas. Deut. 33:19; Num. 24:7; Psa. 89:25; Isa. 60:5 (F. Fenton translates this last, "when rolls up to you all the wealth of the sea". That could not be unless Israel controlled it).
28. Israel to have a new religion (New Covenant.) Heb. 8:10-13; 9:17; Matt. 10:5-7; Luke 1:77; 2:32; 22:20; John 11:49-52; Gal. 3:13.
29. Israel to lose all trace of her lineage. Isa. 42:16-19; Hos. 1:9, 10; 2:6; Rom. 11:25.
30. Israel to keep Sabbath forever (one day in seven set aside). Ex. 31:13, 16, 17; Isa. 58:13, 14.
31. Israel to be called the sons of God (i.e., accept Christianity). Hos. 1:10-11.
32. Israel to be a people saved by the Lord. Deut. 33:27-29; Isa. 41:8-14; 43:1-8;44:1-3;49:25, 26; 52:1-12; 55:3-10, 13; Jer. 46:27, 28; Eze. 34:10-16; Hos. 2:23; 13:9-14; 14:4, 6.
33. Israel to be the custodians of the Oracles (Scriptures) of God. Psa. 147:19, 21; Isa. 59-21.
34. Israel to carry the Gospel to all the world. Gen. 28:14; Isa. 43:10-12 (witnesses), 21; Micah 5:7.
35. Israel to be kind to the poor and set slaves free. Deut. 15:7, 11; Psa. 72:4; Isa. 42:7; 49:9; 58:6.
36. Israel to be the heir of the world. Rom. 4:13.
37. Israel to be God's Glory. Isa. 46:13; 49:3; 60:1, 2.
38. Israel to possess God's Holy Spirit as well as His Word. Isa. 44:3; 59:21; Hagg. 2:5.
39. Israel to be God's Heritage, formed by God, forever. Deut. 4:20; 7:6; 14:2; 2nd Sam. 7:23; 1st Kings 8:51, 53; Isa. 43:21; 54:5-10; Hos. 2:19, 23; Joel 2:27; Micah 7:14 -18.
40. Israel is the nation appointed to bring glory to God. Isa. 41:8-16; 43:10, 21; 44:23; 49:3.


Prophecies of the Jews
AKA: The Yehudi (accursed ones), seedlines of Cain & Esau

In Revelation 3:9, Jesus Christ is addressing His faithful followers. These followers cannot possibly be Jews, because the Jews have always denied Him. Jesus is saying that He will eventually make these liars come and worship at the feet of the Christian Israelites who are true to Him.
So, the accurate translation of Rev. 2:9 is this:
"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." The Jews, who are in reality, Ioudaikos, not Ioudaios (impostors, not real), have been pretending to be Israelites since the Jewish Dispersion of 70 A.D.

Regarding the various mixes of the Negro Race in America:
Next time the media does its usual sob stories about Black people who suffered from White violence, think about the fact that in just one year, more white woman are brutalized by Black males than all the Black males and Black females brutalized by White males in the last 150 years! And remember, that most of the brutalization against Black males, such as lynching, was in response to heinous crimes of murder or rape they had committed against innocent White men, women and children. Where is the equity in the jew controlled mainstream media reporting of these things? Twice those numbers, at a minimum, 1 million white women have been raped over the last 40 years. See www.davidduke.com

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