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A Must See! Great Video! 

Dwight David Eisenhower (first black president) documented proof his mother was black & his father a jew. 

This un-compassionate mass murdering psychopath General of total filth the Commander of all Allied Forces for the European Campaign Ike the black kike tortured, starved to death 1.7 million German POW's not allowed medical treatment, no food, no shelter, no latrine, no blanket, no toilet paper, not even a drink of water even though the Rhine River was 200 yards away well within sight as all 1.7 million prisoners by order of Eisenhower a psychopathic mass jew murderer like the rest of his mongrel, adulterated, satanic race of perdition ordered if anyone was caught giving comfort to their pain, food or water they were to be shot on sight as American guards watched many wither away to 90 lbs of skin and bones before finally dying some being as young as 13 years old (as one American wrote) then in mass graves chemicals were poured on the corpses to speed up the decomposition (evidence) of the sickest most unimaginable War Crimes against humanity.

Just as the black kike Eisenhower in WW2. Ike's fellow anti-christ-jewish Bolsheviks carried out in 1917 during WW1 in the Ukraine (A Monument is Dedicated to the great work of the diabolic jew-bolsheviks then as now. The carry out their father the devils work because they are of him and do they love it while they blood-lett your child to death for their rituals throughout the year. So, to the White Russian Christian's of the former Christian, Russian Republic (as we stand in a former White Christian Republic Today. Infiltrated, subverted and hood-winked by anti-christ bolshevik, jew-communists from the same cloth of the Bolsheviks 3 generations ago. They are of their father the devil as Christ informed His Sheep at JN. 8.44). While forming the USSR, the Worlds first communist nation. Mass-Butchering of the local populous was necessaary (according to the jew) starving and working whitey to death in the gulags (Jews planned, had built and oversaw 66 million men, women and children brutalised, raped, tortured and murdered in ways unimaginable by the red menace or red terror of the horrifying diabolical evil of these bolshevik jews. 

Hitler and Germany did all they could to keep the red terror from sweeping across all of Europe. Raping and Killing every woman they could run down as they plundered all of their white homelands of Russia, Europe and Scan 

Just as Yahshua Christ stated in John 8.31, 44, 47 they are not of YAHWEH GOD they are liars, thieves and murderers and of their father the devil then again in Revelations 2.9, 3.9 and even Paul Stated they are contrary to all men.

This video also shows documented proof from the UN, Red Cross, West German and Russian Records that out of all 13 of Hitlers all 4 years 271,000 of all nationalities died mostly from typhus disease or other sickness when medical supplies or food could not get through US by day and UK by night bombing raids over Germany 24/7. The 6 million is a huge jewish fable of epic proportion for jewish mega profits.

Tit 1:14  Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. 

All jews are of the sociopathic physical satanic seedline of the earth (seriously, research it, they have deceived nearly the entire World) they can believe their own lies (make excellent actors & actresses).

So who will you believe, Our Saviour, the UN & Red Cross or a lying psychopathic, satanic jew from hell?

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The Military Industrial Complex - President Eisenhower.

Thoughts of the expenditure of a trillion dollars on military jets. How any genuine politician believes that such an immense expenditure at this time of economic turmoil is appropriate. 

To provide some context, President Eisenhower left office shortly after the end of one of the bloodiest wars in the history of humanity. In order to ensure victory, the United States economy was completely overhauled to provide military weapons and infrastructure. 

In his farewell speech, President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex's potential for influence on American politics. For some of you, this may be old news. However, for those of you who have not heard the speech, 
it is worth listening to. 

It makes you wonder, where have the genuine politicians gone?

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